Guide: Earn Money Through Graphics, Logo or Web Designing

Do you have a passion for design? Or are you good at playing with colors and possess the ability to see things with a different perspective? Good! Maybe you can find a career in Designing field (with little more practice and struggle). Yes, you can make some extra (or lots of) money by your creativity or if you’re not creative enough but good at certain designing software as well. What will you do? How will you make money? Where will you find work? And so on. These and many other questions were running in your mind. So let’s find answers for them.

There are 4 famous terms in Designing world that you might have heard.

1-Graphic Designing
2-Logo Designing
3-Web Designing
4-Web Development

And so many others which further classify designing in more categories.

Graphic Designing:

As per Wikipedia..

Graphic designing is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type and image. The field is also often erroneously referred to as Visual Communication or Communication Design due to overlapping skills involved.

You design placards, brochures, billboard, websites, Illustrations, Book Covers, and many other things as per client’s demand. You will optionally need a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree along with different designing software’s working knowledge (Adobe Systems leads here with its wide range of designing software).

Logo Designing:

You might have seen different brands and logos of luxurious cars and accessories like BMW, LG and Nokia etc. These are the trademark of a company and they invest millions of rupees (in dollars mostly) to get an eye-catching Logo. But here I’m referring to websites and blogs Logo. You may be seeing our website’s logo on the upper left side for example. This is very easy to get yourself mastered to design a logo. So you just need Adobe’s Photoshop or Illustrator to create an awesome logo. No matter you are a Graduate or Under-graduate, you just need a PC/Laptop, an internet connection and some good clients to work with. Set up your account on a freelancing website of your desire such as ELance, Freelancer, Odesk or 99Designs  and start making Logos (and money as well).

Web Designing:

Web Designing is no different than Graphics Designing and there is a very little difference between them. Graphics designing covers all aspects of designing where Web Designing limits itself to only on website designing and other online stuff. Rest both runs on same functions and requires same software and skills. You don’t need to be a graduate to become a Web Designer either.

Web Development:

The work of Web Developer starts from Web Designer’s work finishes. A Designer design a website on Photoshop but a Developer put it on the website to give visitors that awesome experience which the designer has imagined while creating the design. You need to be a veteran in HTML and CSS that you’ll be required to do intense coding for website of yours or your client’s.

Now, How to Learn and Earn as a Web Designer ?

Well first you need to learn skills required to become a professional web designer. You are may be already a designer but I’m assuming you are just a newbie who want to start learning and making money with web designing. To get started as a designer you need to learn Adobe Photoshop. To become Pro you may need to learn more skills like how to work on Illustrator or Flash but you can learn these tools after learning Photoshop.

Estimated Time for Learning: 15 to 30 days.

Aim: To become professional Web Designer.

Practice:   Lifetime!

Learning Resources:  Online Tutorials, Free eBooks, blogs, YouTube and Google

Okay, I’m done with learning Photoshop now what’s next ? Great, stay with me and keep reading. Shortly I will guide how to start working after learning required tools.

And Web Development or Coding ?

If you only want to become a designer who will just design a web page, logo, banner etc. Than No need to learn this part and you can just skip it. Web development is a vast field but right now I’m going to discuss only coding part which is linked with design as I explained above.

Estimated Time for Learning: 30 to 60 days.

Aim: To learn how to code PSD and integrate design.

Practice:   Lifetime!

Learning Resources:  Online Tutorials, blogs, YouTube and Google

After Learning, How to get Started ?

No matter, you want to start as a simple designer or also developer, you should take same steps as listed below. There are many websites and platforms which give you a chance to showcase yourself such as ELance, Freelancer, Odesk, 99Designs, Fiverr or Donzana and many others. Just make your account (make sure you read their terms and conditions) set up your profile and add your previous work experience. After that start browsing on available listings and then after choosing your desired project, bid on it as other bidders and if the organizer like your bid then he will contact you. After you complete the project, you will be paid through Website. Working on freelancing sites may appear a time taking process but it gives a positive result and so many long term clients if you never lose hope and keep trying continuously. Take Action is a key to success, so get started right now.

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Free Resources to Learn Graphics or Web Designing:

Here you can find almost free stuff to learn these Designing stuff if you have no previous experience in this field. These websites covers from Beginners to Experts Level and you’ll find here all the necessary stuff to learn Graphic/ Logo or Web Designing and Web Development.

Article Based Websites

Video Based Websites

So assume that now you have learnt sufficient skills to get started and ready to step into the practical field of working and making some cash here are some suggestion and guidelines to help you to decide how can you make money by your Designing skills.

Other Ways to Make Money as Web Designer:

Make Tutorials for Web Designs Websites

If you don’t want to work as a designer but you have learned skills, You still can make money by making online tutorials. You can simply write for others to teach them how to design a Logo, make a website template or how to make a Book’s Cover page on your website or if you don’t want to wait for months to have money in your pocket then there are some designing websites which accepts paid posts to name some of them is like 1stwebdesigner, wptutsplus and psdtutsplus. These websites can pay you minimum $50 to maximum $150 IF your article is accepted by their editors only. You have to make sure that your grammar is almost perfect as they don’t like articles with weak Grammar or lack of punctuations.

Convert PSD files to HTML/CSS Coding

Alternatively an other way for making money as a web designer is conversion of PSD to HTML and CSS. You can get work from freelancing sites or from other designers as if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS (Web Development) and they will pay you a good amount for converting their PSD files to HTML or CSS coding for uploading it to Websites. Additionally knowledge of Photoshop is also a must for this work.

Make Themes for WordPress

As you may know about WordPress which is a very famous and most widely used CMS (Content management system). You can create Themes for this platform. People are always looking for new and attractive themes for their WordPress Websites or Blogs both Free and Premium. So by this you can also make some cash just by having a good knowledge of Designing.

I hope this article will guide you to decide a better career path. You can share your views by using the comment box below. Special contribution by Ali Raza for writing  this guide.

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