Tutorial: How to Use New Google Keyword Planner for Keywords Research

In this tutorial I will guide you, How to use New Google keyword planner tool for searching high traffic, low competition and profitable keywords.  As you may know, the Google Keyword Tool is no longer available and it has changed to Google Keyword Planner.  In this article you will learn how to use this new tool accurately and effectively according to new advance search engine optimization techniques.

For beginner, let me explain what is keyword? well, any thing you search in Google or any other Search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc. are keywords. Like you search “How to lose weight” or “Used Cars” so used cards and how to lose weight are 2 different keywords. Webmaster basically optimize their websites or blogs for these kind of keywords, so they can get free organic traffic from search engines.

This article will guide and lead you to use Keyword Planner for appropriate keyword research you want. It is very simple, just log in with your existing Google account. If you have not make Google account yet, make a new one and log in and sign up for Google AdWords. You do not have create campaign to use Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner Urdu Tutorial Part -1

Keyword Planner Urdu Tutorial Part -2

How to Use New Google Keyword Planner?

After log in to Google Adwords, you can find Keyword Planner under the tool “Tool and Analysis menu”. After reaching there you have now three options:

Google Keyword Planner
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

You will find this screen after login to adword account with your Google Account like Gmail.

Search for Keywords in Keyword Planner

The first option is same as were in the Google Keyword Tool, now in a simpler way you can research for keywords and can check research for state and city level. The old keyword tool had only option for countries.

Step 1) First type your keywords, select your targeting options and set filters for minimum or maximum monthly searches or CPC (cost per click) and click Get Ideas. Analysis how many global or local monthly searches there are for your keyword to estimate possible traffic. I suggest keyword that have up to 10,000 searches every month and less than 20,000 competing web pages in Google search results. Well sometime even 500 or less searches are also fine, its basically depends upon your niche, targeted market or product (If you are selling something). Be aware with your competitors because some authority sites like Wikipedia, university sites have tons of back links and are hard to beat them.

By default “Keyword Planner” give results to ad group ideas. If you click on the keyword ideas tab, you will see the similar results you would have found in Keyword Tool when it was available. Here ideas are seen on basis of your keyword entered, with their average exact search volume, competition (medium, high or low) and CPC. You can also see the graph of search about previous one year.

Keyword Research Advance

Step 2) Go to Google search to analysis competition for your selected keywords, write your key word in quotation marks and search as shown in image and see results, how much pages already indexed in Google.

Step 3) Now you need to make sure about Page title competition so Insert intitle:”your keyword” and press search, this will show you how much pages have used this keyword in the title of their pages. Example: intitle:”where to Buy metal detectors”

Step 6) Now to check exact URLs indexed in Google which contain your keywor, for this now Insert inurl:”your keyword” and press search, this will show you how much competitors have put that keyword in their url. Example: inurl:”where to Buy metal detectors”

Things to Remember

Keyword Tool did give you by default average search volume for users of Laptop and Desktop Computers, but Keyword Planner gives you average search volume at all devices. Data cannot be filtered through any specific devices.

There are certain differences between Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool. For beginners, Keyword Tool by default gives you historical search volume statistics for broad match, but Keyword Planner tool gives you exact match.

You can find that there is no longer a column for average local searches. In spite, you would target your search for a specific location in the beginning to get average search volume in that area.

Image # 14

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  • Nice tutorial with complete information. Keyword selection is a very hard job.

  • Shaiza Chaudhary

    Thanks for the tutorial by the way. It helped a lot. 🙂 Love to get my problems solved after reading you Rais bhai.

  • Used this tool after so long. I don’t like this new version. Last one was so handy. 🙁

  • Zohaib Jahan

    very nice article, you went in depth of it.
    sometime Google-trends, word-tracker is also helpful, Rais Bro how to search long-tail keywords?

    • There are some tool you can search in google. well I mostly pick Long tail from Google suggested keywords.

  • Waheed-ul-Hassan

    google is saying (we r unable to set up an account for u).
    i have tried it with two diffrent accounts of my own still happening the same thing.
    plz help
    i am ur registered student.

    • Make sure your age is 18+ in your gmail account.

  • rana bilal

    sir m na apn a keyword search ki hh lakin main apna selected keywords kasa use kar sakta hun plz tell me

  • SAM

    Sallam all Paki bros & Rais Zada !
    Bhai aap say yea pochna tha kay Adwords par account kisay activate kartain hain!
    Jab Credit or Debit Card select karo and information jo wo mangata hay wo bee doo aur sab say nichay code mangata hay us ko kia karu????



    • Google keyword is not earning platform, read article

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    Sir my question is mera blog google pr a tu jata hay mgr wo domainname.blogspot kr k ni ata hay .
    Jab bhi ata hay plus.google.com kr k ataa hay.
    Please can you tell me why is this happening 🙁

    • Because your blog is not ranked yet, its your Google Plus profile where you shared link and its coming up in search results.

  • Assalmoalikum Sir , i am so much glad that i have reached in the right place for the studies i am very much tense for my site ranking and want to grow my site. Kindly visit this site if you can and tell me what should i do for making it best and increasing the traffic for this. as the name is pre decided so may i continue my website with the same name or should apply other techniques to increase the traffic or i must change the change after analysis using Google Planner ,
    Sir i have made many social networks ID with the same name. if i will change the name then i am to change all social networks
    Kindly Kindly Kindly HELPPP ME I NEEEDD your help..

    • W salam,
      Domain name is fine and no need to change it. You need to learn or improve your website SEO and content quality. Create bank links, publish orignal quality content regular and improve your keyword research skill.

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    sir kindly tell address bar main exact search kese tarte hain &start=900 is it right or wrong?

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  • Hi,
    I have one question
    In the second video of keyword planner when you changed the location to “all countries” CPC also went down from $0.75 to $0.38
    why it changed????

    • Editorial Team

      it is according to policies of google

  • Thank you for the video tutorial. Detailed and easy in language.

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