$25 Bonus: How To Make Money with Payoneer Refer a Friend Program

Payoneer is an Internet based financial services providing company that allows users to receive payments through Prepaid Debit Cards (MasterCard). They provide services and debit cards in 200+ countries. Payoneer offers Free MasterCard without having an International or local bank account. You can also withdraw money from PayPal using Payoneer in PayPal unsupported counties like Pakistan and Iran etc. Using Payoneer Card, we can withdraw our funds from anywhere in the world through MasterCard supported ATM machine. If you don’t have Payoneer card already click to Order Now and you will receive a free MasterCard at your door step also with no shipping cost.

Earn Money With Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer offer affiliate system to make some extra cash, like many online and offline companies offer different affiliate programs to attract customer. You can easily earn a significant amount of money from Payoneer refer a friend program for each person you refer. To join Payoneer affiliate Program you must need to have a Payoneer account and debit card, so if you don’t have one get one free. So now you have a Payoneer account and you are ready to use it.

Participate in affiliate program Refer your friends to Payoneer and get paid $25 for each referral, Good thing about Payoneer refer a friend program is that your Friend will get $25 too. Sounds Interesting ?

You will earn one-time 25 USD bonus For every friend you refer to Payoneer, who earns or receive at least $100 payment in card from any company, also the friend you refer also receives 25 USD bonus too.

How to participate in the Affiliate program

Login to your account and there will be a Refer a Friend banner on the right sidebar. Click on that banner and you will directed to the special page, where you can find your Payoneer affiliate link each user have its own special link so you have to send this link to a friend on a social website or in the mail or by any other means0. So if any one who will click your link and order the card will be your referral.

You can refer as many friends as you like so now when any of your friends sign up on Payoneer using your link and apply for Payoneer card. Isn’t it great 25$ is a lot of money and when it’s coming to you for free and without any effort it is more appealing. So get on make a Payoneer account and start referring your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. If you have any problem or question please ask in comment section and don’t forget to share this opportunity with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About Payoneer Affiliate Program

Q1: When and How I will get $25 bonus in my account ?

A: You and your referral will only get bonus when he order his card with your refer link and received at least $100 payment from any company in card like PayPal, Amazon, Fiverr etc. (Once or may be in parts like two payments of 50-50 USD)

Q2: Payoneer charge some Activation or Delivery Fee ?

A: Payoneer send card free at your home address and activation is also free but they charge $29 annual fee which will be deducted when you got money in card.

Q3: In how much time I will received my Card ?

A: You will get card in 20 to 35 days and if you do not receive card in this time, you need to contact local post office.

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