12 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Free and Premium

Many bloggers miss the opportunity to monetize their content the way they dreamed of. Reason? Just because they miss to integrate their content properly. I mean, If you have a valuable content that people want again and again, then you must make your ‘regular’ website/blog a ‘membership’ website.

And to do that, you don’t need to be ‘super-techie’ kind of guy. Just add a plugin (I mean the Membership Plugin) to your WordPress site and you’re done (for most of the parts!). No no, if you’re thinking that it’s not possible then be relax and read this post till end.

How Using WordPress Membership Plugin Benefits?

The first and foremost benefit is, it simply cuts the cost of hiring a developer (for this particular task I mean). A nice WordPress Membership Plugin is made keeping in view all daily problems. So you don’t need to worry about bugs in your membership site because it’s already been tested and fixed (to a greater extent).

Creating a site and updating valuable content daily is really a pain in the (head). So how about that if you serve your time in creating ‘more’ valuable content without worrying about money? To be honest, I don’t know your situation exactly but I can show you how it benefits you to use a reliable WordPress Membership Plugin?

Just suppose that you have uploaded different kind of content on your site having more value than other contents you have on board. I mean, today we sell eBooks, organize paid webinars, use infographics and articles whatsoever. So don’t you think using this ‘Premium Membership’ strategy can pay more for your hard work?

Imagine categorizing your web content in ‘Free’ and ‘Paid’ category with a WordPress Membership Plugin and to make your work easier (and double your profit). Now compare two situations here! The first one is with All-Free-Content and the other one with a membership website.

In first case, you know how to make money through different monetization programs. I mean the PPC, PPV, CPI etc but in second scenario, there’s another approach to make money off your website. You offer users a membership for some subscription either monthly or year-wise. Let say you ask around $15 per month or $125/year. Now how much money you make depends on how much users you have. And for this revenue stream, you don’t need to do much. Just integrate the membership plugin and you’re all done. This strategy also honors the user for feeling special. I mean, don’t you like if you’re being offered a special place at any event or organization?

Free or Paid – What’s best for me?

Again, this is a matter where your needs can guide you well. But don’t worry, we’ve lessened your work and gathered some information that might help you. Here are some of the best WordPress Membership Plugins mentioned briefly. Use this list as your reference and see if any of them fulfills your need. Once you find the right plugin the next step is to start using that.

Keep reading and see which WordPress Membership Plugin is right for you.

#1 MemberPress:

MemberPress is one of the most reliable premium WordPress Membership plugins. It gives you countless features to interact with users on your membership site. With this plugin you can perform different functions. For instance, you may set pricing for different membership packages based on user’s requirements in few steps.

A handy feature of this plugin is the auto-generation of new pricing box and registration page. I mean, once you create a new membership package so you don’t need to code your payment gateway separately. This plugin has the ability to do that work for you. It would add a PayPal button on that package automatically once you’re done. Plus, it can also be used with other payment gateways like Stripe or Authorize.net.

With this plugin, you may generate user’s report under different conditions. I mean it keeps you updated about how many users are free or using premium services on your website. Or you may keep an eye on users with subscription due next month or week.

If you’re thinking to test this plugin then you may start with $99 per year. In this package, you get to use this plugin on only one website and avail all said features. But if you have long list of websites where you want to use this plugin then you may go for another package. The other one starts with $199 per year and lets you use this plugin on more than one website. Sounds good?

Price: $99/year – Download Now


#2 Digital Access Pass (DAP):

Another membership plugin that we have on board is ‘Digital Access Pass’ or you may use the abbreviation ‘DAP’.  This plugin is one of the oldest membership plugin since its launch in 2008 and still proving itself a reliable one.

Digital Access Pass or DAP has proven that it can be used not only for big projects but also on small scale projects. You can trust this plugin even if you have an HTML or PHP scripted website. And the best part that I love about this plugin is that you may have the free installation support from its developers.

