HostGator Review: Best Web Hosting Company & Discount Coupons

As the name says it all, HostGator is the world’s leading web hosting provider. I’m a satisfied HostGator client from 2011 to date. To find a best and trusted hosting company is very important if you are serious in business; sometimes it cost you a lot for saving some bucks on purchase of hosting. Never compromise on Server up time, reliability, regular backups and trust when you buy Web hosting.

HostGator Company Profile and History

This company has established 2002. There are very few materials on internet which provide the detail and deep HostGator review. This is a small effort to provide the detail and actual review according to the quality and reliability of this web hosting service provider. As I said this company has established in 2002 and its head office is  Huoston, Texas. HostGator is the top notch service provider and its network is expanded to approximately more than 200 countries internationally. It has a staff of about more than 700 people and all are working with their full efforts. There are many outlets available in different part of the world.

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They won more than  4 awards in 2012 for its hosting services and many other earlier too. HostGator is ranked in World Top 25 web hosting companies. Some other awards are listing below:

  • No. 1. Host for Bloggers, ref
  • Best Host for WordPress in 2012, ref Hosting Reviews
  • Best Host for Joomla, ref Hosting Review’s 2012

The services provided from this hosting service are Shared, Reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages. If you are a beginner or a professional then do not worry these packages are for all. The plan which is related to share hosting is included 24/7/365 means it is working 24 hours a day, 7 days or a whole year. One thing which is really good from this hosting service is that, it will give you a 99.9 percent guarantee and amazingly 45 days money back guarantee. If you do not like the service from HostGator then you can have your money back. There are lot of people who are being attracted towards this service provider. Firstly you will ask which hosting is best ? Then after research you will surely conclude that HostGator is the best hosting service provider in the current time

HostGator Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is best for blogs and new small business websites, shared hosting pricing start from as low as $3.96/month and still you can apply Discount coupon so price will be lowered by 25% more. Shared hosting come with the following features.

  • Include UNLIMITED Disk
  • Include UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Include UNLIMITED Domains (Depends)
  • Amazing Website Building Tools
  • Life Technical Support 24 hours

Reseller Hosting From HostGator

If you need multiple hosting accounts, or may be you are interested to start your hosting business, than Reseller hosting is best for you. You can buy reseller hosting plan start from $19.96 per month, and you can sell or create unlimited hosting accounts with respect to bandwidth and Disk Space. Reseller hosting include the following features.

  • UNLIMITED Domains, Sub Domains, Email Accounts and MySQL Databases.
  • With Reseller plan you can create UNLIMITED FTP and cPanel Accounts.
  • Also comes with FREE client management, Billing Systems, Website Builder and Domain Reseller Account.
  • Include your own PRIVATE Name Servers and many more features.
Best Web Hosting Company
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HostGator offer Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated hosting Solutions


There are other service provider also who provide hosting service but many people prefer HostGator over them, it means there is something big and different from other in this service. Let’s highlight some of its advantage so you may realize that HostGator is the best hosting service provider.

What Make HostGator World Best Web hosting:

  1. The most important advantage of HostGator service provider is that, it has reasonable price or you can say a great price. Just on the price of 60$ you can get unlimited space, unlimited email address, unlimited bandwidth with unlimited domain registration. Due to this facility you can easily add new domain in just few seconds and start you website easily. While other sites are charging more for starting domain.
  2. Another benefit of this service is that, it has 24 hours and 7 days a week support facility available for its customers. According to the review of its customers, they said that it is unbelievable after using this service because all the time they are available for supporting us. This team is incredible. HostGator is always ready to help you step by step there is no problem for you web hosting service.
  3. Web hosting stability is the most important part of any hosting service, according to the user of this service provider they said that we have never faces the crashing problem in this service. The speed is really good due to which it is getting too much popular day by day. Now the world is so fast and the fast hosting is the gift for you and this makes possible by HostGator.
  4. Another good thing in this service, it has cPanel which is easy to use. Due to this facility you can install anything from word press in just a few second and you can run you site right after the installation. Due to this cPanel facility you can set up new domain or sub domain on just a click. This will make your work easy and save your time. CPanel provide you ease because it eliminates the typical coding and scripting like on others.
  5. One thing which is most important in any field is the fun you find by working with it. While working with HostGator service you enjoy when you are working on it. It gives you new techniques so that you can manage you website at its best. HostGator is also helping those people who are new in the world of website and who want to start their blog. They provide free templates, plug-in and ideas so that you can make your website remarkable. These all are the fun making experience by having HostGator.
  6. HostGator coupon is another amazing scheme due to which you can get more discount and the price become cheaper. Ask some of your friend who are already using the HostGator service because he can provide you the coupon so that you can avail discount up to 25 percent. Like other service providers, HostGator offers more discounted price after using coupon or voucher. There are different discounted vouchers available by which you can get various discounted price range.

Now if you are going to purchase a new hosting service you should go to this service provider. If you have HostGator voucher then you must avail it to have a discounted price and start you website in a very cheap price. This service has many good features this is the reason this website is getting too much fame these days and everyone is talking about its qualities and service. One good thing which all are discussing is the cPanel it is very unique and give you easy working access to your website. Due to this you can install scripts from word press, Joomla, Durpal and from many other sources in a easy way.

This is the right time to start your business with HostGator. Service provider like this comes one in a life; you should avail this opportunity to get the most amazing and best hosting in town. People who are using this service is also admire the service of HostGator, try to use the coupon so that you can get more and more discount and start your business on a very less investment. If you have read all the qualities of this hosting service provider and now thinking to purchase this hosting service then you are not far from this, you just have to one click install WordPress and your blog will be ready to Go.

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