Make Money With Videos through Dailymotion as a Vlogger

Are you a regular internet user? Then you might have seen different (weird) videos and activity on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Different types of videos having different topics being shared on a daily or weekly basis. Do you ever realize what the logic behind making these videos is? And what do we call them who create and then upload them on video sharing sites? What’s the objective of these video sharing sites and why people are adopting this fashion, trend, or whatever you call this, with every passing day? Your first reaction would be natural to these activities as I thought “What are they doing this and why? But let me clear you that those people are not insane they are Vloggers. Yes! Vloggers like any normal blogger or article writers.

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What Is Vlogging (Video Blogging)?

Vlogging is derived from the word Blogging (which is further derived from the word Weblog) and having a very long history of its derivation (actually not very long just few years back). Where this all started is hard to explain in this simple and short article so just to make long story short, people started to blog about different topic on their website and few years back a guy whose name was Adrian Miles came up with an idea to recording his activity instead of writing long or short articles and created his first video Vlog on November 27 2000 (unfortunately) he couldn’t get more exposure but he can be considered as Neil Armstrong in Vlogging field.

A Vlog can be on anything like sharing local news through videos created  by someone or technology review or a how-to guide on how to prepare for your tests (I hate to do that) in short you can make a video on anything which attracts you and is your hobby or if you want to teach or preach something.

Who are Vloggers?

A Vlogger is, obviously, that person who makes videos to share with others. This activity can be adopted as a hobby or to make some extra money through this. These people are very passionate about making videos and sharing it with world. They Vlog about different topic whatever suites them best e.g. reviewing different gadgets, teaching mathematics, physics or economics or making a funny video of themselves (or someone else).

Why Vlogging?

Well! This activity has various kinds of benefits like if you want to be an actor (which is almost impossible these days due to a long queue of strugglers) and have no idea or right contact to approach any relevant person then you can make a skit and upload it to any video-sharing site such YouTube or Dailymotion. There are so many talent hunters searching for new and promising talent like you and they always approach these site to find out future stars like you and me (not me actually). Or

If you want to be a successful professor and have no experience and couple of students then you can simply record your lectures and upload them on these sites mentioned above. And by this you cannot even excel your teaching skills but also can get feedback on your teaching style through viewer’s comments.

Suppose you’re a housewife who can’t leave her house for full time job then you can set up your online kitchen where you can teach people how to cook without leaving your house for a second. Or if you are a traveler who never stays at home so you can share videos about your traveling and findings and many more

You are bound only by your imagination. Just think by yourself and start making vlogs for your channel.

Where to start and How to make money with videos?

So, now when you have decided to start your own Vlogging channel then you probably thinking of a starting platform. You don’t need to think too much as we have already planned it for you (sounds like a salesman, but I’m not selling you anything. Believe me!). There are plenty of pre-loaded websites with lots of resources for you to get started and stand out from others like YouTube (obviously you know that) Dailymotion, Vimeo,, Viddler and All you have to do is choose any of the sites, sign up for an account which is free and costs you nothing and make further settings of your channel.

Looks interesting huh? But there is a confusion which is this variety of websites that make it hard for you to decide to make a selection right?

Let’s choose Dailymotion for start your first channel as it is easy to use and having no lengthy and tough terms for you to start a channel.

Now take a look in Dailymotion’s history, terms and conditions, privacy policy and monetizing program to determine whether it would be a good decision to go with it or not.

Dailymotion: is a video-sharing website which allows people to upload, share and view videos, it is ranked at 94 position on Alexa Ranking and is second most viewed website after YouTube (which is ruling this industry but unfortunately is a King of controversies). It is established on March 15 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey. It’s headquarter is in Paris.

The idea took place in the living room of Olivier by a group of six people who agreed on investing €6000 (about $9271) and then went on to increasing the investment and profit as well. First through Atlas Ventures and then Partech International latter in 2009 and finally became stable by backing up with French Government financing it from its Strategic Investment Funds.

Dailymotion allows its user to simply browse, view and share videos of their choice through different tags and search queries. You can search for your desired videos, channels or groups. Not even this but you can also add friends on the site. Dailymotion also lets you connect your Facebook account to your Dailymotion account.

