Guide: How to Make Money By Writing Articles Online

So you have tried many things to earn money online but all in vain, you found nothing but scams, frauds and bogus websites claiming that you can make a lot of money from working with them, but at the end you found them disappeared from the internet right? You may have tried PTC sites, invested in HYIPs (high yield investment programs), ad posting jobs and other similar job postings which claim a second income. You might be thinking that there is no such job here on internet from where you can make some cash and thinking to leave this ambition to earn from working online. But hold on! Here is something you should know before taking any serious step.

You are using Internet then this indicates that you are an educated person (doesn’t matter men or women). And you definitely go through various websites on internet for searching something or just accidentally. Do you know that you can really make good money by using your knowledge from these websites? Yes, you heard right that you can make money by utilizing your knowledge and “writing skills”. What you will do is just write couple of writing materials for someone who is willing to pay you for them. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here in this post we will discuss that how can this thing work for you to make money writing articles? There are different types of writing jobs out there which are legitimate and people are doing them for years now.

Types of online Writing Jobs:

There are various online jobs of different kind out there but we’re going to discuss on them precisely to give you a general view of them.

  • Copy-writing
  • Article/Content writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Transcription
  • Blogging
  • Columnist

Copy writing:

Basically copy writing involves the writing about press releases, product description and features. Different companies hire freelancers and employees working in office or from home to write about them or their product. The work of a copywriter is to grab customer’s attention towards the company or its product about which he/she is writing. Many companies are willing to hire copywriters for increasing sales and enhancing its goodwill or making publicity campaign through their words. A bachelors Degree is required as a minimum requirement for working as a Copywriter (both online and offline) with a company.

Article/Content Writing:

Article or Content writing has no much difference in its meaning and usage on internet. It is used for websites or blogs to engage visitors and make them regular users or readers of that particular website. A writer is expected to write an informative material in articles or content that he/she creates for related website so that people can get some benefit after reading that material. There are many bloggers and website owners who are always in search of good and experienced writers for their site to get a high ranking in Search Engine results and other factors that matters for their success in this field.


Want to know who is ghostwriter? well ghostwriting is no more different than content/article writing. A ghost writer does the same work like research, writing quality and orignal articles and searching for good Keywords etc as a content writer does. But there is a minor difference in both terms and that is, a content writer is introduced on the website, mostly in the end of the post, with a small description about him/her hobbies, experience and education and also a social link (sometimes) but a ghost writer works in isolation and is only entitled for the price of the article written for the buyer. They cannot claim for the copyrights of that article for which they have taken money.


Want to know what is meant by transcription? In simple words transcription is a process of converting recordings (of different nature) into written material. There are two further kinds you will find if you dig into this job i.e. Medical Transcription and Legal Transcription.  Both have the same basic rule but they vary in their nature as Medical Transcriptionist is require to type lectures, presentation and other materials (which are in form of recording) into written document and on the contrary, Legal transcriptionist deals with recording materials of a Court Hearings, Attorneys and other official bodies’ dictated recordings and a board meeting of a Joint Stock Company or Public Limited Company. You should have a powerful listening ability in both type of transcription job and a Bachelors Degree either in Medicine or in Law if you want to pursue in this career further more.


What is blogging or who is a blogger? Blogging is derived from the word Blog or weblog which means a journal written on daily routine or as a hobby either for personal or public use. Nowadays you find hundreds of thousands of blog on the internet and this blog is also a fine example to explain this term. A blogger is required to maintain the blog by daily or weekly postings and in return he/she can make money by the visitors through various kinds of monetizing and affiliation programs. Bloggers write their blog posts or sometimes hire content writers to write for them by paying them a per-decided amount for each blog post or by pay per word.

Column writing:

The term Column writing is somewhat similar to article writing but there is some difference in both of the terms as the former is written for mostly newspapers and magazines and ezines (E-Magazine) as well and latter is limited to websites and blogs only. There are different big publications who like to search new talent for their business and pays well if you are an experienced columnist. Another major difference in both of the term is that Column is subjective and Article is Objective in its nature. Means that a columnist defines his/her perspective by pointing at different events (occurred in the past) and relates them in the column and article writer is bound to the topic he/she is writing on.

So this was a short overview of above mentioned terms to show you what are these jobs but we’ll focus on Content writing/Ghost writing or Blogging as these three jobs are easier to do than rest of the jobs mentioned above.

Need for a writer:

After reading above description you might have originate the answer of this point that why there is a need of a writer? But to make this thing more clear let me explain this further more. As you know that there is a competition in all kinds of business which seems not going to its end. Every next company or institute is trying to excel from rest of the contender and they can achieve this only by reaching more customers. Only a writer can do this by explaining them or their product in more detail and with every best inspiring wording (as they are master at writing). They can increase their sales, costumers, impression and visitors (in case of website). So every (Big or Small) business concern needs a writer at this point to deliver their product to ultimate consumer through writers. Writers are there from the age of Charles Babbage and they still exist in the period of fast technology by using Mark’s Facebook, Steve’s IPhone and Macbook (RIP) and Bill’s Windows and will be needed till the end of the world (as we’re not going to stop using technology till we die or until the expiry of our internet package :D). I would like to quote from Moz a very interesting line “Content is King” and after that I don’t think that this point should be explained further more.

