M. Nasir Loses 23.8 Million Rs on Fake Investment Websites

I know its useless to share because….

The greed is more powerful than the will to do right

I promise, if Mr Nasir or other people who also lost money in some online job, got a single chance again to investment on Get Rich Quick Scheme, they will not let it go. Its my last few years experience, many people lost millions of Rs after getting my advice to stop investing on some other scam websites. And mostly when I tell someone about a scam website they claim his relative or friend got paid, so how it can be scam, actually they tell lie that their friend got paid or many be their friend lie to them that they are earning money. In most cases, this kind of online jobs or investment websites pay but later on when they have some good money, they scam you and this type of websites known as Ponzi Scheme.

By the way, did Malik Riaz or Prime Minster asked him to invest ? Why he have not conduct any research, not consult with some expert before investing this huge investment in some online website ? Muhammad Nasir is not so innocent, as he is pretending to be.

I reported many websites via articles and videos for public awareness and I hope I saves thousands of users as well. And people who do not want to face reality or who do not want to understated that they can not be get quick rich by this kind of scam websites,  start blaming me that I do all this to Sell my Training Course etc. You just need to follow some simple rules..

  • Invest what you can afford to loss
  • Never borrow for unsure investments
  • be-aware of Ponzi Schemes
  • When a company demand money for registration etc. It can never be a real job or work. Isn’t its simple to understand ?
  • Real companies pay you for your work, not ask you to pay them for getting a job or work.
  • Make sure company’s “Business Model” make sense
  • Always do at least Google research before investing or spending your time on some kind of online work.
  • There are not any real “Get Rich Quick” Systems
  • Money doesn’t grow on Trees. Or it does ?

And of course “Greed is a Curse” so don’t be greedy, only handwork can make you successful in life. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. To make public awareness, we need to complete 100,000 shares challenge to make this time “LAST TIME” for scam/fraud websites to cheat innocent people. share your thoughts in comments section.

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