NOTE: Having an account is not compulsory to use Dailymotion.

How to Earn Money Online with Dailymotion ?

Dailymotion also offers you some very useful program to earn money through your videos like

  • Motionmaker
  • Dailymotion Publisher, And
  • Open VOD (Video on Demand)

Dailymotion Motionmaker:

Motionmaker is a group of those users who creates their own video content like a music band or private news media or sports lovers. A motionmaker is an independent video creator or an actor; it can be a filmmaker or an editor with an official approval badge by Dailymotion. They have full support and access to the ultimate gadgets for their channel in order to create an awesome look and engaging channel. A motionmaker can get finance from Dailymotion for his/her project (mentioned above) and is featured on the Homepage of Dailymotion. He/she can avail full 1080HD results for his/her videos. Most important, if you are a Motionmaker then you can share revenue through advertisement displayed in/outside and along your videos.

Dailymotion Publisher Program:

It’s a very helpful program from Dailymotion team for any user who becomes their partner (by simply enabling the option in your account) and can share revenue up to 50% or more. All you need to do is just browse through a large number of videos available in Dailymotion’s directory and place them into your website or blog whatever you have and that’s it. As much traffic you’ll gain through your website as as more “Passive Income” you can generate through your Publisher’s account. Log in to your account (Dailymotion) to check your stats by going in to the dashboard and after when you reach minimum balance requirement you’ll be paid through PayPal or through Bank Wire as per your choice.

Dailymotion Open VOD:

This program enables you to sell your most popular video to Dailymotion as per your price. Yes! If a video, which you created, go viral and becomes popular then you can sale it out and interesting thing is, you can decide the price for your video. So, now all you have to do is, create a video, upload it on Dailymotion and try your best to promote it and make it popular and you will get your desired price for not only one video but as many videos as you could successfully make popular.

Why Choose Dailymotion for Vlogging?

You might be thinking that why am I suggesting you to go with Dailymotion when you have a better option in shape of YouTube which is number one Video-sharing site and ranked number 3rd  on Alexa ranking right? You are absolutely right and I agree with you that YouTube is King of this industry but you might have known that most of the time YouTube is not accessible in many of the countries and in the end after all your hard work when it is time for getting viewership, you find that they have been stopped by their Government order that not to use YouTube due to certain reason. Do you know that YouTube is still not accessible in many countries including China, Pakistan, Syria, Germany (in some regions) and Tunisia along with many other countries and even if it is not banned somewhere then people have no complete access to the site? And this is not for the first time when it is blocked. Here are the names of all those countries where it have been banned in the past and still not accessible in some of the countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE and USA.

This is not the only reason for leaving YouTube. The second reason is their tough and strict rules for its users which makes it impossible for common users to earn through its monetizing program. They have very strict rules for vloggers and due to this many of YouTubers complain for their accounts being banned by YouTube authorities due to a complicated reason.

I’m ready to earn extra money, What to Do:

I know you are already excited to start your channel and earn money but you are all out of ideas. No problem, here are some suggestions which may help you to decide:

  • You can start a cooking class where you can teach how to cook different food.
  • You can help people by making videos on different common problems like how to scan a virus or how to write a cover letter for a new job.
  • You can start a fitness channel where you can give tips and tell how to exercise in right way.
  • You can start giving reviews on Smart phones, Laptops, Computers and other similar gadgets.
  • You can also start giving reviews on newly released movies.
  • You can become an online reporter to deliver news on various genres.
  • You can also start a travelling channel where you can show the world about different places with a different perspective.
  • You can set up an online music band with your friends or a solo music channel as you wish. Or
  • You can just tell people about different websites (popular one).

This is not it. There are so many ways you can find by yourself because you know yourself better than anybody else does. Whatever you do, do it with passion and you should love it.

