Currency Exchange

We are providing Currency Exchange as well as Withdraw and Deposit Service for Pakistan and over all the world to make it easy for every one to receive and send online Payments since march 2009. currency exchange

Digital Currency Exchange

There are many Payment gateways for processing online Payments over internet which is befitted for both  user and Merchant, but for Some countries are for some individuals its really very hard to withdraw their money from these online banks,  due to complicated verification process, high withdraw fee, bank transfer or bank wire not available for some countries or the most common reason is that people want to spend their money in some other payment processor so they need Currency exchange service to transfer money from one account to an other third party account.

We offer Lowest fee for the exchange of digital currency as well as withdraw and Deposit Service for the following payment processors with fast and secure service.

Alertpay is a Online Payment gateway and via using our services you can Deposit, withdraw or Exchange your Alertpay funds.

Liberty Reserve
Its also Online Payment gateway but Liberty reserve is not inked with any bank or any other credit card company. So you can only use exchangers for withdraw or Deposit, You can buy or sell LR dollars to us, we accept users over all the world specially from Pakistan

Although you can withdraw from Moneybooker to your account or you can also deposit but if you are looking for some fast service with low fee, then we are available for you.

Web Money
Webmoney is also a Online bank for sending and receiving online money, You can buy or sell WBZ dollars to us.

One of the biggest Payment processor and used for millions of members, for PayPal we offer our service to exchange, withdraw and Deposit money any time.

Credit Cards
If you want to accept credit card payments for your website or want to sell your products or service as online Merchant then we also provide Credit card payments processing.

For currency Exchange we accept and we can also send payments to all online payment processors and also to all Banks in Pakistan. For More Details or Question feel free to contact us.

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