Review: Is Traffic Monsoon Legit Or Scam?

Operational since October 2014, Traffic Monsoon is another website working on ad clicks and revenue sharing concept. Since its inception, this website has created a lot of buzz by attracting many investors and wannabe freelancers. Many people question about its legitimacy and find mixed answers from different sources. So we took the plunge to put facts about Traffic Monsoon that whether is it legit or another ponzi scam? Keep on reading and find out if Traffic Monsoon legit or scam like many others.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is basically an ad platform giving you multiple options to serve different purposes. This website serves as advertising platform for different users and benefits advertisers, marketers and individuals seeking extra income off their internet surfing efforts.

One can use this platform to drive back traffic to a targeted website or sales page with its advertising services. Another way people can use this website is by referring others and bringing more users to join this site and get a referral commission.


Traffic Monsoon was initiated by Charles Scoville (He is founder of some other old Scam/closed websites) an internet marketer who previously owned couple of other PTC sites. This website is up and running since 2014 and doing good so far with multiple services it offers to users around the globe.


Traffic Monsoon offers multiple options for users and serve their purposes accordingly. Each service is described below!

Affiliate Program:

If you’re using, or planning to use, Traffic Monsoon as promoter then here’s the deal for you. Traffic Monsoon offers two types of referral commissions. Means you get 10% commission on every purchase people under your referral link make on the site. Another way you get paid off your promotional efforts is when your referrals click a paid link (PTC ad), you get 100% commission per clicked link. You just need to maintain 10 clicked ads ratio from your account and that’s it.

Cash Links:

The second way to make some cash from this site is through paid links. You can log into your account and start watching ads ranging from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. Each ad has different reward based on its duration.

Traffic Exchange:

If you’re an advertiser then you may utilize this platform to drive back traffic to your website or sales page. It offers banners and text ads on $0.25 per click that you can buy from your dashboard on that website using PayPal, SolidTrustPay or Payza.

Few Things About Owner:

Charles Scoville is Traffic Monsoon’s owner who owned couple of other PTC sites before launching it in 2014. If you visit his Facebook profile, you’ll find many names he started earlier and then they all disappeared gradually. InfinityBux, BuxUnleashed, Banrev and Trophy Bux are few of his ventures he started in different years and then closed them.

These all were live for few months and then suddenly disappeared from the scene. My question is if those websites were abandoned or closed down by the owner then how can you expect Traffic Monsoon to last for good? It’s working on same pattern like these websites were promoted. They attracted users and after a considerable timespan stopped working altogether.


Even though it has a lucrative concept and paying to many of its members. But it is not a trusted website to rely on because it generates revenue and pays existing members on new signups. This means it will pay for few more months until new people are joining this website. And once the signup ratio drops down, it will stop paying and fade away gradually like other PTC sites. So if you’re using this website, keep your eyes open and stay alert.

Update: Traffic Monsoon official website is down, its looks now scam.

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