What not to do:

I know many of you have a very first attraction with this way of earning so I would warn you from some things which you should not opt to earn through Dailymotion as mentioned under:

  • Do not upload copyrighted material
  • Do not upload songs, movies or dramas which are not your possession.
  • Do not upload violent videos.
  • Do not upload a video in which an animal is seen being injured or killed.
  • Do not upload a video which contains aggressive or abusive material.
  • Do not upload a video which is not appropriate for children.
  • Do not upload any sexual material

Some additional ways to earn via Videos blogging:

If you are thinking that these are the only ways to earn through Dailymotion then let me tell you, there are few more ways by which you can earn quite good money if you do not want to sign up for Dailymotion’s monetizing program

Find your own Sponsor:

Instead of singing up in Dailymotion’s monetizing program, you can contact big brand personally and get sponsorship for your channel. You don’t need to keep Dailymotion as a middle man but for doing so you need a good, in fact great, amount of audience to impress your sponsors. Many big companies are ready to start such initiatives which are unique and innovative like Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, Nestle, Nokia, Apple, Samsung Electronics and many more.

Promote your own products:

If you are a businessman or a producer then you can use this platform for selling your own product and get lots of customers on Dailymotion through your videos. All you need to do is reach maximum number of viewer and make a strong viewership.

Giveaway on your channel:

If you are running a how-to channel then this trick may benefit you. Give free access to most of your videos and when you find a reasonable audience response then you can charge people for some content which is more important to be accessed. In this way, you will definitely get reasonable sales.

Get Affiliate Programs:

Work hard to get your channel at the top of popularity and when people start recognize your channel and trust you than find some good affiliate programs. This is another effective way from where you can make big amount of money.


“Making videos is becoming so common these days and earning through vlogging is now a trend. You can also become one of the successful Vlogger but you need to be patient as you are going to start your own business (even if on a small scale). And businesses are not being established over night.

Wait, work and GET your Dreams.


Wikispaces, Wikipedia, Dailymotion, Cosmopoliton.

Idea and directions of this earning way is by Rais Zada and Thanks Ali Raza for writing awesome and detail guide.

About Rais Zada

Mr. Rais Zada is a proud Pakistani, student of Engineering, loves and believes to work hard with a great potential and determination, as he was a TROLL few years ago but N-O-W is a successful blogger and businessman (of course, thankful), beyond every thing, what he learns he is a zealous to transfer his knowledge via his well-writing and videos. Struggling on!
  • w salam,
    Well what if at the time of payment they just suspend your account due to copy righted content. So its depends.

  • This kind of software not actually work but yes can get your YouTube or dailymotion account ban

  • w salam,
    It means its not a publisher account, you need to first for becoming a publisher

  • You must be violating their term and conditions

  • They do not offer earning opportunity

  • Saado S Rock

    sir mara dailymotion patner ka account mana is sa 8$ earn kar liua ha lakin wo doolar thora thora kam ho raha .sir is kaliua ma q karo

    • Its not possible, well if you still having this issue you need to contact dailymotion

  • Awais Khan

    eik oor bt mera tmam musalman bhaio k liye, yr ap agr ksi bi musalman ya pakistan key websites pe jaty jo tou meharbani kr k un websites pe 1,2 ads pe khud he click kr diya kro ta k wo bechara kuch kama sky, thanks

    • This suggestion is not appreciable at all. Its illegal

  • Bro. mai ne 2 videos upload ki thi dailymotion pe but wo kehte hai k ye Hamrai Term and use k khilaf hai wo mai ne khud bnai thi

    • What kind of videos you created ? Your profile link ?

  • Ap ne same question k kai comment k diye hn, bar bar post krny se reply fast ni mily ga lekin me ap ko ban kr dun ga comment krny se.

  • w salam,
    Videos which you upload are owned and created by you ?

  • I know some people, who are making thousands of Dollars from dailymotion

  • w salam,
    You channel link ?

  • Estimated Revenue is your actual earning.

  • Please read FAQ section in your Dashboard.

  • w salam,
    Its Crap, fake work

  • Please check FAQ section on dailymotion website

  • Hello,
    May be you are using someone else video which you do not have right to upload. Or may be your official account is not approved.

  • faraz

    sir if my payment is less than 100$ in month to yeh mujha payment kare ga monthly

    • No then your amount will be added to next month and you can only request payment when reach at least $100

  • w salam,
    Yes of course you can.

  • read above article complete for read FAQ on dailymotion.

