Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment – Videos

Online Earning Training by Rais Zada!

In this Training Course you will Learn up to 33 ways to Earn Money using Blogging, YouTube , Facebook Marketing , Google Adsense , SEO ,  Affiliate Marketing , Websites etc.

  • Real ways to Earn Money
  • 100% practical training
  • Friendly Team Members
  • Free 3 Month Hosting
  • Create your own Website
  • Free eBooks & Tutorials
  • Fee Themes & Plugins
  • Free software & Tools
  • Life Time Support & Help
  • Live & Recorded Lectures
  • Presentation & Articles
  • Blogging, SEO & Marketing
  • Video Publishing & More..
  • No investment etc
  • No need of any  job
  • Be your own Boss
  • No data entry crap
  • No ads posting scam
  • No form filling fraud
  • No captcha entry etc
  • No membership jobs
  • No quick rich system

The Big Time Opportunity - Up To 33 ways to Make Real Money Online

You land on this web page because you are interested to Earn Money Online and yes you are on right place. We will provide you all details, videos and even help via Email when ever you need, in my videos and articles i will explain up to 33 ways to make real Money Online from your home. All ways i am going to share with you are working and i use personally so now going to suggest you and help you all.

We don’t offer any job, in fact there are no jobs on internet for people who don’t have skills so how can you expect a job or work from home opportunity, until you don't learn some thing.

If you are thinking about data entry or ads posting than you are wrong. Guys this work is crap and scam, you cannot make any money. It’s nothing more than time wasting. Again we don't offer any job, we offer Professional and fully practical one month long training course in which you will learn how you can work and can make money over Internet. Our training course consists of 3 basic modules, this course will change the way of thinking about online jobs. After learning this course no one will be able to scam you over internet. No one can even make you fool because you will learn the difference between fraud and real work and how it works

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.” ― Bill Gates

Zohaib Malik

Owner at Earning Mode

"Sir, Bundle of thanks for giving me a Fantastic Training and also for introducing me in the world of blogging. I have learnt a lot from you and today I am making money just because of you. You always motivated me and help me a lot. Your services and training course is out standing. May ALLAH Bless you with more success Ameen."

Asia Bibi

Marketing and Blogging

"Before joining this course I never believed on online earning kind of things but after attending this course now I believe that online earning is real and legal. You just need to find out the right path/place to learn, fortunately, I have found the this right place. Its really an easy, informative  and  fantastic course. I have learned a lot."

Usama Arshad

Owner of Knowledge Thristo

"Learning new things with you guys was amazing in such a friendly atmosphere. It was your grace that you acknowledge me about the Blogosphere. I really appreciate your hard work in such little amount. Thank you Rais & Tehseen Bhai for introducing me to blogging. I have learned a lot from you guys, Thanks again"

Only those who dare fail greatly can achieve greatly - Robert f. Kennedy

Online Training Course

  • Complete 30 days Training Course
  • Online Classes via Recorded Video Lectures
  • Join From any where, any City
  • Fully Practical Training
  • Questions & Answers via Email & Skype
  • Downloadable Complete Lectures
  • Free 3 Month Web Hosting

Azka Sharif

Blogging on Food, Fitness & Fashion

My name is Azka and I am from Rawalpindi. I was searching on internet about online earning when I luckily found this training course. I took this online earning training course that proved really helpful for me to create and manage my own website for online earning. The best thing of this course is that it is in Urdu language and non-computer professionals can easily understand and follow along with it. This training course not only teaches how to make website but also how to earn through it. It is genuine one month training course and Instructors are really helpful I got reply of my quires within 24 hours. After completing all the lectures I was easily able to make my own blog for online earning.

I would recommend this training course to any serious people out there who really want to earn online and want to put effort in it. Because online earning require little time and effort on your part. At the end I would like to thank the developers of this training course who made it possible for me to earn online.

First Training Module

In first module you will learn about blogging, how to make a website with word press and every thing about domain and hosting. Don't worry, no special skills are required, it’s very simple and interesting, everyone can easily learn this.

Second Training Module

In our second module you will learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is very important in Internet Marketing. How to get traffic to your website from search engines and social media. How to build online relationship, Video marketing and more.

Third Training Module

In our last and 3rd module you will learn up to 33 ways to make money online legally by your website. Of course these ways will not only work for website owners, you can also make money with or with out websites but for your online presence website is must.

For more Details and Admissions Contact

Rais Zada (0314-3172322) or Tahseen Javaid (0313-4346474)
Call time 2pm to 9pm 

Note: Please call on these phone Numbers for details about Training Course and admissions only. These team member are not responsible or linked with any other Pakearning Service. For any other information you can call at 0314-3172322.

Earning Disclaimer - Term and Conditions - Privacy Policy

I'm not from Lahore, How can I join ?

No problem if you are not from Lahore, we offer online training session via recorded videos, Same as in Lahore. Many students each month join online and 99% of these are fully satisfied.

  • You will get daily recorded lectures in Online training via Email
  • Optionally if you have Low internet speed etc, you can get DVDs
  • You can ask questions via Email, Skype or in our Help Center any Time.


What is the duration of training course?

The duration of this training course is one month and our support and recorded lectures will be available even after training course.

How Can I Pay Training Course Fee ?

You can pay fee via Bank (No need to have bank account, just go to branch and deposit) or You can also pay via EasyPasa, Omni, Mobicash or Upasa. optionally you can also visit our office.

If you want to join and would like to pay fee please contact on Rais Zada (0314-3172322)
Tahseen Javaid (0313-4346474) or Email us at ask@pakearning.com and we will provide you with account details

Why are you offering this course?

Because we are giving you the correct and effective information that is difficult to find now a days. People use the phrase “earn online” and you get fraud.

  • Asma Liaqat

    Can I still join this course ?

  • Due to shortage of time, sometime we are not able to reply comments. So you can contact at ask@pakearning.com for more informaion

  • Hamid

    Asalamu alikum . kia ap log waqi pesy kamana chahty hain, kia apna mustakbil behtar se behtar banana chahtey hain?

  • w salam
    Sorry but I do not work in CPA, so you need to contact with the guy who teaches you CPA

  • Yes you can. you can pay fee via Bank or easypasa

  • Please click on Join now, to get details about Paying fee.

  • Fee is Rs 5000, its mentioned on above page as well.

  • Yes, its ready you can pay and join for sure.

  • Bilal Cheema

    kia yeh wordpress pe bani hai? Is the website’s platform WordPress?

    • Yes, Its on WordPress with Love <3

  • w salam,
    As mentioned on above page, You will need to pay Rs 5000 fee to join this course.

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  • sundas

    Hi l need a online earn

  • Hassan Aftab

    hi…. Aoa i wanna do it . i’m not at Lahore can u give a special discount for me…. 🙂

    • w salam,
      Please contact us via given email for discount.

      • Hassan Aftab

        okay send me your number sir….. i’ll contact you soon as well as posible…..

        • For only training course related questions 03143172322

  • Please check your Email. Keep mind its limited time discount.

  • Hi,
    Check your Email, I sent you special discount offer.

  • As a free member sometime it take months to earn 2$

  • Nazakat

    I want online training.
    I need a training on VPS and dedicated server, and also how to install Interspire (Bulk email sender) on a VPS or Dedicated server. How to add IPs to this server.

    • AOA,
      Sorry at the moment I am not offering this kind of training, although you can find tutorials in Google for sure

  • Annas

    I am interested in this course and ill contact you soon.. my question is If I’ll take this course then wether you teach me from the beginning or I have to carry on with the old students?

    • Hi,
      You will learning from the beginning 🙂

  • Its fake

  • w salam,
    Be professional, how can I know domain name, it can be .net, .com etc

  • Hi,
    You are asking about training course ?

  • you can keep it active by paying after 3 months

  • Hi,
    Replied your other comment

  • I can not check without website link. Be professional

  • Produce quality and interesting content, share on social media.

  • From Karachi you can join online only

  • You can but they pay very less

  • Sorry offline we have office in Lahore only and no idea about Karachi

  • Suhail Ahmad

    I want to join but i have no money for registration I am from peshawar Is there any help u can do for me bro?

  • Contact via Email to get discount

  • Scam

  • Real but not worth to work.

  • I do not give job, I am not chagrining money to give work. I am offer training course and its fee, like you pay in school and college. Are colleges fake as well ?

  • Sorry no Idea about this.

  • Its real but paying very low, not worth to work.

  • w salam,
    For training we will provide 3 months free hosting and free domain which will be only for practice purpose, after that you will need to buy. It will cost about $10+

  • w slam,
    Your email was replied with details and answers

  • muneebhassan

    slam sir microworker pay kaam ka method explain karien

    • w salam,
      Its not something which can be explained in comments and working on microwoker is hell easy and if you can’t understand this kind of easy work then forget to work over internet.

  • w salam, all clicking websites are fake, crap

  • For this please contact on email.

  • I guess this page is already about “How”

  • For this email me at ask@pakearning.com and I will get you back with more details and suggestions

  • Akhter Zaib Khan

    Dear Sir kitna time main ham website banna layn gayn… r ap ki jo fee ha us main e hamy domain mila ga ya alada sa kharidna pary ga .. plzzz ya question clesr kar dayn taka main fee pay kar ka kam start karu lectures sa plzzzzzz

    • You will learn how to create website in first module (Almost 7 to 10 days) and you will get free 3 months hosting but not domain. But you can get free domain which can be used only for practice purpose.

  • I will suggest you to buy domain and hosting and start your own blog self hosted. Free blog is not good by any means.

  • Bilal Haider

    i have no cash for admission payment so what can i do but i want to join online training earn money online………????????????

    • Read answer on this link

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  • w salam,
    Watch video on this page, I already explained what to do.

  • No, website bna kr us pr mahanat krna hoti ha.

  • neobux is paying but earning is very less, not worth to work.

  • Nauman Ashraf


    I am working online as a professional writer and marketer and learnt things by searching on internet. Here is my blog with more details and links:



  • Please wait I will try to review few networks in my upcoming article.

  • watch above video. I don’t think so there is anything that make sense for a Guarantee to receive money

    • EJAZ

      Sir pakhousejob real or fake

  • After my fee etc you will get round about 92+/- rate for PayPal. we entertain exchange orders only on http://www.payexchanger.com

  • simple jo guideline di ha us ko follow kr k rakho ab es me pochny wali kia baat ha k password b koi e btaye k kia rakho

  • You can use infolinks, popads and any other network which suit to you after review.

  • Hassan khan

    Sir please tell me the Total duration for online training

    • Course duration is one month but you will have access to lectures till one year.

  • Rizwan

    ASALAM ALIKUM. Sir plz infor me PKCLICKS.COM is a fake or real site? i have invest on it but it going to maintenance from 3 days?

    • w salam,
      All clicking websites are fake.

  • Yes fake.

  • Fiverr, Adfly, Dailymotion, Adsense if you have website or blog.

  • Hamza

    My dear bro kia hm apki traning liye bagair b koi apki btai hui websites par job kr skte hn tell me plz my

    • Yes of course you can learn free yourself and its your own work not a job.

  • Aadil Hamza

    can i find free job….without fees and bank card number???

    • All jobs that require you to pay anything is fake. And without skills there is no job.

  • Aqsa

    sharecash k ilawa koi aur ache aur asan se online earning website bataye

    • There are many websites, please check different guides and articles on my website.

  • Saira Pervaiz

    I have watched your videos on dailymotion, what is a difference between paid and unpaid tutorials? Can you tell me honestly? All of your videos are available on dailymotion.

    • Hello Saira,
      30% random course videos are free available on dailymotion and all other videos are private and only available to paid users step by step

  • Tayyab

    can you plz tell me that “Buxclicking.com” is real site or not ???
    and plz tell me also that what is the timing of your classes in Lahore and days ???

    • w salam buxclicking is fake and all other websites like this are fake. Class time in Lahore now a days is 5pm to 6:30pm

  • Kamran Akhtar

    I wanna join online training course plz tell me all procedure by email………and bank details.

  • Asiya Ashraf

    Assalam O Alikum Bhai, I listen you tutorial, its a good practice to give a reliable stand online. I also join If it is free of cost? but here I want to salute you for this kind guide.

