Buy Domain with Payza, Perfect Money and WebMoney

Payza (formerly Alertay) is great alternative for PayPal , so now you can buy domains with Payza if you don’t have PayPal or if your country . I found some great company which accept Payza , Libertyreserve and also Moneybookers as a Payment processor for buying Domains which is i am going to share with you guys

Buy Domain with Payza and Perfect Money

You can buy Domains using Payza from Qhoster or PeakHosting which is great company and serving its customer since 2002. This the only one Domain registrar which have many payment options like you can purchase Domains via Payza, Webmoney or Perfect Money, You can purchase domains by Libertyreserve and you can also buy domains via Moneybookers or even if you don’t have these payment processors than you may also buy domains using e0Gold or credit card and PayPal.

How can i purchase Domain via WebMoney ?

Just go to PeakHosting  to sign up than search for you required domain which you want to purchase , after selecting your domain place order and if you need any help feel free to contact them, this company is our partner too.

Now add that domain to cart and pay buy using payment processor you want, after Payment your purchase will be credited instantly into your account, buying domain via using Payza is simple like 1..2..3. if you have some question or problem just comment below so i may can assist you. thanks for reading.

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