Top 5 Ways To Earn Money With Facebook Pages

I’m receiving regular emails from my readers about Earning with Facebook, so in this guide, I will explain how to Make Money With Facebook Fan Pages. Although there is no direct way by which you can earn money on Facebook but by using Facebook of course there are many ways. Like via Marketing, Facebook ads, traffic to your websites or blogs etc. Facebook is a great place for Small businesses to Big Brands, to make social presence, to build loyal fans, customers feedback and to increase users engagement.

If you are reading this article, its simply means you are a Facebook user as well, so people like you, me, spend daily few mints to few hours on Facebook. I admit, they do not visit to buy something but you still can convert them into clients, your blog readers, your Brand fans etc. You just need to think outside the box and be creative to become successful in Facebook Marketing.

I personally use my Facebook account more for business activity and less for being social, like I got 4500+ Friends and up to 50,000 fans on Pages, so I share my website links to drive traffic to my blogs. I sell them my Training Course, different products and services by simply sharing on my profile or pages.

Well in this article I’m going to explain how you can get thousands of Likes on a Facebook page, that you will need to do yourself or may be you already some Facebook page with a lot of likes. If you are willing to invest then Facebook Ads are easy way to get as much targeted fans or like you want to get.

The Top 5 Ways to Monetiz your Facebook Fan Page:

I’m going to disclose the 5 best ways to make money with your fan pages, if you already have a Facebook page with thousands of likes if not millions. Your page can be about Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Education, Health or anything you can think about.

If you page have under 5000 likes, it means you can not make money from it because this show is for big players only, leave it or make your page big. In start you only need to focus on building active fan following and to actively posting valuable related content like images, quotations, questions, tips, tricks, quiz and jocks etc. If you flood up your fan page with just affiliate links, products, services you’ll probably start losing fans. So in simple words, just don’t just spam your fans with unrelated content.

#1 MyLikes Social Publisher Program: is a advertising revenue sharing website which pay you for sharing their website links on your Facebook fan pages. To get started you need to follow these easy steps.

  1. join their Publisher Program and create a social website (sub-domain) within mints with just few clicks
  2. Now find most suitable content for your audience and share it on your pages, you can also create your own content.
  3. Now whenever someone click on these links, you will get paid from mylikes (About $0.01 to 0.15 per click)        

Note: They pay only for traffic from premium countries like UK, USA, CA etc. You can withdraw amount to PayPal or via Bank wire.

#2 Make Money With Viral9 (vatsanagroup) is almost same like Mylikes but their content (links) and process is different, they don’t just let you signup and start promoting but you will to signup and wait for approval of your account. Also to earn some good money from viral9 your most of the fan should be from UK, USA, CA, AUS etc. To start working with viral9 just follow these steps

  1. Signup for account and wait for approval
  2. Generate links from your account
  3. Share these links on your Fan Pages and drive traffic
  4. Now simply earn for the traffic you sent to their links
  5. They pay via PayPal and Payoneer

#3 Selling Traffic on Fiverr

If you don’t want to use Mylikes or viral9 for some reasons, you can sell traffic (visitors) from your pages on fiverr. Its a market place where you can sell any kind of services from as low as 5$. Like you can post a gig (your offer) “I will share your blog link on my Facebook Page with 300k likes for $5” etc.


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#4 Drive visitors to your Blog

This final way work for all kind of audience, from any country and for any fans size (under 5000 likes work too). If you have some product like T-shirts, paintings, Jewelry or anything, you can post on your page to sell online. Same way if you can provide some service like “Online Teaching” or E-Money Exchange (As we do on Pay Exchanger). Some of my friends are running Gift Stores via Facebook Page.

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