  • Ammar

    Sir Please tell me how I increase my Impressions in dailymotion…I publish first video in my blog…but I can’t got “One impression”….. please tell me how I figure this…

    • Share on social media like facebook and make sure you used correct title, description and tags. So people can search your video

  • Saad Nazir

    Again Commenting..

    so yup bro, as you guided in your article, i made a partner account in dailymotion just few minutes ago, here’s the link bro :
    now, my question is, as you have a blue tick mark in front of you channel name (verified mark), that mark is not on my profile, why? as i recently been talking with you via emails, you told me that after signing up via dailymotion partner will let me that tick mark on my channel…
    hope so you’ll reply me ASAP 🙂 waiting bro 🙂

    • Its means your account is not approved yet as a official account.

  • abdul basit

    salam bro . i am little confuse . when i click on my channel i saw there parter written in a green rectangle.i applied for dailymotion partner program few months ago. so what this mean i am dailymotion partner or official or not.. one more thing. i mistakenly applied for this program.and i receive a email few minutes later that your application is approved even at that time i did not upload any video not a single video. so it make me little confuse that i am official or not. please reply.

    • If there is a official Mark on your profile and videos then you are official user otherwise not.

  • azeem khan

    rais bro when i goes in details there is empty earning in details how i will know it. My viwers reached to 14thousand but i have nothing in details why? are they will show on the end of month or why?

    • If your account is not Approved official account then you will not get paid and also if your videos are copy righted of someone likes songs etc, you still will not be get paid. Also you get paid for ads displayed within your video not for video views

  • Mujeeb

    Aaslam O Alikum
    Sir me jab dailymotion publisher par sign up krta hun to
    500 internal server error aa jata hai
    how to fix it?

    • w salam,
      Looks like your account delete or try from other browser and if its not working still contact their support.

    • w salam,
      Their server may be down, try other browser or try later.

    • w salam, try again later, its working fine for me. Make sure you are 18 years old and set your date of birth in account before apply.

  • Zari

    i just created a website for daily motion publisher program and applied for approval but application rejected.may be due to test i m just posting news in texts on it…then will reapply for this program.thing is can i post still videos from daily motion???has when i registered they gave me welcome mail and syndication key as i m getting embed codes with publish it.but it gave a message on top currently reviewing you application no revenue track n big page with title you application rejected.
    so what next???
    have emailed daily motion already.

    • Well, you may can apply again or only dailymotion can assist you in this case.

  • azeem khan

    salam rais i hope u will fine, please tell me when the dailymotion will show me my eran money i have got 11 thousand viwes of my videos but there is no earn money

    • w salam,
      You can see details in your Publisher Dashboard

  • Muhammad

    i have 3 questions [1] i have a unverified paypal account [just verified email, address & bank details & card not yet linked] can i use it now for dailymotion & other websites ? [2] i have dailymotion official account so i just punched my paypal email id there & got ‘official profile changed’ email from dailymotion its complete or need some extra steps as dailymotion not help much. [3] a friend of mine needs paypal account & he says i can share my account with him. is it possible & how?

    • 1- No you can’t
      2- For payment you just need to provide your Email ID
      3- Your own ac is not verified, so its not gona work for both of you

  • jahangir khan

    hii rais bhai.. 🙂
    i just want to ask that how i put the adds on my video can u tell me this please .

    • By getting dailymotion official account, they put ads in your videos.

  • Hello Rais. Thank you for the well written article. Do you happen to know how many total video views it would require to get 1,000 ad views or what the general ratio of total views to ad views is on Daily Motion? Thanks.

    • Its depends on your video, Viewer country, video category or type. So some time 1500 video views can get you 1000 Ads view and in some cases may be 10000 or more views get you 1000 ads views

  • M Adeel

    for the dailymotion payments the best bank is HBL. I have an popular channel on dailymotion and earning very well. Paypal is very difficult to run in Pakistan so the easiset way is HBL. HBL is a International Bank
    Just give the swift code of HBL
    and your 14 Digit Account number

  • muhammad junaid

    mujhy computer softwear achy aty hain ma agr tuttorials bana kar daily motion par upload kar dn leakin video main istehar kasy lagaon wo kn da ga ..