    • w salam,
      Thanks for appreciation, read details here for free guides => http://j.gs/4eur

      • Asiya Ashraf

        Assalam O Alikum Bhai, Its pleasant to see your kind reply and thank you for guide line or I’ll try my level best for grasp concepts. Bhai I’m computer science student and doing software engineering Can I take your kind guide If I need? I’ll always thank full to your kind and help full guide.

        • w salam,
          Sure you can and I would love to help If I can.

  • fatima raza

    can u please tell me that TN global company is real online making co or a scam

    • Sorry I have not Idea about TN global

  • naveed mughal

    aslam o alikum .
    bhai me join karna chahta hn but i am student or me advance pyment ni de skta.

    • w salam,
      You need to pay fee in advance only.

  • Mian Abad

    Sir koi aisi site b hai jo scam na ho online work ki?

    • Yes there are many like Clicbank, Amazon affiliate, sharecash.org, fiverr, Google Adsense and more

  • Arhum khalid

    Rais bhai ek friend ne mujh (Zeakads.org} yeh webside batyi hei online earning ki plz btain yeh curect webside hei ke nhi ?

    • Its based on fake work, don’t join

  • fozia

    Assalam o alekum…..
    kindly guide me to pay registration fee and confirmation…..

  • usmansami

    sir,give good guidence for me and others,you chose about the right way for us thanks,first time,i were joining the new website earning no 1 next day but watching this video and thank god you told about the right way joining us training as soon.

  • Sattar

    Thanks nice info.

    Please keep your video short next time


    nice one dear good work very helpfull info,,,Thanks i really need it,,,,

  • Muhammad Riaz

    Please let me know what is the duration of lecture online and its timing?

    • Duration is online month and for live training in Lahore time is in evening and for online course from home you can join anytime.

  • Kindly ap ye bta dijiye k office kahan hai ?? Thanks

    • Please check contact us page. es page me b clear address likha ha.. phr b 🙁

  • Ammar Javed

    sir kindly inform me pickucash.com is fake or nor? some of my friends earning from them and suggesting me to join them..waiting for your idea.

  • Saqib

    After completing training successfully, Do i need to start work with initial investment? i mean any registration fee? Or after training there will be no roll of yours and this work could be done independently?

    • Real work do not require registration fee etc. You can freely get started with the work.

  • Ahmad Fraz CHishti

    sir i wanto ask about this site, facebook fortunes

    • Hello,
      facebook fortunes is a fraud website.

  • Ahmed

    Hello Raiz Zada,
    I watched your this video too late and i have already paid 3000 to view4money.com for adds click job which website has been inaccessible now.
    You are doing good work to teach innocent people.
    I want to ask that ODESK.com is fake or not ??? Please guide me now and i am willing to join your classes In Sha ALLAH Ta’ala…
    i am already doing job but not satisfy from my earning and want to earn more from online work…

    • Hello,
      Odesk is real company. Sad to know about your loss

  • Muhammad Umer

    Hi Mr Rais Zada , I want to know about libertaGia.com . Is it real and legitimate or scam . kindly reply.

    • Looks scam, I’m low with time to depth analysis

  • Ali Asif

    hello sir i watched the whole video and i am really interested in making money online and first of all can u plz tell me how do u use paypal in pakistan with websites like adf.ly and now u convinced me a little bit but sir the question is how can i trust u. u keep saying all other websites are fraud how do i know u r not because im just a teenager and i dont have a lot of money to invest in these kind of things and i know a lot about computers and stuff and to especially keep my study regarding computers going i need money and thats why im writing u this and please give a proof u r not a fraud either i knw someone who is cheating with me thats why i never gave any money to any other site and never even consulted them but i am consulting you so you should really appreciate this and really help out here because i have a lot of passion for the technology. i will really appreciate if u reply me on my email and send me the details about joining. Thanks for your precious time.

    • Hello,
      I’m here to help you, not to give you proof and I even don’t have time for this. Review my website and its looks good and fair to you, get in, otherwise you can find any kind of info and knowledge Free over internet.

  • bhai mein english mein bahut kamzoor hoon, aur bahut sary aisy log aur bhi hein jo english nhn likh sakty, to kia koi aisa tareeka hy jahan english itni use na ho.

  • Krona Emmanuel

    Saw the video up on this page. I went through some comments too. I have some questions for you:
    1: How much money will we be able to make? What’s the guarantee?
    2: How can you blame other websites to be scam? What proof do you have? Any experience? Any video? Also you must think that it is not ethical to do this.
    3: You blamed other websites to be a scam just because they ask membership money. If we go down to root level, your website also asks for money…Right? What is the difference between you and them.
    4: Can you give some websites owned by pakistanis who are making money by your help.

    • 1- Its guarantee that if you follow training and work hard, you will be able to earn. Earning can be 100$ a month or 1000$ a month which is depends on you and your work.
      2- Saving people from scam is not ethical ? well I have given proofs for many websites and I really don’t have to give proof for every single website. With respect to my years of experience I can analysis a website in maximum 5 mints
      3- Not because they ask for membership money but also for many reasons, like fake business. I do not charge money for offering earning opportunity on my website, not for any kind of online job. I do charge tuition fee for teaching courses, like you pay in school, Make sense now ?
      4- I normally do not track, there are many of my students which are successful, you can find student success stories with their website links in Blog page.

  • sami

    Lahore me kis jaga training di jati hai????

    • Address is written in above article.

  • sami

    offline traning me kahan di jaye gi…???? i mean place???

    • address is written above, well our office is in Lahore Siddiw Trade center, Gulberg II

  • arsalan nazar

    Rais bhai plesase tell me ( PakCTP (Pvt) Limited ) scum or legit website?????

  • Muhammad Adeel

    1) sir,g kia aap bta skte hain k hm facebook k zariye earning kr skte hain ya nai?
    2) adf.ly aur adsiave ku use krte hue hm facebook se earning kr skte hain ya nai?
    3) adf.ly aur adsiave scam tu nai hain?
    4) kia hm facebook pages se earn kr skte hain?
    5) kia hm facebook groups se earning kr skte hain?
    6) agr hm in k zariye earn kr skte hain tu hmain paise kn de ga aur ks k zariye milain gain?
    sir plzzzzzzz tell me soon
    ayr sir ap ki new classes kb se start hu rahi hain
    kia hostel ki sahoolat hai aap k pas
    sir plz mail kr dain ye sb k answers

    • 1- Not any direct way, but it can help in Marketing
      2- you can promote afly links anywhere include facebook
      3- adfly is paying, not sure about second website
      4- already answered

  • hassaan hameed

    boss main din main 2 ghanta computer pa bhat sakta hon … plz mujha bata do kasa money bana sakta hon main .. roz 2 ghanta kaam kar sakta hon main ??? plz reply

  • Abdullah Abdullah

    Sir, Please Can you tell us about a PTC Site GEOEARN.Com working from Lahore.
    is it Fake or Real?

  • kashifa

    icomepk.com web is fake or not ????

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  • Hello Raiz Zada,
    I watched your this video too late and i have already paid 3000 to makepakmoney.com for data entry job.
    I want to know that makepakmoney is real site or scam. I have lost lot of money for online job.
    will it work or this time i will lose again.

    • I checked and found that makepakmoney.com is offering fake work, no matter they pay you few times or not but they are providing wrong information.

  • Asalam-o-Alaikum!!!
    Bro , I invested my money in aimtoearn website and now i have not receiving any money on behalf of my working. “i was really depressed or angry” kindly its a humble request to tell me that how to trace or locate these F** people.
    And also tell me the right way of online earning.

  • saima

    salam i want to attend online classes plz help me
    and tell me your office address in lahore

  • pakearning.com good effort.i give very much details on my blog.

  • ramis raza

    pickcash.net and earnpkr.com are these websites are scam or not?

    • Yes both websites in question, are scam.

  • Farhan Ali

    WOW so nice information brother i like your website

  • Azhar Qureshi

    Dear Rais,

    Asalam O alikum, i saw your video and i was searching online earning but its totally fraud, i am a poor and i am only breadwinner of my family, please help me for the said purpose. i don’t have a money but i assure you i will pay your fee in installment. i will be highly thankful if you will help. God will give you reward if you will poor. awaiting you kind reply hope you will not disappoint me.
    thank you

  • Mudassar Akram

    sir i want a join it please send me detail

    • Pakearning Support

      you can watch welcome video to get details. pakearning.com/join

  • Ahsan Masood

    AOA sir i want to join online please by mistake your previous e-mail deleted. Kindly send me again email with details and also tell me that when will be I able to start

    • Pakearning Support

      you can start online course anytime. you can email us at info@pakearning.com

  • arif zia

    salam.sir i want to join online,kindly tell me the procedure.. .thanks

    • Pakearning Support

      visit pakearning.com/join for complete details

  • bilal

    Sir i want join your online classes plz guide me

    • Pakearning Support

      You can join online session anytime

  • sir pak house jobs or next soch compamies online kam k liya kasi hai plz bata de? or agr ho sake to mail pe bata de thanks

  • Hamdard

    sir g 2-3 sawal hain g sorry agr app ko bura lagay
    1) sir app kh rhe hain apni video main k app ko un logo ki fikar hai jo scammers k hath lag jatay hain pr app ne khud apni site pr likha hwa hai k no investment jb k app 5000 pr user mang rhe hain aur app ko agar logo ki fikar hai tu jo videos app bna chukay hain un ko free upload Q nhi krtay ? ya jo bnda abi investment ni kr skta app us ko tu kam az kam free videos provide kr dye
    2) app ne share cash ki bat ki main ne site open ki hai app mujhe ye btaye k share cash ko kya faidah hai agar koi bnda koi bhi file download krta hai bat phr click pr hi aa gai na k wo app ko click pr hi paisay detay zra survey krna pre ga 10 min lag jain gay na share cash ka kya benifit hai ? aur agar woh ads sy kamati hai tu cilck sense aur iss jaisi other sites bhi yhi krti hain han bht si scam wali hti hai app direct hi logo ko bta dye k kon si shi sites hain scam wali nhi hain
    3) app pakistani sites k scamers k bary main tu bata rhe hain but shi site kon c hai ye bhi bta dye koi na koi tu shi bhi ho gi jaisay share cash hai thora different process hai but hai tu advertisement hi na
    aur last main main app sy buxclicking.com k bare main poochna chata ho k ye shi site hai ya nhi aur agar nhi tu plz pakistani PPC site koi bta dye

    aur iss main koi shak nhi k jo app kr rhe hain bht zbardast hai but agar khud itna online kama rhe hain tu sirf 5000 k peechay bht sy ayse gareebo ko peechay na choray jo ye amount pay nhi kr saktay han jo log app k lahore walay institute main admision letay hain un ko app charge kre k zahir c bat hai wha app ko apna time waste krna prta hai aur electricity ka kharcha building rent etc in short app jha itna kuch kr rhe hain wha app thori aur help kr dye waisay bhi ajj kal kafi donations ho rhi hain jalso pr, salab zadgan pr aur hakumat tu krti hi rehti hai app bhi thori c charity kr dye
    thanks and Sorry again to use any harsh words

    • 1- I do not recommend for investment, as I am teaching so its fee like you pay in colleges and I am not asking anything to offer job or work. I offered this course free for 1+ year but later on I learned that our people do not deserve this. By the way creating, uploading video require times, investment, bills and hard work.
      2- Sharecash do not ask for any investment, they are not going to run with your money. PTC sites are just shit and with sharecash you can earn even 10 lac a month.
      3- There are many articles on my website where I guide free about real websites and earning ways. Sorry due to very short time I can not answer in more details. Lastly, jo gareeb mjy mahnat krny wala milta ha me us ko free b offer krta hn or 1 din me jan jata hn k wo deserve krta ya ni

  • zohaib nasir

    sir im from lahore can u tell me the date of new class

    • Hello,
      New offline session in Lahore is starting from 22 September, 2014 (Monday)

  • ghous ali shah

    sir kindly tell me methods to earn at leasr earn 1000$ dollars at home and inshallah am willing to buy the course but plz before this tell me about earning of 1000$ at least for my ssatisfaction..

    • Read free available guides on my website and follow, work hard and earn.

