AlertPay is Become Payza

Alertpay changing its name, on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Alertpay have posted news on their blog that AlertPay is Becoming Payza on 14th and now Payza is officially alive !!

Let me clear the fact, most of you may be thinking that they have just changed Company name but actually UK company MH Pillars bought AlertPay. Well The  AlertPay you love is is integrated to Payza now With a new design, a new logo and a new name, Payza will also bring you:

  • New service offerings
  • Mobile friendly access to their website
  • More countries cam enjoy benefits of additional currencies
  • Easy to fund your account
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Well designed and easier-to-use website

Well finally the AlertPay platform have been transitioned to Payza, of course your account information and login details stay same, You can access your money and use it the same way you always have.

  • Your account ID is same and with your money in it
  • Your personal, business information stay same.
  • The same login and password!

Payza Worldwide

Payza (formerly AlertPay) will provide payment processing to more countries that was first not able to join such service for receiving or sending international payments. I personally hope they will improve their services like support and credit card processing because these two issues wass the reason of Alertpay failure,  All members of Payza can send and receive money around the world with more great options to transact globally.

New to Payza (Old name Alertpay) ?

well Payza is a nre generation online payment gateway for sending and receiving money online , it work  for both merchants to accept credit card and other payments at their websites and for Users to buy/purchase services online or even to get paid for their work. The old brand name of this company was Alertpay, well if you wish you can join, Its free

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