What a writer do to make money online?

This is pretty obvious that a writer writes. But what he/she writes varies according to the requirement and nature of the work like if you write for websites then you might be writing a content/article or you’re blogging about your own blog/website. If you are working for a commission and not giving your name then you are doing ghost writing which is explained above. You may be writing for a newspaper about current issue or fashion trends etc or may be engaging with a hospital or a legal firm to doing transcription work. Whatever you do, you’ll stick to the one basic thing which is “writing”.

Eligibility to become an Online Content Writer:

There is no clear guideline to become an online writer i.e. Article writer, Content writer and Ghostwriter. You just need to be an active user on the internet and must find something about which you are passionate. One more thing, you must not have a weak grammar if you want to write for websites like consider this example, you wanted to write “Chris made a cake and ate up instantly” and the reader is reading that line like this “Chris makes a cake and eats up instantly” just because you wanted to explain the line in past but due to weak grammar you used a wrong verb which changed the meaning of whole sentence.

Only good grammar is not the only factor you should also take care of using punctuation marks e.g. “What we are waiting for John” now after punctuating this in two different style “What! We are waiting for John?” or “What we are waiting for? John!” so these examples have made it quite easy for you to understand what my point is. How will you communicate with others until you have a weak grammar? No matter you are from Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, France or any other country where English is not spoken commonly or even if you are a native English speaker, you might need to polish your writing skills. Means there are four basic rules which may be considered as eligibility guideline

  • Being an Active User.
  • Passionate about anything you write.
  • Good command on English Grammar.
  • Writing skills.
  • Creativity (The most important factor)

Resources to improve Writing skills and English:

Here are some websites for you that might help you a lot in improving your English Grammar and Punctuation as well as your writing skills.


This website contains both videos as well as text materials to help you improving your English both in speaking and writing. Just go over there, sign up for an account (optional) and start browsing for your query.

Fiction Writing:

This page is a subcategory of’s vast directory. Though there is a lot more resources in but this page will help you to learn fiction writing (and this is what you will use mostly when writing an article or post).

50 tools that can increase your writing:

This is another awesome page by Dumb Little Man blog that can help you to write long posts (which are considered good from SEO point of view).

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

How to Earn Money by Content Writing:

Here comes the fun part, now when you have eliminated your most of grammatical and punctuation mistakes, now is the time to tell you some basic ways by which you can sum up how you can make money. Though you have learn much till now and are ready to be hired by any (good and high paying) website but there is still something which you need to know like where to start? How to get clients? And furthermore similar questions.

Bidding Sites:

The very common suggestion is that you can make account on bidding sites such as Freelancer, Elance, Odesk or Cloudcrowd. What you will do there is just go to the site, sign up for an account and set up your profile picture or portfolio (which covers your work experience and all other stuff). Read terms and conditions for working without any violation of the site and set your payment option. Start searching through posted offers and after finding relevant job offer, bid on it and if your bid is selected by the owner of that job posting then you’ll be contacted by him/her. After completing the project you’ll be paid by him (through the site, not in personal).


If you are afraid about not having any previous experience then you can start blogging on your favorite topic to make your portfolio. Basically you will blog to show the potential client that you can write well and your posts will help you to convince the client to hire you. After when they contact you, you can discuss further about rates, timing and quantity of work to be done for them. And you don’t need to pay any hosting company for setting up a blog. There are free blogging platform which can help you in this regard i.e. Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Social Sites:

Social sites like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are also a great platform to find potential clients. You can join groups which are made especially to help people like you and can get advice by the expert already working as online Content Writer or Ghost Writer.

How much you can earn:

Well this is a hard thing to find out due to different countries’ local rates and different opportunities around you. But as a general view, we found that a normal Online Writer i.e. Content Writer, Blog Writer or Ghost Writer earns an amount between $25,000 to $40,000/year as per

Tips for newbie writers:

As you are starting this from the scratch having no previous work experience, so you might find it difficult to get work or find it dramatically awesome to earn minimum $25,000 a year. but don’t be discouraged and be patient because it will take some time to you to get work and do not exaggerate your imagination about earning that big amount as this amount is not for newcomers but you can reach that amount if you work hard so I don’t think so that reaching that limit will take too much time at least 1 year is enough for that. Secondly, every job has its pros and cons so be alert and aware of scams. Don’t be discouraged by scammers who will not pay you. You will definitely find some people who will deceive you and cut off your rightful money and will disappear but stay alert and do not work with any person who has not shared his full details or if  he has not decided payment modes and terms of payment with you. And also do not work with anybody who seems to be suspicious near to you.

I will end up this post by this quotation from Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



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