Online Business Success story of Rais Zada

Hello friends,
First of all Thanks for landing on this page and for reading this article, well I’m Rais Zada from Pakistan and today I’m going to share my Success story in Online Earning Business. Of course its little success but it may can help you to achieve some Goals in life, With respect to my point of view Dedication and Achievements, Target and Goals are the key of motivation.

I will regularly update this success story as there are many achievements and goals that i still need to achieve, and i will, I have strong believe on ALLAH ALMIGHTY so There is no Power who can stop me, the only faith i have on GOD and of course i need to work hard with positive attentions.

Bill Gate’s Advice – Main reason to My success


Basically my all success is almost dedicated to my Mother, My Mamo (M. Ishaq) and of course to bill Gate’s because i was got impressed by Best inspiring message from Bill Gate’s

           “If you born poor it’s not your mistake or choice, But if you die poor it’s your mistake with choice”

When i was just 14 years old, my Father passed away (May Allah bless him with Jannat-ul-fardos) , as i was big in home an my sis and bro was younger than me, so it was really very hard time specially for me and for my Mother. From that time my childhood was end and i come to know that i should have to be responsible for my family and my home.

Well any ways, time by time i join many companies, trust on many people and got SCAMMED many times, got HURT many times, few people used me for there work and end up with FRAUD and i was totally broken at the time when after FSC i was not in condition to continue my Education (At that time i come to know pain of  broken dreams). but you know what ? I really Thanks to my Great Allah, these people and hard time had teach me lot of things, make me Diamond and My all success is just because these bad Peoples.

Today I’m doing Engineering from Private first class University, and I’m happy i achieve this just because of my strong believe on my self, on God , My moms prays and also special Thanks to people who helped me a lot.

Almost 3 years ago i search from Google and YouTube, just like you, How to Earn Money Online ? and found many things, well there was no one to teach me, and some how i got 1.12$ after 3 months work, which is only 96 Rupees , it was my firs Earning. LOL i was dancing 😛 (after many years i just come to know that I’m still a kid)

      When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit, Victory is near !

So do you think it was too low ? even not worth for 1 day work ? Yes it was but i was sure that i can make this 96 PKR to 96 lac or even million. I strongly believe on Allah and on my self, Positive people can do every thing. by this i just come to know any how, any ways its possible to Make Money Online, so i start work more hard, learn more and more and Yes thanks to my friend Google, YouTube for helping me lot.

So ? Today i am making few thousand Dollars each month, Supporting my family, my education, i got almost every thing which i was need or wish.

Now i own business worth more then Millions Rs if not more !!   Include Hosting and domains reseller Company, Registered financial Firm ,  My own office and many website. I’m also Certified Publisher and  affiliate at different companies and networks. I have no words to say Thanks to God

I asked many of my friends and relatives to join with me for online earning (my Mistake) but all were making fun of me and laughing on me, LOL you know what ? Now they are waiting for months just for my 1 hour time, and to get my trainings, to learn from me (No No, No friends i don’t proud, i am nothing, just letting you know that don’t worry if people making fun of you or your work) just continue your work with patience and let me clear i got all this success with work of countless nights.

Many of my friends, Fans, members, visitors mostly Email, text or call me and asked how i did this all in very young age ? mostly when people visit my office and they really got shocked if they never seen my pic before and always say so YOU are Rais Zada ? How you learn all this stuff etc and lot of questions ……

well i always answer that only 3 things cause for all this… “Need, Interest and Craze” I was in need of money for my education and i believe we must need to mange at least our own expense in Graduation, So my needs forced me to search for online earning jobs etc, well when i started i got very much interest in all this stuff like web surfing, web development, online earning, IT and computer, and finally i become Crazy for my work and to learn all this stuff, still I’m crazy to work more and to learn more, I never look at clock while working.

Well Friends, i will update this story more, its only 3% and 97%  remaining.  Thanks for your time.

Best PTC Sites – Interesting Facts About Paid To Click Sites

So let me start from 2009 when I started working online from PTC Sites, Yes this article was up to dates with Best PTC Sites but not Now. I start with NeoBux and many other PTC sites like, Gagabux, TwoDollarClick etc and many more. After wasting my 3 months I earned up to 2$ from Neobux and I found all other PTC sites Scam. This was the time for deciding to leave PTC clicking or even working online, well I decided not to give up and start working on PTC Sites more professionally.

