How to Withdraw Money From Amazon with Payoneer

Yes you read it right, Its a great news for Payoneer users and if you are not a Payoneer Card Holder than Just Order your Free Payoneer Debit Card Now. They recently announce their new collaboration with Amazon. So If you’re an Amazon seller or Amazon Affiliate you can now receive payments directly from Amazon to your Payoneer card or local bank account.

Withdraw Money from Amazon Using Payoneer

I’m not sure about Amazon seller but I know some Amazon affiliate specially from Pakistan, India and from some other countries are not comfortable with Amazon withdraw options, as Bank Transfer or Check withdrawals take some time. So Payoneer solved this issue, now your money will be available quickly to withdraw on ATM any where in the world. You can withdraw money from Amazon to Payoneer card or to local Bank easily.

How it Works

You just need to follow Three simple steps in order to use Payoneer Debit Card for Withdraw from Amazon.

1- SIGN UP for your Free Payoneer Debit Card, and You will get 25$ Bonus too on receiving your first $100 payment from any where, I mean not only from Amazon.

Join Payoneer and Get $25

2- When you apply for Card, Also check option for US Payment Service. After approval you will be able to see your Bank Account details in your Payoneer account. Now RECEIVE Direct Deposit from Amazon to Payoneer Bank Account via US Payment Service which is linked with you card. So transfers directly to your Payoneer account.

withdraw amazon to Payoneer
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Procedure for withdraw from Amazon to Payoneer Card

3- Now you will have money in your card, So feel free to withdraw your earnings on any ATM, Transfer to Local bank account or use your Payoneer card in for online payments or in stores.

How to Link Payoneer with Amazon ?

Its quite simple, as I am Amazon affiliate so I can show you method for that, I hope it will be almost same for Amazon sellers too. Well follow these steps in order to Link Payoneer with Amazon.

1- First step is to login to your amazon affiliate Account and go to Account settings. Here you find Change Payment Method under Payment information.

amazon affiliate account
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Amazon Affiliate Account Settings Page


2- Now click on Change Payment method option and you will be redirected to a new page, here you will find 3 options for withdraw, First via Amazon gift card, Second by direct deposit and last by check. So now you need to select second option, No matter if you are not from USA, to use this option you need to have actually USA Bank account which you have now via Payoneer US payment service.

3- You are successfully done, on this 3rd step you will get confirmation that Your payment options have been updated. If you have any question please feel free to ask in comment section and don’t forget to share this information with friends.

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