  • Haseeb Ahmad

    Sir i want to join…
    kindly tell me the procedure of payment etc…

  • azhar

    what about Homeclicking, advertclicking, vclicking etc

    • Hello,
      Homeclicking, advertclicking, vclicking are also fraud.

  • musfira

    you will only teach about SEO, making website and other things . Don’t you think that we can learn easily through internet search why to pay for this ?

  • uzair


  • muhammad tariq

    Good Evening,

    This is Tariq From Islamabad. I spend lot of time to find some real online earning program but i always find scam and i have to leave them with disappointment. I want to find a real one which is still is missing in my life. can you please let me know how i get trained by you online as i think you do not have arrangement online classes. you just provide recorded material and emails conversation. if you please deliver a lecture through skype then it would be a more effective. Please let me know my query and your authentication with this program

  • haider

    salam ,need to knw that i am currently a student but wiilling to work 2 to 3 hrs in a week is it possible,
    secondly can i pay the dues after earning??
    since i cant afford to pay 5000 ..

    • w salam, I wonder how you can expect to earn any thing by working 2 to 3 hours in a week, also you must need to pay fee advance.

  • Anila

    Salam I want to join online. can u email me the procedure please

    • w salam Anila,
      I sent email with details.

  • Nadia Khan

    assalam o alaikum sir. my question is tha ” is aimtoearn.net website a fraud or not?

  • Aqeel


    Brother how are you? I have spent lot of money on these online scams but always get cheated. Is programming knowledge important to start this training? Please reply back. Thanks

    • w salam,
      No you don’t need any previous knowledge or special skill.

  • ghous ali shah

    RAis Bhai i a from peshawar i want to join kindly guide me

    • Sure you can join online from Peshawar. I sent you Email

  • muhammad sufyan

    sir today i see your video on dailymotion. In which you tell us that a website who ask you for money it can be fake but now on your website you also ask type your fe. what you tell me about this.

  • Ali

    rais bhai eik aur chez me ap sy puchna chahta hun k kya me utube sy videos download kr k dailymotion per upload kr k unko apni website per embed kr k earning kr skta hun ? guide me plz

  • salam Rais zada..
    can u send me cd of training centre by tcs on my address ????

  • Amarah Rafique

    ‘m new here….please tell me how can i register myself here as student???

  • Uzair Yusufi

    With due respect Rais,
    may online earning k liye 1.5 years se struggle kr raha hun, lekin koi faida nhi howa,
    mujhe HTML, C++, programming in k barey may mujhe kafi pata hai, ab agar may apka ye online course join karun tu jb ye course complete hoga tu uskey baad may earn kr sakun ga?
    1) ye apke online course may kiya kiya parh haya jata hai? means HTML?, C++?, website making?? etc
    2) course complete krney k baad kiya may earn kr sakun ga?

  • sami khan

    Assalam o aliakom… rais zada plzzz tell me that which is type in ur training course…?? tell me n guide me becouse i m much in trouble i have been lost on other website… so plzz tell me that whatz this in ur traning course or same work as visit4money or other working ….plzzz plzzz tell me… i m student n also computr operator n internet.. bc i have been lost on visit4money n im in trouble plzz help me n tell me quickly plzzz

  • Assalam o aliakom… rais zada plzzz tell me that which is type in ur training course…?? tell me n guide me becouse i m much in trouble i have been lost on other website… so plzz tell me that whatz this in ur traning course or same work as visit4money or other working ….plzzz plzzz tell me

  • tajammul hussain

    Sir,Buxclicking.com Scam hai ya nae?

  • Sana Ali

    Mashallah nice
    Rais bro i’m little much confused. plz tell me what is the method to attend onlion class.
    & informe me that would you provide us any type of result card or certificate?

    • w salam,
      You can join online from anywhere and to online students we send recorded video lectures daily via Email. You can take lecture any time and also you can ask question on skype or email.

  • Muhammad Babar Asim

    Very informative and very logical presentation.

  • danish

    hello sir
    is course ki fee kiya h
    or is ko sikhny k liye kitni age or qualification honi chahiye
    or if ofline traing leni ho to us ki timing kiya h
    plzzz reply as soon as possible

    • There is no limit for age or qualification, you need to be good in English, Computer and internet operating and that all you need. Fee is Rs 5000 which You can Pay fee via Bank. Offline training time is 5pm to 6:30 daily from Monday to Friday. Although online you can join and learn any time.

  • Farhan

    Dear Sir,
    I read most of the FAQ and it is quite understandable.
    Please tell me for website we prepare, do we need to pay for that website and if so then a Credir card is required?
    Also what is the method to earn money, I mean is it in payorder or others?

    • w salam,
      I sent answers on your email.

  • Hamza

    good website . very useful

  • Abdul wadood

    yar , for long time i am also looking for a good job online.

  • Taimoor Inam

    Hy sir,
    I just want to knw that there is an ad on your website About “bring the Fresh” please tell me about this software that this works or not and also tell me about Google sniper 2.0 Affilaite Marketing ,that these Two “Bring The Fresh” and “Google Sniper” are better choice for earning online and what actually they are ??

    • You can search reviews in Google, as both are just ads so I can not comment about that. You need to research yourself.

  • umair Shafiq

    Rais bhai AOA
    Ap sy pochna tha k Fan box website real hy ya fake.

    • w salam,
      To me, Fanbox looks fake

  • Abdullah

    Assalam -O- Alaikum,
    Rais Bhai,
    I live in Lahore. Bhai main Pak Polytechnic Institute se Computer I.T ka 3 years ka diploma kar raha ho aur mujhe online kaam karney ka bohat shouq hai. Agar main ap per depend karoon to ap mujhe kuch bna dain ge.?
    Mera question ye hai k :
    1- Ap ke 3 month ke offline course ki total payment kitni hai.?

    please reply.
    Best regards:

    • w salam,
      Course duration is one month only and fee for course is mention above. For more details please contact on mobile no.

  • i want to earn mony for my house future so please help me and tell me easy way which is without investment so please help me thanks

  • I am already working a little over blogging and ad sense etc, will there be detailed info and use on systems like adsense, adfly etc or not please tell ?

    • Yes training include details guide about adsense, adfly etc.

  • mustatab

    hello, rais i visited ur office but it was closed so tell me ur office timings so i can meet u.

    • You need to call before visit, normally meeting hours are from 4pm to 8pm

  • great effort Rais!! keep it up, your videos on youtube are just amazing.

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Asslam-0-Alaikum main ap se yeh pochna chahta hn ke main yeh course jb complete kron ga aur koi website bnwana chahon online earning k lye to ap kia yeh website bna kr de skte hain means ap ki team is trah ke website develop kr skti he aur phir us website se main kitni earning kr skta he ap mujhe zror reply kijye ga main ap ka behad shuker guzar hn ga

    • w salam,
      You will learn yourself and will be able to make your own website for earning, its easy and fun.

  • dr iqra

    is paypal working in pakistan and how to withdrw money from paypal ?

    • No Iqra, PayPal not working in Pakistan, although there are some tricks to use PayPal but not totally legal.

  • safdar

    Rais bhai mujhay digital clicking aur tiens k baray men batain en men se koi theek hai k nai. plz reply

    • Both are crap. I do not recommend

  • Ali Haider

    Bro can you tell me about your online course timing. or agr ma cd ka order krta hn then ap cd ka online link do gy ya cd send kro gy postal address py. and second thing all the courses belongs to your websites will be in cd or not.

    • Hello,
      You can get complete course (all three modules) in CDs which we can ship via TCS to your g home address. There is no issue of timing you can join any time and can learn anytime.

  • imran

    visit4earn and visit2earn are scam or real?

  • mohsin


    Rais bhai is this any surity that yor material is easily understandable and after trainning how much amount can i earn


    • w salam,
      Yes its all easy and step by step. There are many demo lectures available on website which you can check before joining training course

  • Qasim

    Assalam-o-Alikum bro!
    mujhe ap ka work acha laga & intrested b hu, pochna ye tha k ager me ye start kerna chahu to mujhe shuro me kuch payment kerni ho gi ya nahi?? I’ll wait for ur response..

    • w salam,
      to join training course, you need to pay full fee in advance

  • Mazhar

    AOA ,
    Rais Bhai main ny ap k affiliate link sy payoneer sign up kia hai or 6 din ho gaye hain …. Or unhon ny abhi tk approval e-mail nahi send kia …… Kia ap kuch bata skty hain….. ???????

    • w salam,
      Sometimes it take little extra time. You can contact them if its still not approved

  • Mazhar

    Rais bhai kya U.S.A k ilawa koi country ka paypal nahi bana skty… ??? or bhai kya paypal or payoneer ka data same hona zroori hai jesy date of birth, or name etc… 😀

  • ali

    raees bhai what about ptc sites becoz i worked on it and offcourse i earned whatever its so slow and boring but i got money … i just want to know which category is it from which u have told iu ur video???

  • AOA
    i am planning to earn some cash. i am very very expert on android , windows phone , and ios software . can i start my channel on youtube and post some reviews and tutorials and many more on youtube. and can i earn from posting videos on youtube in pakistan. ? can i become youtube partner in pakistan? i will post my videos on regular basis . i start my cchannel previos year and my tutorials got 50000 – 80000 views and many likes i also got 70000 subcribers . plz reply me can i ean from doing all this stuffs in pakistan

  • Shoaib Khan

    SEO training part 7 sa agay nahi chalti Q? login bi ki ha per wo nahi chalta Q?

  • Ahmad

    Hey hi i am very new to this but i really want to learn with sparking desrie
    I am ready to pay you next month and tell how can i enroll

  • sir ma traning karna chahta ho lahor akar kia moja koi contact number milsacta ha my no tax me sir 03463267028

  • Waheed -ul-Hassan

    How much time we have to give to ur training course daily to practice it?
    What is the length of such videos of training course?

  • Waheed -ul-Hassan

    I forgot to tell u one thing.
    Ur site is awesome.

  • Talha Munir

    Rais bhai main ny puchna tha k agr main SAUDI ARABIA ka verified paypal account bana lon to kya main PAYONEER sy cash recieve kr skta hun ……… or agr main apny relative ko keh k (U.S) ka verified account bana lon to kya bar bar un ko contact to nahi krna pry ga …………….. THANX in ADVANCE …… 😀 🙂

    • Then you can exchange funds like using Payexchanger.com service but can not withdraw. May be payoneer work but not sure.

  • waqar

    sir please guide me about something that i can doo and earn money easily..
    plx plz plz sir

  • Abdullah

    Dear Sir

    kia ap Payoneer card banawa ker bhi detay hai
    I try 2time but my card did not received
    plz help me
    ager ap card banwa ker detay hain to os ki fee kia ho gi thanks

    plz answer on my email address

    • I provide paid consultancy for card, for this you can contact me via Email which is available in contact us section



    • No its not trusted and it can run any time with your money.

  • Rana Rizwan

    sir please tell me that:
    How much time is required for daily working for online earning from the website ?

    • w salam,
      At least 2-4 hours a day to run a professional website.

  • syed bilal

    Rais bhai nextsoch.com theak ha ya nae

    • Of course not, if any company or website ask for money or membership for job, its fake.

  • umar

    hello bro .
    bro mein ap k office ana chahta hoo apka office kaha hai?
    plz apna address bataye ?

    • Please check contact us page. Or read at least this page, its also have address.

  • Nasir Baig

    can i purchase your training courses cds? how much will it cost?

    • Hello,
      Nasir you can purchase and cost for CDs is 5000 Rs.

  • israr

    Rais bhai mujah online earning ki DVD Chahiya- lakin mujah 3 Month Web Hosting nahi lani hai, ma phaly sa web pa kam karraha hon tu mujah ya package kitnay ka paray ga

    • Israr, I offer only above mention online earning training course not web development. You can can get this training in CDs and course duration is one month.

  • Mohammad Qureshi

    Hi! You quoted Bill’s saying. Buddy if you kept on earning like this than forget to become Bill Gates.

    • Hi,
      I don’t want to become Bill, My dreams are more higher.

  • muhammad saad

    SIR., i want to join after 1 month .. soo can i take it then or not??????

    • Of course Saad, you can join any time you wish.

  • maha khan

    sir i want ern money but how to its poosible can you tell me what i do for ern money ?

