Best Keyword Research Tool To Find Micro Niches

Undoubtedly, here I’m going to discuss about the best keyword research tools, likely, Adwords Keyword Tool, Micro Niche Finder. If you want to have your own website on first page on Google in up coming days, so this is the very basic and important topic, which you must know about it properly that how to target the exactly right keywords. If you target the wrong ones so it means you slept down the stairs in very first step.

In present times, now you can’t rank for broad match and high competitive keywords like for ‘domains’ or “health” etc. So, your aim must to be to catch long-tail keywords. Those keywords, which you will choose for? Yeah, for your website content or article. And, you will prefer to those long-tail keywords, which will be good-enough in monthly searches and competition must be low as well.

There are a lots of ‘keyword tools’, where you can search for your keywords that whether it is convenient or not. So, I suggest you to use ‘Google Keyword Tool’. Before, I go to explain you, so first keep 3 points in mind that which is required for your good understanding.

  1. As you read so, will do practically in new tab with me, step by step.
  2. Now second thing, open the following link in new tab Google Keyword Tool
  3. Third and last one is that where I use the word ‘suppose’ so it means that I gave you just an example, because number of searches can be vary, it happens due to the different locations and countries.

Now, let me try my level best to teach you properly.

Let’s suppose, that you have targeted the keyword ‘birthday cards’ for your website, so first you will go to the ‘Google keyword Tool’ to search your targeted keyword, but before you go to write the keyword over there, you must have to make the situation suitable. So, let’s apply, if you have opened the tool in new tab so, do you see three options broad, exact, phrase in left side, got it? Umm Okay so just tick the mark to ‘exact’ one and other ones left blank, after that you must have to select your country in the option ‘Advanced Options and Filters’, which is about middle of the page and written blue in color, hope you got it, now just click to it and select your country name then just click again on blue written words. Now, you have made the suitable situation for the keywords. watch video for keyword Research tool to find your niche

Next, as you have targeted the keyword ‘birthday cards’ so, you will write it on the option, where is written ‘Word or phrase’, so after write the keyword there just click on the button ‘search’, which is little bit below to the blue written words. After clicking, you will get the keyword result in one second. Got the result? Then Okay, let’s observe the search result keenly, first you will see that, is competition low, isn’t it? If it is so that’s right, now take a look on ‘Global monthly searches’ hmmm that is 301, 000, very good, now next is ‘local monthly searches’, that’s 18, 100, it’s also very fine and last one is CPC, that is $1.83, all are good and going in your favor.

But, now how will you know that the targeted keyword ‘birthday cards’ related, how many pages does Google already have? Simple, first hang on ‘Google keyword tool’ and open the new tab, and as you search any keyword in ‘Google Search Engine’, like, Wikipedia, twitter … etc. So, same like that you will write your targeted keyword in ‘Google Search Engine’, so after a second you will get a result related keyword, now you can clearly see on the top of the first result, there is written ‘About 29,900,000 results (0.16 seconds)’, so Google is telling you that how many pages it already has related keyword.

So, despite of low competition in ‘Google Keyword Tool’, there is very tough competition to rank this keyword ‘birthday cards’. Now, what will you do next? Let’s move and go back to keyword tool, did you notice? On ‘Google Keyword Tool’, you can have some ideas by taking a look on ‘keyword ideas’, which is written bit below to the keyword search result.

And, there you will know that what kind of terms or combinations people are looking for, there you see 2-3 words combination, that are getting a lots of searches, are much easier for rank too. So, as you got an idea for next keyword, which is related your targeted keyword, that is ‘free birthday cards’, so now come again to ‘Google search engine’ for to its pages number, so there is much better result ‘About 15,000,000 results (0.25 seconds)’, that is good-enough, it can be ranked for your website, after words you must check it on ‘Google Keyword Tool’ too.

Now, I wind up here to ‘Google Keyword Tool’, to be perfect, spend your some time there, play with words and get the best combination words.

Let me discuss here about one an other handy keyword tool. If you are extremely interested about keyword research, so I highly recommend you to use Micro Niche Finder. This is also one of the best tools, ever since I started using this tool, so now I save 80% time by searching my keywords there. You can get some more good ideas , can check competition and dig up more keywords related for your targeted keywords, also check there more search networks with a single click.

And, this tool is not only for keyword research, will be useful for article marketing, Yahoo Answers … etc. There you also can watch some useful free videos and aplenty of helpful services on the website: Micro Niche Finder

If you didn’t understand or missed some points, so don’t worry. I would like to help you out.So, you can catch me any time and can ask any question related topic via email and also can comment below. It’s not as difficult as you think. Wish you lucks the best.

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