With this plugin, you may create forums, set access period for certain products and offer affiliate system on your website. This plugin has easy short codes so you don’t have to worry about any technicalities or coding stuff. It lets you have unlimited members on your website without any problem and it works absolutely fine.

You may start with $167 one time subscription for trial and error period. But if you want access to more functions and support then I guess you should opt for $39.99/month package. Onetime fee or monthly subscription, choose wisely keeping in view your budget and needs.

Price $39.99 – Download Now

#3 Magic Members:

Magic Member is another reliable plugin when we talk about membership plugins to be used in WordPress sites. The best thing that I love about this plugin is the ability to track multi usage. I mean it can track and prevent multiple uses from one computer or IP.

This is an essential feature a reliable plugin should have. And this feature comes handy when you’re running a membership website with affiliate program. Oh I forgot to mention that it lets you start an affiliation program. With this feature, you may promote your site without promoting it yourself.

With Magic Member, you can integrate a wide range of payment processors. It lets you add payment options like PayPal, Authorize.net, 2CheckOut and many other widely used payment gateways.

Sell Online with 2Checkout
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You may set the ‘Pay-Per-Post’ feature in your site. It means you can restrict the access for free users until they pay you a certain amount. And of course, you get to have the unlimited membership levels with this plugin. And if you tend to have a coupon season for some event then this is the right plugin to create unlimited coupons for unlimited users. You can get all these features by paying $97 subscription and enjoy using this plugin.

Price $97 – Download Now

#4 OptimizePress:

Now this is the best bet of all the marketers. With OptimizePress, you can create tons of sales pages/landing pages for specific purposes on your site. This plugin doesn’t only come with multiple features but also with a theme specifically designed for sales purposes.

This plugin lets you track and restrict IPs. Means that you can track which user is trying to create trouble for your website by creating different IDs or so. You can also restrict the download limit for that day or based on user’s membership level. This is a really nice feature that comes handy on different situations. Imagine you have tons of users and you don’t know which one is the black sheep in the group. So be calm because OptimizePress has covered it for you already.

You may integrate your website with 6 major payment gateways it has including Authorize.net, PayPal and ClickBank.  And it also lets you start affiliation programs with big names like iDevAffiliate, ShareASale and other popular affiliation programs you trust.  And yes, it allows you to create unlimited coupons if you have any upcoming event on your website.

You may start your membership and use OptimizePress by paying around $97.

Buy from optimizepress.com

#5 Paid Membership Pro:

If you don’t know much about membership plugins then this one may help you know without spending money. I mean, with Paid Membership Pro you can utilize all the features the other premium plugins give you and test what strategy works best.

Before selecting this as your final option, you should understand that free things come with some restrictions so be prepared. But if you want to utilize this plugin at its best, then you have to upgrade from ‘Free’ to a ‘Premium’ user.

Paid Membership Pro gives you three major payment options to use on your site including Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net. So with this feature, you can make the best decision about using the right payment processor (as per your accessibility).

However the ‘Free’ membership works quite well but there are some restrictions as I mentioned earlier. You don’t get the support from developers if you are a free user. Don’t worry as you can get the support if you go premium by paying $97 yearly subscription.

And lastly, if you want installation support with other exciting features then you need to pay around $197 yearly subscription. So make a wise decision if you want to try this out.

Download Free Version

#6 Exchange 一 from iThemes:

Exchange is basically designed for ecommerce websites by iThemes. But it can be used as a reliable membership plugin if you want to sell memberships at your website.  Exchange basically works as an Add-on in your website and let you utilize different functions it has.

Despite of creating different membership levels or offering free or paid memberships, you may also manage your billing stuff with it. With this, you may offer offline payments option (through check or cash). You may categorize your digital products or contents with its ‘Product Categories & Tags’ add-on.

You may tell the accurate tax rates in U.S. with one of its add-on. Despite that, it also helps you to generate unlimited coupons for one of your campaign or generate invoices for different level of users.