    • Watch the video and read different guides on my website.

  • faizan

    sir kia dcash4u scam hai kia
    mene us k barey me buhat suna hai k wo real hai

    • Faizan, I do not recommend this website or their course.

  • junaid iqbal

    a.o.a.! sr hm online job sy kitna kama skty hn?plz tell me

    • w salam junaid, There are limits, its depends on you, your hard work.

  • Asif Shahbaz

    sir ye kitne month ke courses hayan

    • Asif, Its one month training course.

  • Malaika

    Hi.I red alot of comments above but I really want to ask.Do u provide your courses to 16 year olds although im in 1st year I-com please answer and do these net sites give young people job?

    • Hi,
      There is no age limit from me, if you think you can understand all this and have interest. go ahead and join us.

  • Ali

    Dear Rais,

    i watched ur video and found helpful to figure out the online earning phenomenon. I m engineer professionally and making handsome salary by doing job. I have done blog writing on different 500 words articles for some time as freelancer for one person but gave up due to my busy schedule and very small money. I can give 3-4 hours daily for on-line earning. I was wondering which program would be suitable for me.. blog writing or something else.. I live outside of lahore.. I dont want to try each thing u have mentioned.. i want to stick to one thing which u would recommend me as i don’t want to waste my time.. kindly help me out

    • Ali,
      Its depends on your area of interest, I will suggest you to go with blogging and affiliate Marketing.

  • Ali eb

    aslam u alikum sir ap sy online learn taraing videos ya dvd kahan sy milemh gi

    • w salam,
      To get online training or DVDs please contact us via email or call on above given numbers for details.

  • SM Talha

    great course .

  • waqas mehmood Jhelum

    Assalam-o-alaikum. I am from Jhelum,I agree with Rais brother,i am also working online marketing and other fields,,i really impress to watch this video,learn lot of new things, Brother maine adsense lgye hwy hain site kia main at a time different companies k ads b laga sakta hun just like info links,adfly etc ?adsense koi koi masla tu nai hoga?

    • Pakearning Support

      You can ad different advertiser which do not hurt the policies of google adsense like infolinks.

  • Daniyal

    Whats the guarantee that one will start earning after they purchase your course and go through it? I’m an A-level student and coming up with 5K is a big ask and then to spend it on something which i can’t be sure of being a scam or not. What guarantee can you give my friend? I am interested.. but there’s alot of un-answered questions.

    And incase, someone pays for you online course.. do they get all videos at once? of 1 video a day ?

    • Hello Daniyal,
      Of course you will make money if you follow and implement what you learned in course. In case, you worked hard, did every thing possible for implementation of trainings and failed to make money, you can contact for a refund. Although if you don’t work then there is no way to success. Its a training course not any kind of online job, so of course it can not be scam.

      You will get daily one lecture.

  • M.Umar

    Dear Mr. Rais Zada,
    Could you please confirm the status of the mentioned site. It is also registered in FBR. More over I would like to get enrolled in this course. Is there any discount? Waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Umar,
      If a website is registered in FBR, it doesn’t means that site is legal or real. Well any website or company that require you to pay money for registration etc is always fake or not doing real work. opa-jobs is crap.

      Time by time we do offer discounts, you can contact us to try your luck via discount.

  • hassan

    Sir where is your office and what is its timing????

    • Please see contact us page for address. Time 3pm to 8pm

  • sabir ali

    Rais Bhai……
    I am also wasted my 2years 🙁 ..I need a real work please help me

    • w salam,
      Watch my video, read details and get started with me. Good luck

  • Muhammad Khalid

    Assalam u alaikum
    Well, Mr. Rais
    i have watched the video about online earning and you have discussed alot of thigs to get success but don’t you thin you have made this knowledge an earning way although
    you have earning alot of money. please don’t mind

    • w salam,
      Correct Khalid, this course was launched on public demand, although its still very hard for me to manage time but I do. I offered this free for 1+ year and later on, I come to know that, most of our people simply don’t deserve it free at all.

  • altaf

    aoa sir mai aik student hun im in A levels and i need a online job through which i can earn money and study too beshak low income hoo is there any then please do tell me thankyou

    • W salam, You can check different guides on my website and keep in mind, over internet No skills = No jobs

  • Mehak Fatima

    type.itbase.pk is real or not?

    • Your provide links is invalid and not loading.

  • haseeb

    cashtasks.com ye asli hai k nakli plzzz

  • Ali Malik

    Hi Rais bro…!!!
    i also pay to SM CYBER (Zaineb Tawer, Faisal Town) for Forex Trading its totally Fake Company … can u help me about the online working about your fee etc. bcz now i don’t want to Trust on any online working after read all comments i trust on u ..but give me guarantee that you are not fake like SM CYBER team … Please i’m waiting 🙂 tC

    • Hi,
      Its educational training course and almost content is open to every one and can not be fake by any means.

  • Ghulam Nabi

    i have to ask Cashtasks.com is scam ?

    • Editorial Team

      Cashtasks website is fake and scam.

  • Yaseen Farooq

    Aslam-o-alaikum sir. I listen your online lecture. it is very useful for the persons who want to make money through online system. I have already waist my savings to earn online. Insha Allah I will join your team immediately. Sir when you are starting training?

    • Editorial Team

      You can join our online training any time and if you are interested in live training at Lahore You need to contact us over Phone or Email.

  • Nadeem

    bhai kya hll hai? meny ye puchna tha k pmbux fek hai ya org hai

    • Editorial Team

      Yes this website is Fully scam.

  • faizan

    bhai jan mene ap ki video dekhi hai mujhe ap pe bharoosa hai bhai mjhe frnds keh rahe hain k fake hai wo keh rahe hain k un se pay pocho k kitni pay den ge

    • Editorial Team

      We don’t offer any type of online job, we online offer an online earning training course

  • Rasheed

    Sir i am from Lahore and want to learn course offline.plz tell me in detail what is your class time ?

    • Editorial Team

      Mostly our class schedule is in the evening from Monday to Friday. For session starting date you can contact on above mention numbers.

  • niaz nahid

    nice and usefull post, thank you very much.

  • Zaman

    i want to learn from you. please tell me about your address, class time, add me on facebook and leave a massage

  • bilal

    asalamalikum sir kia ap mujhy bta sakty hai ky getmonthlypay
    real hai ya nahi plz tel me through mai

    • w salam, Of course fake. Boy making money is not simple like this.

  • Muhammad usman

    awesome job for us

  • BIlal

    AOA admin i want to take seo professional training can you please guide me ?

    • w salam Bilal, Sure you can take my training course for beginner course and after that even you can learn advance yourself.

  • shanzay

    ap ki video and comments sb read kiye mainay rais bhai but main afford nahi kar sakti . but i need a job ap k pas koi kam ho editing ka site per work ya isi sy relate jo main kar sakun monthly basis per , mainay online work kiya hia odesk k through b but ab nahi hai koi job . pls ma wait karungi

    • There are many free resources, articles and videos on my website which you can follow and learn about working online. Flush out the job concept from your mind for internet, Its exist offline. Online its freelancing.

  • Ali khan

    hy bro i dont have a bank account can i earn money online and how

    • Yes you can and also you can open a bank account its not a impossible thing to do.

  • Bilal

    Sir payza ka account Faysal Bank k debit card se verified ho jae ga k nhi? Agr ho jae ga to kase hoga?

  • Talha Munir

    AOA Rais bhai kya royalcm.com website trusted hai or kya is py kaam krna thek hai ya nahi ……….. plz tell me

    • W salam,
      Well its Forex trading website and looks trusted but I’m not fully sure and never worked on this.

  • hammad

    Nerdbux is real or scam

  • israr

    cjinc.info is scam or not i am waiting for your answer

    • Not scam may be but its crap for sure.

  • shariq khan

    Assalaam O Ala’ikum Rais Zada I want to Earn Money So please … Give me the details Your email ?? I want to talk with you in urud!

    • w salam,
      Please read above page and watch video, all questions you asked are already answered.

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Salam bhai

    ilivid ads ke company kon c ha jhan say in ads ka account bunta ha
    Plz Help Me and Reply

    • Editorial Team

      go to their official website

  • Subhan Saeed

    Salam Bhai

    ilivid ads ke website kon c ha jaha in ads ka account banta ha

    Plz Help, and reply

    • w salam,
      There are many low quality ads network which are running their ads. Like bidvertiser etc

  • Sheraz

    Aslam O Alaikum ,

    me aik web developer hoon , menay kuch Ebay stores per kam kia hai jo is time online hen aur kuch CMS ki sites bhe banai hen jaisay Woocommerece auctiva aur Magento k bhe kuch stores banaey hen . is time me web development men expert hu aur mere kafi stores aur kuch sites online chal ri hen jo menay banai hen per me aik company k under kam kar raha hu aur meri salary limited hai . All i want is to do something extraordinary beside my job , me apni job k ilawa earn karna chahta hu per mujhe nahi pata k contract kaise pakarte hen or how to get hired online on different freelancing sites , me is maslay per bohat arsay se search aur struggle kar ra hu but i have not find a way to get contracts on my own , agar ap is kam men meri help kar saktay hen to me apko join karlu ga . please think about it and answer me , meri requirement hai k mujhe jo kam karna ata hai wo me pakarna bhe seekh loon online kisi tareekay se .


    • W salam,
      Join some community forums, create your own website and list your services on that. Contact and make relationship with people who are doing same work on Facebook etc and this is how you can get started and of course try on freelancing websites too.

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Salam 22…!
    ilivid ads ke company kon c ha jhan say in ads ka account bunta ha

    • Editorial Team

      contact to ilivid

  • ghazal

    a.o.a thanx for that .plzz tell how much we can earn for this….? and time limit is required or not to do that work after learning..

    • Editorial Team

      it is all upon the hardworking . There is no limit

  • aslaam o alykom, sir me earn money k kaam me interestd hon mgr es kaam ki mujhy (abc) b nhi ati hai mujhy agy aap thori c guideline kr dy k kea krna hota hai pc p or es kaam me training k baad kam se kam or zeada se zeada kitna invest krna parhta hai plz tell me by reply better is by email. I really want to do dis

    • Editorial Team

      read articles completely on pakearning.com

  • bilal

    sir i want to know fanbox is scam or not plz reply

    • Editorial Team


  • Muhammad Taha

    Is Earnbytask.com is real or scam, Please help.

    • Editorial Team


  • Talha Munir

    AOA ……… Agar main ny online course k liye pay krna hai to kahan se krun………………. mujhy pata nahi chal raha …………..?????????????? plz help me….. thanx in advance…. 😀 🙂

    • Editorial Team

      we offer online course Rs.5000/- and offline for Rs. 7500/- . U can pay us via Easypaisa etc. and through Bank. For further detail contact us

  • Sir please tell me is onlinepakads.com scam????they provide online jobs???

    • Editorial Team

      they are scam

  • sharjeel

    ma ye jana chahta hu ka agar hum ye course online attend kary to hum kuch miss to nai kary ga
    i mean live class in lahore is better or online class is better
    i am not from lahore

    • Editorial Team

      no U will get all content and online help as well.

  • Azhar Shikrani

    Rais Bhai!
    Baqi to sb theek hy bt ye fee hmari aproch se bahr hy.
    agr less ho jae to shayed hmen bhi join krne ka mauqa mil jae.
    please help me to join course!

    • Editorial Team

      We are offering course already Economically.

  • Talha Munir

    AOA ……… bhai kya Clixsence real hai yan fake …….plz tell mee the good site like neobux…………1 more thing i want to ask u that how u know about the sites that they are real or scam………….thanks in advance………

    • Editorial Team

      they are real but income is slow

  • I have just paid for online course
    Hope to get online course soon

    • Editorial Team

      You have been registered in our Database Successfully

  • hunzs

    thank you for providing such a great course i have complete my course of pakearning ……… sir i need website can you tell me any cheap webhosting…… your 2 month free hosting is not displaying now i need a website for my further working ………

    • Editorial Team

      contact on support

  • islamgul

    sir i am master in computer science student of Peshawar university .sir now i am working in Afghanistan.is a travel agent.i am Pakistani some people told me about then i am very impress.and 3 month working in s/w houses in durpal and php Islamabad it xululab.com .in Afghanistan there are a lot of problem .
    1) make a payza credit card or paypal credit card.for account.how much cost them .which is afflicted in all banks in Pakistan.
    2) i am in Afghanistan how i can pay for you about the courses.
    please sir tell me about that procedure and i am very thankful to you sir .