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PTC Sites History 2009 to 2012

After lot of research I come to know how to investigate that which PTC site is scam and which is real, So with in next 6 month I mean in 2010 I manged to earn $200 per month from different Paid to click sites. I learn how to make lot of direct referrals so in the start of 2011 I was making $400+ and I become Investor from Free regular Clicker, and in next few month PTC Site Owner than I sold after 11 successful month of operations. In the start of 2012 I end up with PTC Sites when Onbux and many other Site become scam, and Neobux lower click rate from $0.01 to $0.001. From that time to till and next working on Paid to Click Sites is nothing more than time wasting.

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PTC Site status in 2013 to onward

PTC business is a Ponzi system so it can never be best option to work online, Ponzi system means companies or websites which use new Investors money to pay old users or investors and pay to its users from new invested money but not from earned money. So Its not a real business and as a well Experienced in this field I will suggest you all to stay away from PTC sites.

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Paying PTC Sites List

Well there are few Paid to click site which are still paying from years like,, and Incentria but these websites pay very low amount per click. So you need 4 to 6 month as a Free member to make some money, so I even not recommend any one to work on These Websites.


From 2013 to onward working on PTC (Paid to click) sites is nothing more than time wasting. You can’t make good money and almost 99% or even more sites are scam or will be scam in less then 60 days.

If you have any question in mind, Feel free to ask in comment section, Please No SMS on my mobile due to time shortage I will not reply.

Earn with Fiverr Alternative For Freelancers

If you are fed up with freelancers companies and looking for some great Alternative for make extra money than fiverr is best place you are looking for. Now a days its really hard to get projects as most freelancers sites so i were looking for some other ways to find some work or even to offer my work what i can so some day i found Fiverr.

What is Fiverr: is a website where  people can share things they’re willing to do for $5 it means you can hire workers for 5$ what they are wiling to do or you can post you work for which you can pay 5$ or even you can request some work for 5$ if some one is willing to do. This is the reason this web site is known as Fiverr means you can do or can ask for work for just 5$.


How can Earn Money with Fiverr:

Well this is question which you need to ask your self 🙂 why ? Because at fiverr you can do work for 5$ so you need to offer some thing that is you are willing to for just 5$ so people can buy your product or any thing else you are offering and your offer is called a Gigs. So ask your self what you can do for 5$ ? There are few examples like i can write an article for 5$, i can sing a song to wish some one birthday, i can design some banner or logo, i can make video testimonial, i can make E book cover or i can do work on your web site for 5$ etc for examples of Gigs you may can visit fiverr for more information who and what kind of work people are offering so you can batter ideas.

fiverr alternative for freelancer

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Only 5$ enough ?

To be very hones i know for some people how can do great work 5$ or not enough but for starters or for little tasks and works yes enough and gays its really fun to work on fiverr and i enjoyed even to read people Gigs and offers lol.  if you want to make some extra bucks in spare time than have fun and Earn with fiverr.

To learn more about fiverr, how you will be get paid, how you can work and for all other details please read how to work on fiverr and also watch video tutorial.

Importance of Website/Blog and Which is Best, WordPress or Blogspot

Before starting This Online earning training i have some thing to share with you by which you even can Make Money with blog and Affiliate Programs . Take some time to watch video i shared below, you can earn money via our trainings with or with out website but you can make more and more money if you have you own website or blog than many work will e easy for you and earning potential will be increased, as there are thousands of way to make money with websites and blogs, so its my suggestion to learn How to make a website and than have your own website or blog. For those who can’t afford at the moment then you may earn some money and than can create yours.

How to make a website

Its really simple and don’t worry i will teach you each and every thing from very basic, How to Make a Web site and than how to earn money online with the help of website or with help of  Affiliate Programs. I will cover every thing you just need to be watch my trainings and than need to follow simple instructions.

What is Affiliate Programs

If i explain in just one line than affiliate Programs are way to earn money online which many websites and Companies offer. It cold be selling product to get commission, making referrals to get earning, to promote products or any thing, this this we generally call affiliate programs.There are thousands of affiliate programs to make money with.

Guide: How to Make Money With adfly – Get Paid To share Links is a free URL shortener service with a twist by which you can short long Web address (URL) to short link and you will get paid to share your links on the Internet. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.

Example URL for Google:

How to Start:
Just register for an account and start shrinking URL, Links and make money.Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums, and every where you want. Also you can convert all link of your personal websites and any social networking sites.