Exchange lets you integrate payment options like PayPal and Stripe in your website. So you can use the best payment options on your website. Not only this but if you want more then you may purchase different add-ons to enhance your functions.

You may purchase add-ons like AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Membership and MailChimp. And if you want other payment options like Authorize.net, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut or CyberSource then you can add them to your site. Start using it by paying $97 or go with the Pro Pack in $197.

Price 97$ – Download Now

#7 WishList Member: (Recommended)

What makes it trustworthy and satisfactory is its growing community of users. WishList Member has also crossed the 50,000 user’s milestone and still counting. But we’re not here to discuss how many people using or how many left using it. So let’s discuss some other aspects here.

One beautiful feature that I love personally is its sequential content delivery. I mean it lets you set the time when a specific part of your content needs to be delivered to a specific member.  In this way, you can keep the user (or users) for a longer time on your site for a specific type of content. This feature really comes handy when you offer some kind of e-course to your members.

The other feature it has includes integration with WordPress sites, setting membership types, managing members from one dashboard and the multi-level access. You may interact with a wide range of features with this plugin on your site.

You may start using this plugin by paying $197 subscription. It allows you to have access to the customer support, 30+ training videos, and updates for 1 year and support guides. But if you go with the second package (which is $297) then you get more. I mean choosing the second package allows you to get access to multi-site usage option, webinar plugins and 300+ membership icons. This is not it you can get even more as much you are willing to pay.

Price $197 – Download Now

#8 Cart66:

Like Exchange, Cart66 is another great tool to use as a membership plugin. However it’s best suited to be used with ecommerce site but has a nice reputation for securing the content and working great with membership sort of websites.

So if you’re considering to use this one but not sure exactly to use or not then use the trial period.  Yes it offers a 14 days free trial period that lets you go through the trial and error period and play around with this plugin. Once you make your mind up, you may upgrade to a premium member by paying $95 yearly subscription.

With Cart66, you also get to generate tons of coupons and run different promotions hassle free. So if you have a website more like an online store or so then you may consider using this plugin. It not only helps you to manage your subscriptions but also to sell your digital or physical products. Or if you have some other plan that involves memberships and subscriptions, still you can count on this plugin.

Price: $95 – Get From Cart66.com

#9 Groups for WooCommerce:

When we’re talking about ecommerce solutions then how can we forget about

WooCommerce? Yes this platform is especially built to cater needs of e-store owners with its multi-function features.

Now you must be thinking that how can this be of any service to you when you don’t have an e-store right?  Actually, WooCommerce has a plugin (which is available on WordPress.org) name ‘Groups’. This plugin lets you convert your simple website into a membership website. It is specially designed to help you sell memberships.  

You may download and install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard for free. But you do require a license which costs you some bucks. If you’re planning to use this plugin on just one site then it’s around $79 for a year. But there are more packages based on your needs. I mean if you own more than one websites hoping to start selling memberships then you need to choose a different purchasing plan.

For 5 websites or so, you need to pay around $99 to obtain the relevant license. And if you have more than 5 websites than paying around $199 will be the right option. With the third package, you may use this plugin over 25 websites (that you own).

Price: $79 – Buy Now

#10 S2 Member:

If you’re on a tight budget that doesn’t allow you to spend on paid plugins then hold on. Like Paid Membership Pro, there is another reliable option in shape of S2 Members. This plugin has all the features like premium plugins and works fine on WordPress hosted sites.

What you get in free membership is WordPress Membership Plugin. This plugin protects your content either partially or completely and let you sell memberships with confidence.

It also lets you add a PayPal button on your website. Means users can easily reach to their PayPal account and make payments in an easy way. You can also integrate this plugin with more payment gateways like Bitcoins, Authorize.net, ClickBank and Stripe. So does that fair sound enough?

If you think that with free membership, you have less access then you may prompt to the premium packages. If you want to use this on a single website then pay around $89 and if you have more websites,  it’d cost you around $189.