    • Editorial Team

      For Credit cards contact to respective companies. For our course pay through these options; perfectmoney,webmoney,payza,paypal western union etc


    u did not reply of my email, why?

    • w salam,
      Your email had been replied.

  • Sir,
    After 10 Jan
    when your new classes will start because my exams will ended at that time i want to join you in Lahore

    • Editorial Team

      Contact next month after 15 January

  • Muhammad Taha Khan

    Dear Rais Zada,

    I wana join your course i am in karachi

    • Editorial Team

      You can join online course. Pay via bank or easy paisa etc. you will get lectures daily in email

  • i like it nd want to ear mony online but what can i want to join

    • Editorial Team

      You can join our online course. Rs.5000/- Online and Offline Rs.7500/-. You will pay by Bank or Easypaisa etc. You will get lectures by email daily

  • This is the best website for legit earning, its for you..

  • Zulfiqar Ahmed Abbasi

    How are you

  • Ali Asad Ur Rehman

    Dear Sir ! I got approved in Google Adsense . After some few days ago ! I got disable account but i usually did not click on banner myself . Then why Google Adsense disable to me ? Do you know “Why” ?

    • Editorial Team

      They must have sent u reason

  • nawaz

    bhai main student ho sir mujhe koi aysi websites de jin se main online job kar sako aur ye bhi bataye k kaise karna hain main ab clixsense.com use kar raha ho sir main wattan card visa use kar sakta ho online job k liye please allah app ko tarake dy

    • Editorial Team

      go to pakearning.com/?s=online+earning

  • sir microworker wbsite real ha ya scam

    • Editorial Team

      its ok so far

  • adeel

    Hey I have a trouble in my payoneer account so i am unable to link it to my paypal.
    Can i use payza debit card to link it with paypal?
    Please help me in this regard

    • Payoneer card or Payza card can not be linked, although Payoneer Virtual bank account can be linked.

  • adeel

    I have problem with my payoneer mastercard so could not able to link it with my paypal.
    Can i use payza debit card to link it with my paypal?

    • Editorial Team

      it is verified through US payment services

  • Editorial Team

    its a scam

  • Editorial Team

    Yes, we do, but we are asking money for Training course not for “Investment” or something.

  • Editorial Team

    Thanks for Your concern! In fact we are asking for money for Training Course we are offering in Economical Range. We are not asking someone to “Invest” or something. I think this is transparent Clearification

  • muhammad danish

    hello MR.rais zada…….i have been withdrawing money from payza through you……..and let me tell everyone that rais zada is truly an honest person…..he never cheats you……..i have a lot of respect for you and i am sure you are gonna be a very successful businessman one day because you do your business very honestly..

  • sir ak website hay js ka name hay click see. sir main ye pochna chah rha tha k kia wo sae hay…………?????????

    • Editorial Team


  • Yes, Fake

  • Tahir

    is bubblews scam or real paying site. waiting for ur answer?

    • Not sure

    • Editorial Team

      It is scam.

  • where i wil join pakearn. i am from nowshera cantt .

    • Editorial Team

      welcome and contact us. Pay through easy paisa, or through bank

  • Naveed Ahmed

    bohat aala !
    You are doing very well and in organised way ….. will buy the course soon.
    Just want t ask the course which we will learn are based with update versions ??


    • Editorial Team

      Yes it is updated

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    fanbox.com/ real or scham,,..?

    • Editorial Team


  • Hassan

    If you think why to invest here? Then you should understand that this is training course. So, you have to invest some little fee of this one month course. Then work hard, learn and earn a lot.

    Its Easy, fun and purely reliable.

    All the Pakistani and Indians must do this course.I am in this online working field for almost 4 years. I can say that i have a lot of knowledge but i am so lazy. But i suggest every Pakistani and Indian should do this course. Its real. I guaranteed.

    learnforcash.com domain name for sale for 500 to 1000$.

    Take Care invest for this course for your own benefit and for lifetime earnings without any scam.

  • hunzs

    koi allah ka banda support krday yr payment wagera sub khuch hogai lakin ab koi sahe se jawab nhe dy raha bar bar call krna acha nhe lagta rais zada ko ya tasheen ko but they only send me articles which are already part of pakearning lecture wegera aur videos khaan se attend kro????

    • Editorial Team

      Go to training room

  • hassan

    i had paid 03143172332 rais zada ab na janay course kb milay ga mujay online bhai ………

    • Editorial Team


  • shaista

    is it workable for those too who didnt studied subject related to computer.

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    sir, I want to confirm that is neobux a paying company or a scan?

    • Editorial Team

      Its ok but income is real slow.

  • muhammad fiaz

    bhai g kea ye site fake hai???

    • Editorial Team

      paying but not in pakistan

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Rais zada bai please mujy is site k barehy may bathy k ye real hy ya fake please reply ki g ga

    • Editorial Team

      scam hai

  • Noor

    Dear Rais Bahi:
    I want to know about FBM system, is it scam?

    • I don’t know its scam or not but its sure it can not help new users anyways. Some users reported me that its just a crap.

  • muhammad fiaz

    hi rais bhai
    kia main ye corse kerny k baad apny endroid cell pe work ker sakta hu .bcoz i ve no computer ….aur monthly kitni earning ho sakti hai????reply me plz via mail

    • Minsa

      No, to work properly u must need to have your own computer.

      Pakearning Team

  • muhammad fiaz

    hi rais bhai
    kia main ye corse kerny k baad apny endroid cell pe work ker sakta hu .bcoz i ve no computer ….aur monthly kitni earning ho sakti hai????

    • Hello,
      No you must need to have your own computer or Laptop.

  • zonishali

    tel me yr best web site i wanna ern money pls help me rais zada

    • Watch above mention video and read details. Thanks

  • hunzs

    can i pay 5000 to tahseen javaid account ???? or you are not responsible

    • Of course you can pay fee to me or to Tahseen, he is our official team member. Make sure you are only contacting him via mobile number listed on my website.

  • jahanzeb

    sir how much a new blogger (begineer) could earn from his 1st blog?

    • Editorial Team

      First you have to approve your quality

  • muhammad irfan

    kindly sir tell me that, are we earn from google keyword without any investment? kindly reply me early
    and and probux.com site is fake or true?

    • Editorial Team

      you can earn from Adsense. Probux is fake.

  • zia ur rehman

    Dear Rais Zada, i m zia from bannu and i have done Msc Electronics and want to do some other electronics courses but i have no money more to get them, because i have no still any job. please tell me about any such type of work to do at home with internet or online to earn some money. i will be very thankful to you…

    • You can’t work over internet until you have required skills, of course I will suggest you to take this training or search and learn yourself.

  • sohrab tahir

    send me ur email and skype id i want to join u and learn from u

    • Editorial Team

      ask(at)pakearning.com…………skype support.pakearning

  • rabi

    sir i hv started to use neobux and paidtorefer i want to know these sites r real or fake ??

    • Editorial Team

      Neobux is real but income is slow.

  • muhammad zeeshan

    office address and phone number send karna .

    • Details listed in contact us section

  • tayyab

    bro mujhe yeh pochna tha k clicksee.co.uk real hy ya fruad


    Dear sir i watch you video and i pleased very much to hear your lecture on how to earn money correctly.so i decide to get training classes. so please tell me about registration fee and want to take on line because i belongs to kpk swabi.so please give reply i will be waiting for your reply. if any mistake please forgive me.

    • Thank you for your interest, our team will get you back via Email

  • Hi what about CPA?

    • Editorial Team

      some are good

  • muhammad awis

    i want doing job with you.but must this work pure not bogus. i am waiting your reply.i am very thankful you ok

    • Its real work and you are welcome to join anytime.


    tell me about cash4visit.com

    • Editorial Team


  • ali

    sir your class timing?

    • Editorial Team

      4 to 6 now a days

  • Haiba Malik

    sir kya me without money dene se koi online job kar skti hon plz anwer me from karachi

    • Editorial Team

      Freelancing jobs etc

  • irfan

    aslam o alekum …. bros … mae ne is site k bare mae janna hai ye fake ha ya pay karte hai ? plzzz reply me somevisits

  • Taseer Hussain

    salam sir i want to join it for freeeee

    • w salam,
      Sorry its a Paid training course.

  • zeshan

    sir many payza ka accont to banaia ha par is ko charge kis tarha kro ? mera abl maaccont hai or ATM card hai.plz help me

    • you can deposit money to Payza using our Exchange service.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Dear Rais Bro,
    I want to buy CDs for training course that can help to earn money online. I can’t get the time to join online practical traning courses on internet because I don’t sit infront of the computer most of the time.
    And can u give me an account in which i can see your online stuff in your website if i am an offline student.if u updated your video in traning course how can i see them can u send me that video to my email or i will give money for that updated video.
    and i have no knowledege of online earning can i learn from your training course means you offering traing from AtoZ i want to leran From A to Z bcox i am new and i dont know any thing.
    And any disount on offline traning course on this eid?

    • Editorial Team

      Send us Rs.5000/- for online course through or Bank . we will send u by mail

  • khalda

    sir man student hon or online jab ki zarrorat hai

  • zain rana

    kindly tell me how much i can earn per month nd simply

    • Editorial Team

      Sky is the limit. You can earn as much u want

  • Muhammad Ali

    megastoon.com is real or scam?

    • Editorial Team


  • shaista

    A.O.A Bhai,
    i want to do your online training course but as i know that your new course i already started, can i join your online course anytime?

    • Editorial Team

      Yes u can

  • zainulabideen

    sir how can i get training course dvd’s,,,,,,,,, i m in rawalpindi….. i need dvd’s of making website,google adsense.keywords,adfly,and share cash

    • You need to pay training fee and after registration we can ship DVDs at your home address.

  • yousuf Ibrahim

    any discount ? on online training cuz i m in karachi

    • Pakearning Support

      Please contact us via email, may be we can consider some discount for you.

  • Sulaiman

    Whats your cell number

  • aamir

    salam bhai ma dollers ko Perfect Money sa kysa exchange kero help me


    sir can i get ur lecture cd about this learning course but howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww??/?

    • Yes, Of course you can. Its simple, just pay training course fee and we will ship CDs at your home. To pay fee and for more info please contact via Email or call on phone numbers mentioned above.

  • junaid hayat

    AOA please tell me the to get online training course

    • w salam,
      Replied you other comment

  • junaid

    What is the procedure for online training course?where should I go to join?

    • If you are from Lahore than you can join live at our training center and if you are from some other city than you can join online from home. For admission please contact us via email or call.

  • Qasim Mehmood

    Aoa , Sir i want to ask you after training you will provide us the lecture DvD or not

    • w salam,
      we send lectures via Email but if any use wish, we can also send CDs too

  • Usman Aslam

    bhai jan ap mujay ya btaye k hum sharecash se file kase download kar saktay hai.complete infoemation downloading file provide me.

    • w salam,
      To download file you need to complete survey

  • Ali Hamza

    Payoneer ka account Banate waqt main ne apna Post Office Office City ghal De di hai but p.o box num thek dia kya is se kuch farq tu ni pare ga agr pare ga tu main ise kaise theek kar sakta hon plz help me bro

    • I’m not sure, you can contact Payoneer support team.

  • Ahmad Raza

    mujhe ap se milna hai plz contect me

  • nazarhussain

    sir ma abe tak join nahen kr ska kuien k mujey mkumble vido trining nien meli plese halp me i am a poor man thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • zainulabideen

    sharecash is scam???

    • not at all, sharecash is legal and paying company

  • Ahtesham

    Sir, plz send me the today’s lecture. latest vedio lecture. thanks…

  • sir apki website sy kis trha mein course kahreed sakun ga yahn mujhy koi b option ni mil rha contact karny ky liye yan apki website par register kesy hna parhy ga jaldi btye ga

    • Editorial Team

      Send us fee Online Course Fee is Rs.5000/- and Offline course Rs.7500/- . U will get lectures through E mail. Or we can send u Cds on mailing address

  • Najeeb

    I want to buy CDs for training course that can help to earn money online. I can’t get the time to join online practical traning courses on internet because I don’t sit infront of the computer most of the time. So kindly let me know how I can get those CDs and which method should I pay for them.