Basic information you need to Know About This Site
You can earn Up to $5 per 1000 Visitors which depends upon location. Minimum Withdraw is $5 so You can withdraw your earnings via Alertpay or any time once you have earned $5 .Payments are made on first Monday of every Month.

All countries are accepted, Site has been online and paying since May 2009. A great achievement for any site. , we also get paid as well.
You may click on your own links 1 time to test them. You may not create links solely to ‘test’.
Referral Earnings
20% of all of your referral’s earnings for LIFE and you can make unlimited Referrals.

Things You Need To Know for Creating Website or Blog with WordPress

In this training part i will teach you what you need to have or what you need to know before getting started for making a website or blog. Basically i there is not a big difference in website or blog as mostly websites are static but blog update on regular bases with latest contents. We will use WordPress to make blog or website in this training course.


How to make a website

well its really very easy to make a website with the help of wordpress. Before getting started you need to know about domain and hosting. you can watch video below and if you can’t understand urdu than you may google these keywords.

  • You need to have or buy your own Domain
  • You need to have or buy hosting
  • basic knowledge of Domain, Hosting, WordPress and blogging.


For next Tutorials Go Back to Training Room and watch next tutorials and learn how to make a website. Join us on Facebook


Buy Domain with Payza, Perfect Money and WebMoney

Payza (formerly Alertay) is great alternative for PayPal , so now you can buy domains with Payza if you don’t have PayPal or if your country . I found some great company which accept Payza , Libertyreserve and also Moneybookers as a Payment processor for buying Domains which is i am going to share with you guys

Buy Domain with Payza and Perfect Money

You can buy Domains using Payza from Qhoster or PeakHosting which is great company and serving its customer since 2002. This the only one Domain registrar which have many payment options like you can purchase Domains via Payza, Webmoney or Perfect Money, You can purchase domains by Libertyreserve and you can also buy domains via Moneybookers or even if you don’t have these payment processors than you may also buy domains using e0Gold or credit card and PayPal.

How can i purchase Domain via WebMoney ?

Just go to PeakHosting  to sign up than search for you required domain which you want to purchase , after selecting your domain place order and if you need any help feel free to contact them, this company is our partner too.

Now add that domain to cart and pay buy using payment processor you want, after Payment your purchase will be credited instantly into your account, buying domain via using Payza is simple like 1..2..3. if you have some question or problem just comment below so i may can assist you. thanks for reading.

Perfect Money in Pakistan – Review by Rais Zada

Perfect Money is a major payment processor in Pakistan after shut down of Liberty Reserve. In this writeup I will review which is also know as PM. After reviewing many other Payment processor, today i will let you all know how you can use Perfect Money in Pakistan or how you can buy/exchange/sell PM funds. Many people from Pakistan are now using this payment processor for online payment processing and specially those who work for Forex trading, Online Investment or stock exchange and also for online shopping or to buy domains and hosting. Also its Good for small level merchants who wish to receive micro payments because it have very low fee as compared to other online payment processors.

Personally i love this great company because this is the only payment processor with lowest fee in the industry and very widely used. If we see with respect to security point of view than its also provide different kind of security.

Basically they don’t deal with credit card and bank payments that’s why they have low fee for payment processing and many Scam websites or individuals like it because there is no option to get refund or to file a dispute if some one scam you so be aware while dealing with LR. If some hacked your account and stolen your money or if you sent money to some one and he did not deliver the service, you can not file a complain or dispute.

How to Deposit Money into Perfect Money ?
Unfortunately LR don’t offer officially Deposit option via any how because they don’t deal with banks or credit cards well they do have many recognized exchanger to load funds into LR and we are also one of LR recognized exchanger from Pakistan so you can Buy Perfect Money using our service. So there are many Currency exchangers who offer exchanger via bank, credit card or even via any other payment processor.

How to Withdraw from Perfect Money?
Again same conditions they don’t have any link with banks but people still love LR, well its not a big deal there are many trusted and PM verified exchanger which offer withdraw service. we also offer Perfect Money Withdraw and Exchange service, If you want to Sale Perfect Money dollars feel free to contact us for more details, we provide fast, secure and very trusted service with great rates. You can also read feedback of many of our clients who had already use our service.

Video Introduction is coming soon
Any Question or confusion please feel free to post a comment and if you want to sell or buy PM funds in Pakistan feel free to contact us any time.


