Data Entry and Ads Posting Fraud

Today I am going to expose Data Entry job and Ads Posting job Fraud. This post is specially for Pakistani users who are victim of this fake and scam work. In this post I will explain how this fake system and people work, how they do fraud with innocent people for getting money.

About 4 years ago I was on the way from college to my home and I saw some “Advertisement banners “with headline Earn 15000/month by Ads Posting ad form Filling. I noted their phone number and visit their office in Faisalabad next morning for details of work and for more information. Well a person with big belly 😛 give me information that I need to pay them 5000 Membership fee and 3000 training fee and 500 monthly , then I need to post 500 ads and I will be get paid 500 Rs for each project, well My Good luck I was having mind, and decided NO NO NO bagoooo bagoo choor chorrr lutary.. hahaha…

“Keep one thing mind, You work for getting paid but you don’t pay for work”

Well ask a question to your self, if they really legal and can pay you then why they are asking for Money or membership or ask them that you will after you get money, they will be never agree because its all fraud. When you go for job did they ever ask for any money ? Never so it means Ads posting and data entry is fraud, they are eating innocent people’s money by offering big cash for little work by making people greedy. These all work from Home opportunities are fraud which as for Membership or monthly fee etc

Data Entry and Ads posting fraud

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Well from that day I started research for Online Earning, how it works and every thing and finally after continue struggling of one and half year I come to know some free to Make Money online and I did so but that was not enough so I learn more and more every day and almost after 2 years I become a Successful Online earner and now after almost 4 years I am doing many online business and making lot of money via real and legal ways.

Data Entry Fraud

There are many online legal works also refer as Data Entry so I am not writing about thos. In this article I am talking about Data entry work offer by cheaters and scamers in Pakistan which is also known as Captcha Entry , well Captcha Entry work is exist and you can make some money with this and its 100% free to join and work, So why to pay any membership fee ? There are many companies where you can work  yes its really hard to make money with this work.

Now what These Fraud Companies do ? These companies just made innocent people fool and charge some money to work on these companies and also they cheat from their real earning, but in fact work on these companies is free and any one can join. These companies mostly pay 1$/1000 entries but they only pay 0.60$~0.80$ to clients.

Ad Posting Fraud

Truth about Ad posting is that in actual there is no real work exist where people get paid to post ads, its just fraud and trick to take money from people who are not aware about this. Basically ad posting is used for promoting any of your product, affiliate deal, or to sell some things and of course its free you can post ads as much you want. They give assignment and you need to post 500 ads, its looks easy but in actually its really very hard and irritating.

Well If you really want to make some money over internet you need to follow Proper and Legal Ways, watch My Presentation Video


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