    • you can pay via Bank, easypasa or omni to get CDs, for paying fee email or call on the given contact numbers

  • Saeed Khan

    I want to join you to earn money online.
    Please tell me the procedure of joining you.

    • w salam,
      Its simple, you just need to pay training fee, after that we will start your training course. To joining call us or email

  • Ahtesham

    sir, i want to meet with you regarding training. please send me ur num, office address and office timings…

    • Pakearning Solutions, LG-23, Siddiq Trade Center, Gulberg ||, Lahore
      Time 4pm to 8pm

  • karam

    sir how i make a pay pal account, no use bank account, karam quetta

  • Muhammad Faisal

    Assalam o Allaikum
    Dear Sir how can i join u from karachi and pay ur fee

    • w salam,
      From karachi you can join online and I sent you email about fee details

  • Khayyam Akhtar

    one more thing! difference between Publisher and Advertiser?
    I post on my blog so I think I am a Publisher!?

    • Yes, If you run paid ads for your business then you are advertiser

  • Khayyam Akhtar

    I really need help for my blog, I am tired for applying to different sites who refuse me again and again… Please tell me a site that can send payments to my payoneer cards and which will accept me… even if the pay is not much…

  • asad chohan


    • My office is in Lahore but still you can join online

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  • sohaib danish

    sir i am in faisalabad. i wnted admission in your course. i can’t come to lahore. i was told that it could be done online. so if i do this online then u will provide more videos than present on ur website and locked ??? can i take online class ??? the videos will be downloadable ?? videos will be received daily or only that videos will be unlocked that are in the website and locked ??? plzz tell with details please.

    • hello,
      Yes you will get recorded video lectures, eBooks, Access to locked contents and trainings will be downloadable. videos will be received daily via Email.

  • Arslan

    aslamolikum sir asal nay ye kaam seekha hai laikin us say mjy kuch khas faida nai hoa mein sirf itna chahta ho k facebook earning k tricks aap seekha dain

    • I wonder from where you learned and not got benefited, well sorry there is no trick for Facebook, I teach in training how to use Facebook for marketing and traffic, so if you have not learned rest of things you can use even Facebook in this way.

  • Arslan

    sir mein pochna chahta tha k agar mein sirf facebook earning ky tricks seekhana chahta ho to kya aap sirf facebook ka pacakge dain gay aur agar dain gay to course fee kya ho gi

    • No, there is no direct way to earning from facebook, In training you will learn facebook marketing and traffic from Facebook.

  • Khayyam Akhtar

    Hi, I need your help! Google Adscence wont accept my blog, I have account in clickbank and I have Payoneer master card (US payment activated)….

    • Make sure your blog is follow adsense polices and Webmaster quality guideline

  • adnan saleem

    bhai jan mujy koi typing wali jobs zaror btana ok

  • Awab Aqib

    Rais bhai i sent you an email 2 days ago. Haven’t got the reply yet. Kindly reply asap. I’m interested in signing up for your course. Just want to clear a few questions.

    • Replied, on weekends reply take bit longer

  • zeeshan khizer

    sir i want some info about clickbank..how will i get payment..does it support payza etc..what is the best method to get payment

    • Hi,
      From ClickBank you can withdraw via Check or using Payoneer US payment service

  • bai ye jo ap ne upper video upload ki ha……..is men ap ne jo jo tareka bataya han earning ka kya wo ap sub sikhaen ge………….r in k video tutorial b den ge jab hum ye course register karen ge…………..r ager hum offline ye course sekhna chate han to kya ap video tutorial b den ge……….r ye course ap ne 2012 me shuru kiya to ye kab tak ap karaen ge……………..??????????.

    • Yes, I will teach all that I told in video and you will get all video tutorials too. This course will be continue

  • Lala rukh

    Aoa..I want to know more about that..and I want to do this course..tell me about that please..it’s time duration..,its fee..everything about that how can I join..And specially will I earn like that which you told..?you mail me details please..thanks.

    • w salam, I replied your email with details


    Sir kindly update me about fee….

    • Its mention above, 5000 Rs for online students and 7500 for offline students

  • saad uddin

    Aw its bad I’m 15 years old i can’t pay 🙁


    Sir i want to join your course what should i do?

    • For joining training you need to pay course fee and than we will setup lectures for you. For admissions please Email us or call Rais Zada (0314-3172322) or Tahseen Javaid (0313-4346474)

  • Selene

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally
    educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  • saad uddin


    I want join your blog so i can attand all the trainings online but i can’t Why?? i tried to registor but it said registration is not enabled
    why registration is not enabled??

    • To join training course you need to pay first training Fee and we will setup account for you. No need of direct registration.

  • saad uddin

    i saw your video and i like it i was tried to join your web but i couln’t why its said registration is not enabled…. so what i do??

    • Please contact us via Email or Mobile.

  • jawad khan

    today i find som thing new and amazing and belive me if this all is true
    then i am very happy to join this course.so can i join this MR.Rais Zada ?

    • Yes you are welcome and you can join any time.

  • Shavonne

    I love to share information that will I have accrued through the yr to assist improve team

  • mujeeb ur rehaman

    please send your Email id

    • Its listen in website footer, ask [at] pakearning.com

  • Rabia Hafeez

    estorebuilder.com sir kya yh site thek h ?

  • Mjeeb ur rehaman

    main India me rahane wala hun. sir main app ka site dekha main app ke site me member hona chahata hun appke site me member hone ke liye kai procedure hai plez bataye

    • hello,
      Sure you can join our training course, please contact via Email to get started with the procedure.

  • faiza

    sir mein fanbox se achi khasi earning karlehai lekin me pakistan me ho aur wo paypal ka account mang rahe hai tu me kaise apni earning pakistan me lesakti ho meri pass payza ka online bank account hai plz help me sir plz

  • Awais Ahmad

    Read the following blogs and earn upto 50 dollars per day…

  • zarinchaudhry

    AOA Sir,
    I want to get online job….
    But i am not from Lahore………..
    Please guide me and tell about all procedure….

    • w salam,
      You can join online from any city, please check FAQ section above.

  • aitdad

    sir please send me your contact number

    • Its 03143172322, No SMS and cann from 2pm to 10pm only

  • Umair Gujjar

    good effort

  • Anjum akseer

    Completely online referral based job without any investment.
    If you want a online part time job than please visit [Link Removed]

    • Website that you are promoting for referring is a scam. Please don’t share information until you don’t have experience.


    Aslam o alikum sir ….I am an fsc (part 1) student …I hd recently cleared matric and that also in pre medical (so i dnt knw alot abt cmptr stuff such as blog nd cmptr languages ) ….I jst wanted to ask am i eligible fr da course ???

    • Yes of course you can join this training, Make sure your English is good, you can operate computer well, can browse internet professionally.

  • Ali Haider

    Sir kya app easy and convenient way suggest kar satk te hen payza se paise nikal wane k liye pakistan me????

    • If you have 500$+ than you can try Wire Transfer and If you have less than 500$ than you can use our Exchange Service

  • duray

    aap se ek info lena chati ho kya aap batasakta hai k ye site fake hai ..please ais me kahi mera time tu zaya nahi hoga please help
    kya ye site fraud hai kya aap ne aiske bare me kabhi suna hai plz tell me plz .

    • Hello,
      clicksee.co.uk is scam and fraud website

  • prince vinchal

    mr rais zada you sale ur knowledge to others.but im challenging u that i will teah and guide peoples free of cost for help others.

    • Some times its not possible to do every thing Free, Like can all Universities offer Free courses and Degrees ? Just for your information still up to 60% content on my website is still free and a lot more.

  • abdul rehman

    Are u in hyderabad city?????

    • From all cities other than Lahore, you can join Online

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  • duray

    kya aap karachi me koi center nahi open karsakte me sach me sekna chati ho lekin mujhe online kuch nahi aye ga .kya aap kuch kar sakte hai ais k bare me plz me sach me ye sekhhna chati ho.

    • sorry at the moment we only have office in Lahore but lot of students join from many cities online and its quit easy so you can join online. Of course we will be here to help you out.

  • saifullah khalid

    sir, one of my friend told me about this site. i want to earn money via internet or online system like others. can i use these 33 ways of earning money about them you are telling about and the other thing is ”
    is it true that a person can earn online?”
    can i use these 33 ways at one time to earn money?
    if somebody is already using an internet connection for the purpose to earn online, is it possible for another person to use that same connection to earn?
    and the last but much important question is that am i eligible to earn through internet as i have not any certification in the field of computer science?
    guide me if possible
    thanks and regards…….

    • Of course its true that a person can earn money online and you can use all these 33 ways. You can use same connection and to earn from Internet you just need to have interest and Good English

  • awais

    bhai koi discount nahi ho sakta student k liye 🙂

    • You can contact us , we may offer some discount. Its depends

  • in pakistan paypal not avilable…..

  • sir when did your new offline session will start after ramazan……..

  • ayyub047


    • W salam,
      In online training session you will get daily recorded video lectures, eBooks to read and our full support.

  • AOA…..

    • w salam,
      Learn blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing to make money online.

  • Ali Haider

    Assalam O Alikum sir
    here i back once again i have a query regarding payza???
    can i make link between my payza account with my pakistani bank account so i can take money easily.?????

    • w salam,
      You can add your debit card and Bank account in Payza

  • mohammad

    sir you are doing great job welldone………………

  • muhammad adil

    sir. the course you were offering whether it is different from the training videos you have given and secondly one or more student can join the online course by submiting fee only (5000) and last thing would u told me about the website pakearing in which language or which tool you have used to make this website

    • Its the same training course and only one student can join under one registration fee. Pakearning is on WordPress script

  • Ali Haider

    i have created a starter account on payza but i haven’t verified it.
    now i want to know is there any charges or tax when i will verify my account ???


    i m so late.. visit ur site

    i already Join 1 seo center.. and i don’t like .. not good tech.no class pratcal. time.
    I lost my 10000 Rs… ;’ (

    • Feeling bad for you, by the way which institute you joined ?

  • miandad

    online earning k liy kya qualification honi chahiy?
    kya regular students k liy isy karna ezzy he?
    online earning k liy din me kitna minimum time dena zarori he?
    is k liy 24 hours zarori to nai han

    • Your English need to be Good, You can operate Computer and surf internet. Nothing need more and daily at least 3 hours

  • Fawad

    How much do earn from the ads on your website ? infolinks and adhitz ?

  • Ali Haider

    what is elite and legit sites

    • Which are real and legal companies and paying on time.

  • vital pakistan

    aoa. sir mene boht online kam kia hain like captcha entry,add posting. is hawaly sy freelancer sy projects b othay hain….main ap k sth kam karna chata hon …google to pak mai website block kar deta he jb b 100$ ho to…is bary main b thori info dain …..from rwp

    • Google only block account when you break their rules and sure you can join our training course to become our member.

  • Sheraz

    I liked your programs but tell me that can we send money on another bank account? Because standard chartered is closed here.

  • Awesome effort, liked it very much. It will be very helpful for all of us.

  • sartajaziz

    plz some one tell me how can i earn money online

  • Asslamoaliekum! Rais
    I’m glad I found your website. But please reply somethings I want to know.
    First Do you have any other website if you have then please let me see it because you cannot be earning that much from adsense from this website. I just want to see it to see an example of your work so I can apply it to my Website and will also be looking forward to buying this course Insha’Allah.

    • w salam,
      Thanks for appreciation, and I own up to 19 websites more but due to some confidential and security reasons can’t disclose at the moment.

  • brother rais zada can u plz tell how authentic this site is.this site gives instant payment of 1$ by payza and just pays for our pc usage by its software. coingeneration.com

    • Many companies like this come in past and gone scam with in few months. well I will review it soon

  • ali akbar

    online earning k liy kya qualification honi chahiy?
    kya regular students k liy isy karna ezzy he?
    online earning k liy din me kitna minimum time dena zarori he?
    is k liy 24 hours zarori to nai han?