What Is SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a practice for improving your website with respect to the search engine eyes to get rank high, by optimizing your web contents in appropriate way you can get free traffic from search engines like Google and in this post i will talk about SEO optimization basics. Few important tips that are vary easy to implement when starting a new website or your already live ongoing site. i will be to the point. We will go in details in our next lectures.

what is SEO

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Why Website/blog Need SEO ?

The majority of web traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo, so if your site is not optimized for search engines  you will lost free organic traffic and people will not be able to search your contents.

How Search Engines Work:

Basically Search engines have 3 main functions,  Crawling and Indexing a web page and then serving search results by Providing answers to user queries by listing relevant pages from the web.

  1. Create valuable  and unique content, service for your website
    For Best result you need very very targeted, VALUABLE content for your visitors. Do a keyword Research and find out that for what your visitors are looking for and give them answers. Go for quality and people will love you.
  2. Primary and secondary keywords
    If possible try to use your both main two keywords within the first 30 words in your page content or in first paragraph.
    Too many keywords will not be good for your website in fact they can cause drop of ranking.
  3. Keyword Research
    Keyword research is most important part before you even start a website. use the right keywords/phrases, Target wrong keywords and you will fail. Use Google’s Keyword Tool for research and make your own list for best keywords
  4. META Title, META tags, META Description
    Use your keywords properly and describe all these terms in well defined way.
  5. Keep your site design simple
    Simple designs look professional and load fast, use less images and flash contents and your customers can navigate easily between web pages.
  6. Directory Submission
    Submit your home page include all other important pages to the most popular search engines and directory services.
  7. Monitor and Track Results
    Keep track of changes in search engine algorithms and Use online tools to track of how your website is doing and all other stats. Monitor your competitors and other ranked websites to see what they are doing.
    use and enter link to see from where they are getting links and than Try to get links to your website form these pages too. use Webmaster and Analytic tools.
  8. Use social sites to promote and get traffic for your websites. Also offer some free stuff for your visitors.

Data Entry and Ads Posting Fraud

Today I am going to expose Data Entry job and Ads Posting job Fraud. This post is specially for Pakistani users who are victim of this fake and scam work. In this post I will explain how this fake system and people work, how they do fraud with innocent people for getting money.

About 4 years ago I was on the way from college to my home and I saw some “Advertisement banners “with headline Earn 15000/month by Ads Posting ad form Filling. I noted their phone number and visit their office in Faisalabad next morning for details of work and for more information. Well a person with big belly 😛 give me information that I need to pay them 5000 Membership fee and 3000 training fee and 500 monthly , then I need to post 500 ads and I will be get paid 500 Rs for each project, well My Good luck I was having mind, and decided NO NO NO bagoooo bagoo choor chorrr lutary.. hahaha…

“Keep one thing mind, You work for getting paid but you don’t pay for work”

Well ask a question to your self, if they really legal and can pay you then why they are asking for Money or membership or ask them that you will after you get money, they will be never agree because its all fraud. When you go for job did they ever ask for any money ? Never so it means Ads posting and data entry is fraud, they are eating innocent people’s money by offering big cash for little work by making people greedy. These all work from Home opportunities are fraud which as for Membership or monthly fee etc

Data Entry and Ads posting fraud

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Well from that day I started research for Online Earning, how it works and every thing and finally after continue struggling of one and half year I come to know some free to Make Money online and I did so but that was not enough so I learn more and more every day and almost after 2 years I become a Successful Online earner and now after almost 4 years I am doing many online business and making lot of money via real and legal ways.

Data Entry Fraud

There are many online legal works also refer as Data Entry so I am not writing about thos. In this article I am talking about Data entry work offer by cheaters and scamers in Pakistan which is also known as Captcha Entry , well Captcha Entry work is exist and you can make some money with this and its 100% free to join and work, So why to pay any membership fee ? There are many companies where you can work  yes its really hard to make money with this work.

Now what These Fraud Companies do ? These companies just made innocent people fool and charge some money to work on these companies and also they cheat from their real earning, but in fact work on these companies is free and any one can join. These companies mostly pay 1$/1000 entries but they only pay 0.60$~0.80$ to clients.

Ad Posting Fraud

Truth about Ad posting is that in actual there is no real work exist where people get paid to post ads, its just fraud and trick to take money from people who are not aware about this. Basically ad posting is used for promoting any of your product, affiliate deal, or to sell some things and of course its free you can post ads as much you want. They give assignment and you need to post 500 ads, its looks easy but in actually its really very hard and irritating.

Well If you really want to make some money over internet you need to follow Proper and Legal Ways, watch My Presentation Video