  • Muhammad

    i am working with dailymotion as official partner & have uploaded many videos in just 6 days these have 600+ views but no impression no CMP etc. dailymotion also silent on this issue all videos my own so no such piracy problem. what you suggest the reason possibly

    • 600 views are nothing, may be not a single ad displayed in your video. You get paid for ads viewed in your video not for video views

  • Jahanzaib Ahmad

    Assalamo alikum My Name Is Jahanzaib AHmad g mene dailymotion pe account bana ke 12 videos upload kar di he jin ke 12 hours me 109 views howey he wo honey singh ke songs he downloaded from net how i can get money for the views of videos plz explain me and reply as soon as possible.

    • w salam,
      You are not going to get paid for the videos that you do not own. Like songs are copy rights of singer

  • asif sharaz

    i have approved official dailymotion account. after that i apply for publisher account. but they reject my application. i cantact them two times. but no reply from last 7 days. what shoild i do ?

  • Saad Nazir

    so yup bro, as you guided in your article, i made a partner account in dailymotion just few minutes ago, here’s the link bro :
    now, my question is, as you have a blue tick mark in front of you channel name (verified mark), that mark is not on my profile, why? as i recently been talking with you via emails, you told me that after signing up via dailymotion partner will let me that tick mark on my channel…
    hope so you’ll reply me ASAP 🙂 waiting bro 🙂

  • Mohsin Adeel

    bro, i have 2 questions?
    1: why does my daily revenue is staying at 0 , i mean i get almost 1000 or above views daily!
    2: why ads are not displayed on my videos?
    After a month or so they show me i have earned 2 $ or so with 1300 impressions.. seriously what the hell..
    I upload some videos in which there is no nudity still shitting dailymotion marks it as adult content ! please give me answers..i am so tired and almost giving up hope on this!

  • Asif Sharaz

    i have sucessfuly got official dailymotin account one month ago. i apply for publisher account but they reject my aplication. i have ask them reason 2 times via email but no reply. what i can do ?

    • w salam,
      Only dailymotion can help about this

  • Dani

    Rais bro my question is that what mean by impression. e.g we can make earning if someone view our publish video or if they will must view sponsor ad and viewing our publish video has no any earning points to us..?

    • You will earn money for every ad view in your view, not for video views

  • Dani

    Rais bhai mjy ye clear krdy k publisher account me hum kese b video ko publish krty hy apny key k sath to us se humy kesy earnign hoti hy.. e.g jub koi wae vidoe ko open krta hy to view count hoti hy ya wo hamary video k through site me aky koi sponsor ad view kryga tub humy earnign melti hy…e.g mery publish 3,4 vidoes ke 50-60 views hue hy lakin ad impression oor earning 0 show hy, yaa ye bdh me show hoga.? oor dusre sawal ye hy k ktne view pe 1$ bnta hy…lakin fhla wala logic must clear krdy apni words me..thanks

    • Please try to ask questions in English only from next time. If you join as a publisher you can publish anyone else video which is available on dailymotion. Before sharing video or embedding on your website you need to make sure that video is valid for publisher network.

  • tayyab

    sir meene dailymotio acount banaya hai jis mai mere 1100 views or 8 apni video hai to kiya mera official account ban jae ga plz help me

    • If your videos are not copy righted, you can apply for official account.

  • Mudassar

    Bhai mera account approve nai ho raha wo reject kar rahe han

  • Salam ,
    rais bhi, i have made an account on daily motion. and also try for approval but they refuse my application. my blog site is available in message as. kindly guide me what to do..?

  • sir mai daily motion publisher acount mai new url kis terha ad kr sakta hoon aur ak publisher acount mai kitny url add ho sakty hain

  • Ammar Alam

    Hi Sir..
    Sir I am now 15 years old…Can I make money from dailymotion…because I try to Make Money through blogging but there is a age problem have reply me as soon as you are available……..

    • You can create ac on someone else name, your age must be 18

  • sarfarz ansari

    i wnt to buy dily motion offical acount ,

    • Wish you ban very next day after you buy 😛

  • sumbal

    I need some info about dailymotion account.where is your acadmy in Lahore ..i mean can u give a proper address please?