  • umar

    rais g mugey bohat shoke hy online earning ka per ma kasey earning karo or online earning k ley kis ma acount bnana parta ha tel me plz plz

  • Ahmed Hasan

    Bahi ap LG100 Ma be to class parhate ta

  • Raja

    Ur Adresss Please ????? And How Can We TrUst You ????

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Address is

        Pakearning Solutions LG-23 Siddiq Trade Center,Gulberg-2 Lahore.

      You can trust us becuase
      We have our own official website with open who is data.
      Open Contact details
      We have official Facebook Fan page and Profile
      You can search about us from Google.
      We have open address for our local office
      We have many happy customers already, read clients feedback.

  • thank you so much for this information

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  • Noman

    I would like to do this work. where is it located or is it just online training?. btw the fees the much higher to those who needs to start this work u should also think that.

    • Noman

      or can u charge the fee from our first payment?

      • Asma (Pakearning Team)

        Sorry you have to Pay training course Fee in advance.

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Its not online training but also the offline. Our main office is in Saddiq Trade center where you can join the offline training.

      • Hello!
        mjha koi sikhae plz mena sharecashe sa 50$dollar earn kiya ha lekin ab usy withdraw kese karon koi bta skta ha plz plz plz allah ka wasta!

  • zia uddin

    i want to do it.but i have to pay 5000 after training.

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Sorry,but You have to pay it before training .

  • mfs

    i want to join from karachi. when is yr next session starting (date & time schedule).
    also pls adv if there’ll be any other charges/fee besides Rs.5000/- during or after the training

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Online course is start at any time while offline course is start from 5th June,2013.Online course fee is just Rs5000/- and there is no other fee or charges behind the Rs5000/- for online course. while the fee for offline course is Rs7500/-

      • mfs

        thxs for yr reply. can u pls be specific abt the date & time for the online course (will start any time) doesn’t give me any proper reply.
        do u also provide recorded cds in the same price.
        i mean i will do the online course and need cds as well.

        • Asma (Pakearning Team)

          In Online course you can watch the all recorded tutorials on Pakearning at any time which is suitable to you.For this password is given to you than you have to access to all the training rooms.
          And for offline course which is given at Saddique Trade Center is starting from 5th June,2013 and its timing is the 5’clock to 6’clock.
          Yes, Cd’s are also provide in the same Price.

          • mfs

            noted. thxs for the clarification.

  • haris

    next online session kb se start ho rha hai?

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      New Online session is start from 5th June,2013

  • please help me sir i don’t know who to make money in google adsense and blogger tel it about can you make my account in google adsense and make it on money please help me please please please

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Here is the full detail that how you can make money through Google Adsence and for earn money thorough blogging read it
      video blogging

  • asad

    i am under 18 can i earn money online plz rply me early as possible

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      of course you can.for detail how you can watch it
      earn money online

  • iqbal

    i am under 18 can i earn money online

  • Arsalan Nazar

    i dont belive this

    • We are not offering any job or work, I wonder if you don’t believe on Google or other reputed companies

  • Assalam-o-alikum raiz zeda main online eaning karna chhta hoon bohat search kiya par kuch naa mila app kee site mile hai iss par video tutorial dekha kafi acha tha par problem yeh hai kaa main karachi main nahe hoon aur mere age kam hai 15 but main earn karna chhta hoon app see guzarish hai kaa koye esa method kaa tutorial bana kaa apna blog paa post kar den jis see mahana kam see kam 3 see 4 thousand hee kama saken app see request hai bro.Thanks

    • w salam,
      There are many article and videos on my website, browse and get started

  • ali

    kya ap videos cd main dall kr nei bhej sakte kya.
    and 5000 cash ap ko delivery pr mil jae ga
    plz rply me early as possible

    • Hello,
      Yes you can get CD of training course too, for order please contact us at 0314-3172322

      • khuram khan

        dear i paid u for cd’s … now i am suffering from a problem i need your help…

  • Kobold

    Now that I’ve just spent three hours on your website reading your posts, I’m
    hooked on your blog. I added it as a favorite it to my bookmarks list and
    will be checking back in the near future. Take a look at my blog as
    well and tell me what you think.

  • ali

    is any skill is needed to be able to get this training

    • No special skills, but your English need to be good and you can operate computer, surf internet well

  • ali

    how much money can i earned from all these 33 metods still all these methods are working in pakistan now

    • Yes working and earning depends on your work and lot of other things, there are no limits

  • Sir apki site achi ha mein two ptc sites kay sath earning kar raha hoon awr mein nay aik book bhi likhi hay how we can increase earning with ptc sites please visit and give suggestion


    and download a book containing strategies to earn from PTC sites a good incom

    • great job, but now a days working on PTC site really not worth

  • rizvi08



    sir apny bataya k software down load ker k easily apky lecture dekh sakty hain but software download kerny k bawajood explorer py lecture video ni chal rahi still website block ka msg aa jata hai.
    plz plz help me sir i m worry about this situation bcoz mara time kafi waist ho raha hai plzzzz….


    • Hello,
      I checked and every thing working fine, if you are a paid members please submit ticket with your problem so our team will look into it.

  • ali

    what is time for online traning students
    ofline classes are opened in june

    • You can set what time suit to you for online training, and yes there will be new session in june.

  • ali

    by what method i send fee to you
    what is the timing of traning is it your choice of time or mine

    • You can Pay fee via Bank, easypasa, Omni or at our office, Timing for offline students is 5pm

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  • Rizwan

    apny jo ADHITZ.COM site batai hai wo to pakistani new uers k liye block hai,

    ager aisa hai to fir iska koe hal hai apky paas?????

  • apny jo ADHITZ.COM site batai hai wo to is time pakistani new uers k liye block hai,

    ager aisa hai to fir iska koe hal hai apky paas?????

    • Yes adhitz is no longer accepting new users from Pakistan

  • Ibtesam

    Adsense is not working in pakistan ??????

    • Adsense is working fine in Pakistan for users who use legal ways and follow their policies

  • umair

    sir sialkot main ap ka koi office hai kia

    • NO, at the moment we only have office in Lahore, from other cities you can join online

  • Rohail hassan

    hello sir Thanks for your nice tutorial.Mujhe apki aik baat bht achi lagi k koi online earning method koi kisi ko nhe btata.i am started earning by uploading and sharing download link to DLE sites and by making blog. I am a beginner and i wanted to be a expert Thanks

  • shakeel gill

    sir do you have any institute in karachi i want learn you of line course
    give me it’s adaress thank you .GOD BLESS YOU

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      You can learn through online by this website.

      • tanveer

        mari help keren plz jo site scam na hon wo mujy baten plz i lost 300$.

      • Zuhair

        mera father keh rahe hai k gurantee kiya hai k fees le kr online pareinge bhag gaye tu…………aur han agr humhe koi sawaal pochna ho tu kesssay mpoche ge

        • I wonder why we will not sent the lectures, We are providing trainings since 2009 and for more information you can visit our office. You can ask questions in our help center or via skype

  • ali

    sir tell me how to earn money from facebook and youtube

  • asim

    is the fireap.com is correct site to.earn money online plz rply me early as possible
    tell me how to earn money online trusted websit

    • This site is not loading on my computer

  • Asslam-o-Alaikum
    how are u bhai jan…..
    Mane ap ki website phli dafa visit ki hai. Ma aik Student hoon. Aur chatha hoon k apni study kay expanses khud poray krn. Ma ap ki class main admission lena chatha hon. mje kiya karna ho ga or mje fee structure bhi bta dain.. Mery Email pe ap private Message send kar dain.

  • Asalam o Alikom bahii App yee Free mein nhii karvaa saktee kaya

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Mostly tutorial are available on this site are free but some are password protected and have access only by paid members.Although you can learn many things from openly available info.

  • bakho

    My education or qualification is 5th class i had to leave the studies in grade 6 because of financial crisis.But I still have age to complete the studies.however i will but at this the moment i have to takeout some expenses.from internet I am already earning over 100$ per month or sometimes even 150$.for working 4 to 6 hours a day.most of the earnings i earn from captcha typing.rest of the 50 or 40$ are earned from PTC sites and ad.fly.Well I am thinking to join ur pogram but At the moment i live in Islamabad but basically i am from Lahore.If i join here from Islamabad are you sure i will learn exactly as we do at ur main office in lahore.or its same learning through online.plus my computer is about 5 years old so as its processor.but still work’s fine.in your earning method i dont need any latest system right?lthat in your method we can create almost every basic tyoe of website right?like paymentmedium type.except buying domain of 10$ or 15$ we dont need to make any further big investment to earn money through methods.I mean like if i have complete ur course to start earning from your ideas and methods we dont need to make any investments like 100$ to get started or even more then 500$.or if we do have to invest little bit then roughly how much..and one more last thing earning 1K$ is a big amount according to Pakistan but if not 1K$ would I be able to earn around or closer to 500$ per month for working about 5 to 6 hours a day from ur method or system whatever u call it.well sorry about this lots of question it might be little annoying for you guys to answer it but i have to clear my mind first before joining it.please dont reffer me any videos it would be better if you give me answers in short but in written as i understand better in written words.by the way my age is 17 using computer for more then 8 years.

    • Hello,
      Online training is same as offline course in Lahore, many students join every month and all are satisfied and in any problem even after the training course we will be available to help you out.

      There are no special requirements for computer speed, although its need to be running on at least windows XP or higher and good internet speed.

      NO, There is not any major investment required , you may be in need to buy a domain or hosting, but during training we will provide both free for practice, please let me know if you want to know about any thing more ?


    i want to attend online classes how much time is taken to be able to earn online money.

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      After one month you will be able to work as independent for earn money

  • ayyaz ali kaloi

    dear sir i want to work online earning i want to continuee my study in sindh pakistan you done a great job can send me videos of earning

    • To get complete 30 days training and videos you need to join our training course.

  • ayyaz ali kaloi

    dear sir main online earning karna chahta hnn help me

  • Amna

    Aoa.. i want guidence for all it…how its useful for my financial help…

    • w salam, Its basically a Training course for Online working system. you can learn how to earn money online.

  • Adil

    Assalam Alikum sir,

    sir, main online course karna chata hoon aur main karachi se hoon jis tarah lahore main apka institute hai jahan ap online training detey hain. kia karahi main apka koi institute hai. kioke without QA main get nai karsakta hoon kafi confusion rahti hai.

    • w salam, From Karachi you can only join online and of course you can ask Questions via Email, Skype or in our help center

  • hamza

    sir ap free hosting ki websites bata sktay hain plz sir?

    • 000webhost offer Free hosting but I will suggest you to only use reliable paid hosting but not free

      • hamza

        mjy paid domain ka bta skatain hain kay who ap kay zariya kaisay khareed sktay hain or kitnay tak ati ha plz tell me

        • You can buy Domain from ous for 1200 Rs, To place an order please email us or call at 0314-3172322

  • Rizwan Ahmed

    very nice effort… will contact you soon brother 🙂

  • i earnes the money online

  • Tayyaba Latif

    Very informative video!! Thanks!

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Thanks to appreciate

  • ammar

    yaha kisi ne ye training ka package lia h?? agr lia h to baten k kitni earning hojati h avg 3 hour kaam kar k??

  • google adsense ki ads kahan paste ki hn ???

    • Bilal we are not using Adsense on this website at the moment

  • mahnoor

    ap nai to kha koi fee ni hai to 5 hazar khan sai a gai bhai jaan

    • Training ki Fee he or kisi me tutorials ya articles ki Fee nai jo available hn or me kahin b nai kaha k training Free he

  • Sikander Ali

    Bhai Mujhe 100 Dollar Deposit krwane h apni LR account mn, kse karwao plz help me..