And the best part is you’ll pay that amount only once. No monthly or yearly subscriptions are required if you go with this plugin. Remember, paid members always get more but you may go with your budget and needs in the start.

Price 89$ – Download Now

#11 WP eMember:

Wait! If you’re thinking that this is enough reading and you know all the plugins so here are few more. WP eMember is one of the reliable plugins that people use to create membership websites. It is one of those plugins which are standing still by maintaining their reputation so we thought to add this up in our list.

You can start using this plugin in no time. Just upload and follow the video instructions to activate it on your site. Create as many memberships as you want with this plugin. Or you may want to protect content available on your website right?

It also offers to make level based memberships. I mean you may divide the users in different categories like ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ whatsoever. With this plugin, you also get to show your content partially to specific users.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can get it for paying a onetime fee which is around $59.95. And you get to access all the awesome features by just paying this nominal fee. Oh yes, you may also integrate PayPal in your website through this plugin.

Price: $59.95 – Get it Now

#12 Restrict Content Pro:

One of its kinds – Restrict Content Pro is another great plugin to count on. With this plugin, you can do so many things. I mean it has so many features that you’d definitely fall in love with.

The other best thing is that you can integrate different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and many more. If you’re not satisfied by using PayPal’s standard account then you may opt for Express or Website Payment Pro as per your needs.

You can generate member’s reports whenever you want. Despite that, it also let you generate discount codes for different promotions. And the option to monitor members is one life saving. You can see which member is on what status and much more?

And if you get caught in between, a large pile of videos, articles and live support is there to help you. You may start using this plugin with a basic license that costs around $42. But if you want more so simply pay more. I mean if you want to use it on one site then $42 license is enough.

But if you own more than one websites where you want to use this plugin then you may opt for other plans they have. The second license costing you around $86 allows you to use it over 2 to 5 websites. And if you get the third type of license by paying $132 then you may use it on unlimited websites.

Price: $42 – Buy from RestrictContentPro.com

#13 MemberMouse:

The third last in our list is MemberMouse offering different features for a safe membership website. It works pretty nicely to protect your content. With this plugin, you get API support, ability to block users sharing their logins with others and drip feed content feature. Despite that you may also create coupon codes and run different promotions.

You may integrate different payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Lime Light CRM or Coinbase into your website with this plugin. It lets you automate most of your work like emails, SMS and other operations. You may start using it for $19.95 per month. No strings attached!

Price $19.95 – Download Now

#14 WPMU Dev WordPress Membership:

WPMU Dev is one of the trusted plugins to be used for membership sites. It works quite fine and you may start using it right after uploading and activating on your website. It has many different features to cater your needs for a secure membership website.

With this plugin, you may drip your content and present it in pieces to your members. You may choose different membership plans for different users on your website. As described earlier, allowing partial access is very useful strategy for a membership site. It basically keeps the user for longer period and helps you make more money. (How? It’s a different debate.)

You can integrate payment options like PayPal, Authorize.net and 2CheckOut on your website with this plugin. You may start using it for a monthly subscription of $19 and get the most out of it.

Buy Now

#15 WP Members:

Last but not the least, WP Members is another ‘Free’ plugin to use for your membership website. It’s growing number of users can assure you about its productivity that has crossed 50,000 people’s milestone and still counting.

The only downside of this plugin is its basic functionality. It just let you restrict your content and secure it from free users. But you still get the basic features of any premium plugin like creating ‘Registration’ and ‘Login’ pages or user profile etc.

Unfortunately, you have to give up on other great features you might get with premium plugins mentioned above. But still it is a nice plugin to see how this membership stuff works for you. And later if you make up your mind after practicing on this ‘free’ plugin, you may always upgrade to any premium plugin.

Download Free Now

Take your time and make the best decision before selecting any plugin from this list. and when you do, please let us know about your experience.

Comment below if you know any reliable plugin that should be added in this list.

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