  • sarafarz ansari

    sir mera publisher acount approve ho gaya hay aur mai apnay blog per daily video upload kr raha hoon lakin meri kesi video per add show nahi ho rahay hain ,kia ap reason bata sakty hain es ka

  • thanks mr. rais zada

  • Assalam-u-Alikum.
    how are you?sir i want to ask that mein neye dailymotion publisher account bhaya aur videos upload ki.but impression kasy milty han?aur ad kasy lagti hy kiya kuch karna parta hy ad k laya?agar haan tu please guide me please.i will wait for your answer.thanks in advance

  • Saad Nazir

    so thats was amazing info, here i have few questions, hope so i,ll get your answers ASAP,
    questions is “is it necessary before applying for partnership or official program of Dailymotion, that one channel must have a large number of views and followers etc?
    question number 2 is ” when i was looking for this program i noticed that there was written “atleast your channel must have 1 video” so having one single video and some views, in short a newly made channel can be a official channel here with official badge like your channel have?
    3rd last but not least question is “what are requirements for this program? i noticed that you didn’t mentioned above, thats why asking,these questions are interlinked may be but anyway waiting for your answer 🙂

    • Hello,
      1- No but videos with respect to dailymotion policy guideline.
      2- Yes but its must be your owned video.
      3- well main requirement is that video must be created by you, could be tutorials etc but not copy righted. More about requirements you can read on their website.

  • Shaiza Chaudhary

    Very well explained. VOD seems interesting. 🙂 and publishing is really good as one of the options of earning from blog. Patience is all it needs.

  • muzafar

    bhai jan mne ye job join krni ha kese kro kya daily motion pe simple acount bnanapadtaha ya kahi se special banwana padta ha tel me plz

  • ubaidullahsaand

    Sir,i’m ubaidullah from pakistan,meny dailymotion pay account create kya tha,or ab may official account create kar raha hon,to es may kowi nuksaan to nai,or payment kese mily ge?plz guid me

    • Please read above article for complete details. They pay via Bank or PayPal.

  • Waqas Sab

    thanx rais bahi…
    can u plz tell me what the procedure to get account approved at dailymotion?

  • Waqas Sab

    hello rais bhai, i hope u would b fine and cool…
    rais bhai ma b dailymotion per videos upload kr k earn karna chahta hoon,as i have many videos made by me…
    but mujy problem paish aa rahi hai wo ye k ma 2 bar dailymotion per publisher account bna chuka hoon,but meri member ship request dono bar reject ho chuki hai,jis ki mujy samj nahi aa rahi k kyun hui,kusy mera account approved ho ga ye help kr den plz

    • You need to contact them and ask for reason.

  • Aamir

    salam bhai kya men dailymotion publisher account banatay waqt “URL website” kay box men ki url day sakta hun mere website nahi hay men blogger use kar sakta hun


    bHAI KIYA VIDEO k veiws pr b kuch milta he kiya….ya sirf ads k veiws pr…agr video pr milta he to kon se account type pr??

  • TaLha

    how ia can creat videos plez help me

  • Muhammad Salman Rafique

    Hi, friend ma na dailymotion official account bnaya tha jun ma or 31 jun tk mery $15 ho gay thy but FAQ ma likha howa tha k jun ki earning july k last week ma display ho jay gi but 1st august ho gai ha lekin earning nahi display howi kch b nahi aya why tell me plz.

  • Mujtaba khan

    dailymotion py mera offical account bna hua he aur me videos b upload kr rha hu views b aa rhy hen
    phir me ny publisher account k ly apply kya tha mgr wo reject ho gya
    mjy smj ne aa rhe kya waja ho skti hy

    will you guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Aslam

    How much per video Ad view does Dailymotion give in Pakistan. I know there is no exact answer for this, but round about how much – just an estimate.



    • About 10-25 USD per 1000 ad views. Not video views

  • Ali Raza

    Bhai,meny daily motion par official partner ka account bnaya hai me videos uplod krna chata hun jis pay dailymotion ads chla cky mujy yah smj ni arahe k me videos kha sy laun khud bnaun,yah internet sy download kr k uplod kru ap please is explain kr dain.