  • I cannot come to Lahore , so how to teach lesson . 🙁

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      You can join online course in which password will provide you after your registration than you have full access to all the lectures.(which are available on this site)please visit this page

  • Shakeel

    a.o.a…bhai muje is site k bare me iinfo chahye…ke ye pay out krti ha ya nh…

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      This Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation

      • Shakeel

        Ma ne is site pe earning ki th..40 $ ho gai ha…ab wo cashout kelye 15$ mang rhe hen to confirm my site account…a message appear that tells 15 wil be back after confirmatiion…mje janna ha k ususally earning sites cashout kelye aise hi confirmation mangti hen…agr to aise hi ha to kya ma 15$ pay kr du…ya ye fake ha?,,please inform me

        • I confirmed, the website you asked about is Fake, not paying. So you will even loss your 15$ so avoid this

  • Hamza Khurshid

    What is the location of Lahore classes? and what will be the timings ? and schedule?? I am considering to join

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      The location is the Pakearning Solutions, 517/38 ameer block Sadar Bazar,Lahore cantt, Pakistan and the timing is the 4:00PM to 8:00PM and the duration is the one month, Moreover you can also join the online classes.

      • Muhammad Kamran

        how i can join online …..learning

        • Asma (Pakearning Team)

          Dear Muhammad Kamran,
          For join online earning you want to pay the fee(Rs5000) than we will provide you full guideline.For registration and submission of fee please call at 0314-3172322

  • Shad M.Khan


    i want to know that if i want to withdraw money from infolinks which method is best?
    check or Western Union..

    and if i choose check and when the check arrives should i be needing bank account to make the check into money or it is done without bank account please tell me thanks!

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Dear Shad M.Khan
      The best one is the western union becuase chek processing is a lengthy method to withdraw money.

  • imran siddiqui

    you and your site “www.pakearning.com” is great and awesome.

  • Lord Xenon

    What happened to site Lancium.com?
    went scam?

    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Dear Lord Xenon,
      Site no longer and down. Moved to Inactive Archives.

  • Ubaid


    Respected Sir,

    I am UBAID From Peshawar & i am computer engineer. I am very much serious & desperate to earn money online. i tried & search several ways for that, but no luck.! So yesterday when i was saw searching in Google for some of websites for earning online, i saw your website. When i watch the Video Tutorial for introduction of your Online Earning Training Course, and check the whole website & your services, i really like it, satisfied & appreciate your efforts.
    Sir, Firstly i want to know you have mentioned above that ADMISSION OPEN, but last date is 28th November 2012. So the admission are still open or not? Secondly, I want to join the training course to earn online, but it’s difficult for me to come to Lahore & stay there to attend the course for one month. So if it’s possible that i attend the training course online, it will be your kind favor for me because i am very much serious & willing to attend the course to work & earn online.

    I shall be waiting for your positive response.

    Thank You, With Best Regards.!


    • Admissions for offline course are now closed for this month and for online course you still can join and yes You can join online from your home, we also offer online training via recorded video lecture same as lahore and for questions and answers we have help center, there is complete setup

  • Ahmed

    dear agr hm ye course ka package lete h then uk k baad daili kitne hour kaam karna hoga aur min earning kitni hogi per month?? aur me karachi ka hun to offline courese kese karaya jayega??

    • your earning depends upon your work and from Karachi you can join online.

  • Sir youtube per jo apki videos hain training course k hawale se tou kiya unpaid user use dekh kr sikh skte hain?? plz reply me

  • Ambreen Ejaz

    thank you very much for providing us such a useful knowledge and cooperation. i will need your support in future. i also want your assistance in future for website making. thanks alot.

  • M. Usman

    I m a big fan of u bcoz i love struggle and peoples who also struggle. I watch ur video on youtube about 1 month ago and i listen your 3 word that touch my heart thats Crazyness,need, build u and then i decide i follow u and now i make 12 blogspot blogger and used adf.ly and work on amazon , mybrowsercash etc. just from ur support and very easy and good video learning training and now i pray for u and ur family specifically for ur mother and that is also just like my mother and i proud on u bcoz u r a real hero in my life and i follow u every time and ur videos and ur talkative style and ur teaching style is awesome i miss u every movement bcoz i not follow any bollywood/hollywood actor but i follow u bcoz u r my inspiration.


  • rax

    Very nice tutorial

  • Salam Rais bhai ap nai ya sub pakistani logo k liya banaya hai or pakistan main bohot say log hai jin ki English weak hai to wo ya sub kuch kis tarha sek sakty hai or ap Reply b english main daity hai jo bohot say logo ki samaj main nahe ate.Q k pakistan ki qomi zuban URDU hai mehbani kar k ager ho saky to in sub Courses ko urdu zuban main samjain.Shukriya

    • w salam,
      Course Urdu me he hey, but internet pr sub kuch English me he so its must to learn English

  • wasif

    me website kese banaon ap bata den plz

  • Hello.Sir cn yuw tell me plz….PTC add iz god 4 earning or not???????

    • PTC sites are not good for earning, mostly are scam

  • Dear Mr.Rais

    Your website regarding training is great. But my question is that do you have any office in Karachi so that I can learn from here in Karachi as I am based in Karachi.
    Or do you know anyone who can help us on behalf of you?
    Looking to hear from you.

    • Hello,
      From Karachi you can join online, we offer online training course too, via recorded videos.

  • Dear Mr.Rais

    My question has not been answered yet!


  • Sir,
    You have wonderful website and ideas to earn money online.
    But my question is that do u have regional office in karachi?
    Or you know somebody who teaches the same course here in Karachi?so that we can also benefit from that…….
    But should be reliable…….
    Looking to hear from you soon……

  • saeed

    i can’t see any free videos u sent me correct link .
    with thanks @

  • good brother

  • helloo hope i will be fine and good and u r doing a good job………:)

    brother i want to know the procedure and charges for exchanging dollars in pkr……..:)

  • Rashid Mahmood

    Dear Rais Please give me a Referrer for neobux if possible

    • Sorry due to my busy schedule , I’m no longer working over neobux.

  • sir please can u tell me any legit data entry website

    • Basically there are not perfect data entry sites, and its not worth to do

  • sir is libery reserve acceptable
    in paksitan.

  • omme

    hi kia ap mgay is k bara main complete information da sakta hai.bcoz i dont knw abt this.plz guide me

    • Hello,
      Please read article and watch video for details , Thanks

  • hammad

    thanks sir this is video is very helpful
    [scam link deleted]

    • hammad

      bhai main is site per join hon aur is main bohat se pakistani user ko payment bhi mil chuki hai app ka is site ke bare main kya khayal hai rias bhai

      • I’m sorry but sixdollarclick se aj tak kisi ko 1 cent ki b payment nai mili, ye aik fraud or scam site he so please don’t promote it, or bus wo he baat share krty hen jis ka pta ho.

  • ali hasnain

    sir please tell me the website “20dollors2surf.com” is a scam or they r truly paying

    • they was paying but know i read that now site have some problems and some people not getting paid

  • Hammad Afzal

    Assalam u Alikum.
    Sir kya ap bata sakte hain k classes ki timings kya hongi aur lag bhag kitne students honge class main ? Me darasl Qatar se aya huun aur isi saal wapis janay ka irada hai, kya is training course ka fyda mujhe wahan bhi hoga ya nahin ?

    • w salam,
      Agr ap Lahore se ho to sham 5 se 7 bjy tak almost, agr kisi or city se to ap khud time select kr sakty ho. Yes ye course her country k liye equally benefited he.

  • mehad

    how many money is paid us by zeekrewarg to work

    • Basically its depends upon your investment, Zeekrewards is not a Free affiliate site

  • mehad

    zeekrewards or uinvest hame pay QA krti hein or in se jo earing hoti he wo sood he ya nai.please reply.thank u

    • They pay for our investment, Zeekreward is not sood but i can’t say any thing regarding uinvest

      • mehad

        thank for information .what kind of work we have to do for zeekreward and how zeekreward pay us.

        • Please read article related to zeekrewards, thanks

  • if you cant contact with me just leave your message here i will visit your website nearly

  • Sir i am very impressed with your videos specially seo and online earning you are the gennius…..

    Sir you have well experianced in online earning…so please guide me about this or give me some tips about this work because you are familiar with many ways of online earning..lets

    few days ago i found the Club Asteria Website in which we invest 20 dollar every months and they give their commision in proper way they have their own plan of earning…

    So please sir i want to start this work and make invest in this company

    ITS REALLY PAY ITS GURANTTED have you ever tried or yours frineds i really need its answer..

    thanks and hope for earlier reply…

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your appreciation and all investment programs have Risk so i will not suggest you to invest money online, Specially do not Invest in Zeek, Club Asteria or Just been paid

      • Bundle of Thankx Rais Zada Bhai.

      • Ali

        Aap Ney Yahan JustBeenPaid Ki Baat Ki To Aap ney Us Me Invest Kia….? Brother JustBeenPaid Me Main Ney Khod 500$ Invest Ki or After 4 Months Main Ney 1695$ Withdraw Karwaya….. JustBeenPaid Ab Profitclicking Per Move Ho Chuki Hey or Kal Sey (16Sep) Earning Dobara Shoro Ho gai Hey…

  • Saif

    Bhai mujhe payza se paise Ghr pr delivery krwane hain !
    Ap log krte hain?

  • rais bhai mjhe training k liey join kbse krna hoga nd kitne pese me registration krwani hogi ye btaa dyn nd details send krdyn sari

    • Hammad You can join our new session, you need to pay 5000 Rs fee and for more details please fill the contact form and send , one of our support team agent will get you back with more details

  • میری ویب سایٹ تین سال پُرانی اور اس کا پیج رینک تین ہےیہ ایس ایم ایس جوکس اور شاعری کی ٹیکسٹ سایٹ ہے۔ جس کا لنک میں نے اوپر دے دیا ہے۔ میرے نام پہ کلک کرکے آپ چیک کرسکتے ہیں۔
    میرا مسلہ یہ ہے کہ گوگل ایڈ سینس سے میری انکم صرف دس سینٹ روزانہ ہے۔اگر کویٴ اسے دس ڈالر روزانہ تک پہنچا سکتا ہے تو میری مدد کریں۔
    فیس بک آیٴ ڈی۔ [open contact details are not allowed]

    • hello,
      You need some up gradations on your site and also SEO, social media use etc to increase traffic and earning

  • sir me ne parh to lia hy fee b or more detail k bhary me par me lhr nai asakta kio k waha kaisy rahu ga 1 maa is liye agar ap k pass koi our way hy to plz tell me

    • Dear Zeeshan,
      You can join online from your home, we also offer online training via recorded video lecture same as Lahore and for questions and answers we have help center, there is complete setup

  • Hi admin,
    Thanks for the great sharing, JazakALLAH.
    I’ve a query about sharecash may you be interested to help me out. Can you please give me some tips about the uploading and then good earning.
    PS. I’m already earning from odesk as a copywriter, Alhmdulillah, and now want join sharecash as well.

    Thank again.

    • Hello Muhammad,
      You need to have bsic concept of blogging and SEO, you need to upload unique files and need targeted traffic for sharecash Earning

  • Jahangir

    Hi admimn, kya ap course main website dete hain ya phr banana sikhatay hain? Agar banana sikhata hain to mujhe bananay aate hai per kamaye nahe hote woh kyun?

    • Dear jahangir,
      Banana b sikhaty hen or us se earning krna b, her kam ka aik proper process hta he, might be you don’t know that

  • Qasim Ali

    bhai finally i got awesome website, please send me details about fee i want to join, i already sent an email

  • Kazmi

    I am from UK, studying here, my bro will pay fee on the behalf of me, is that ok ?

    • Dear Kazmi,
      Yes its ok, your bro can pay and you can join. All eamils replied with details @Qasim and Rania

  • Rania

    Thank you sir for great presentation, i have sent an email please reply me with your account details where i need to send fee, i must need to join this session

  • Sohail

    bhai jan bohot bhatreen kam karrahe ho ap bohot ache yar ap jese bohot kam hote han allaha ap ko or taraqki ata farmai ameen…

  • Kazi Ayaz ul Hassan

    Assalam-o-Alaikum… Rais Bhai i m Ayaz from Karachi… maine aaj first time apki videos dekhi hain… u r super.. mere friend ne mujhe Advice de hai k main online investment karoon.. lekin aaj apki video dekh kar laga k main kion apni investment karoon kion k apne to dene k bajaye lene ka tareeqa batadia.. i need training… thanks

    • w salam,
      Thanks Ayaz for kind words, and you are more then welcome for our training course

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    jSSS Triple real site ha? ya hyip ki tra scam ha?

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            • I use PayPal for adfly and Payoneer or Payza for ShareCash

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