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About Rais Zada

Mr. Rais Zada is a proud Pakistani, student of Engineering, loves and believes to work hard with a great potential and determination, as he was a TROLL few years ago but N-O-W is a successful blogger and businessman (of course, thankful), beyond every thing, what he learns he is a zealous to transfer his knowledge via his well-writing and videos. Struggling on!
  • w salam,
    Your channel link ?

  • Yes

  • For more info please visit

  • w salam,
    There is not any special investment required, you only need to pay training course fee Rs 5000 and after training you can start earning.

  • Muhammad Adeel

    can we earn by facebook pages?

    • Yes if you active page with a lot of likes. By driving traffic to websites or using service like mylikes.

  • zubair rehman

    salam sir . sir i creat an account on share cash. when i upload a file etc on share cash , then we exist a link related file .. but anybody click on that link , open a window and appear only 1 empty box . so no body download my file .. please sir solve my problem .. thanks in advance.. replay must please..

    • w salam,
      Their survey are only available to few countries like USA, UK, CA etc but not for Pakistan.

  • Muhammad FAisal

    need complete guide for home earning

    • Editorial Team

      Read articles about online earning on


    is there any way of earning without making website?

    • yes there are many, like you can provide or sell service, freelancing, development etc

  • Talha Mahmood

    Aoa, aap adhitz ads kesey use karsaktay hain ye Pakistan accounts register nahi hotay aur agar aap ne proxy use kia hai to kuch dinon baad account suspend ho jata hai.then how your account is working ??

    • w salam,
      My account is 3 years old and at that time membership was open for Pakistan.

  • arslan

    can we earn money by making a free domain based website?

    • No, You can only earn using Paid domains.

  • Awesome Video!! can you tell me how you create this type of awesome video?

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