    • Of course you need to create your own video, you can not upload copy righted videos.

  • Hamza bashir

    AOA,Rias bhai ma 18 years ka hun.Mujhe online money earning ka best tareeka de.
    ALLAH ap ko aur deh ga.

    • w slaam,
      There are many ways written on my website, you can read, learn and start work.

  • ali

    sir i made 2 accounts on dailymotion but both got rejected ,mujhay yeh batain keh aakhir konsi videos upload karon keh reject na hoo., main ney apni koi video nahin ki.

    • To get official account you need to upload your own videos, not other people which you do not own or not copy righted videos.

  • You urself foooling us and giving ur ad to this siteemmm,,,,,this is not for learning ,,,this site is for earning for u ”

  • Muhammad Waqar

    main ny publisher acount k lye apply kya ha lekin mujy tracking key issue nahi howa , apply kiye one week ho gya ha. dailymotion kehta ha ap ka acount preview mood pr ha.
    kindly guide me, what can i do.

  • Riz

    Raiz kia hum youtube say video ly ky aggar usay dailymotion py upload karay to pir b earning ho sakthi hy yeh koi copyright law hy dailymotion ka but mn ny bohat se videos dailymotion py dakhe hy jo youtube say ly ky upload ke jye thy or views b ache milay howe thy

  • hello sir mera naam saad ahmad ha me pakistan se hu sir mene yesterday dailymotion par account bnaya ha kya ap mujhe bta sakte ha ke kya me earn kar sakta hu dailymotion se agar ha to kese me abhi tak 10 videos upload kar chuka hu aur mere viewers 110 ho gaye ha and mere koi website nahe aur ye bhi poochna tha ke me apni earning check kis tarah kar sakta hu aur i know payout via paypal ha but can u tell me in how much time i earn 100$

  • Muhammad Babar

    AOA bhai . nice post. bro kia ap mujhe is plugin ka name bta sktey hain. jo ap ne is post per lagaya hai. k share krney k bad post prhi ja skey.

  • Kumail

    Become an officaluser is easy or publisher account is easy to get ?

    • Getting Publisher Program is easy.

  • Fahad Ahmad

    Sir plz yeh bta dain k hmare Video pr kitnay Views k bad Daily Motion AddS dety he.

  • Is it Possible to withdraw cash by using payoneer ?

  • Farooq Khan

    Kindly tell me how much we get for 1 ad view?
    and what if we watch ads ourselves?

    • Watching ads yourself will not help you any ways and ads view depends on many factors, like type of ad, viewer country. For more details check Dailymotion website.

  • azeem

    Assalam u alaikum
    Sir main dailymotion ka official user Hon or payout Kay bohat qareeb Hon please Mjhe Yeh bataen, dailymition kitna time lega $ ko PayPal transfer karne ke liey

    • w salam,
      They pay on net 30 days term. For more info read their FAQ

  • Rakim

    Bhai i am new to dailymotion kindly tell me,, dailymotion kitney views py kitney paisey deti hai kuch pata hai to please btadeyn… i don’t know k earning kitni taezi sy ho sakti hai is py… mere 5000 k qareeb total views ho gaye han…

  • Sir mAina DailyMotion prr Account bna liA ha but wOo bOht Ahista Ahista eArning krr rha ha … 120,858 views
    already ho chuka hAIn channel prr… n Sirf 2.75 dollars hain mara official dashboad main..!!

    Kindly ap bta sakta hain ka in ki ratio ka ha Passon kii… ?? kiTna Users pr kItna pAssa miltA hain..!!! n MAra 100$ kAb tAk hOo jAIn gA ???


  • awais

    AoA sir main ne dailymotion per account banaya hai Become an Official User aur upto 10 videos upload ki hain uniquo videos aur content hain per mere channal k user name k agay Official main earn kaise kar sakta houn pls telme im waitting your reply thnx?

    • You will earn when someone watch your videos and dailymotion display their ads.

  • zafar ali khan

    dear frndz mai ne daily motion mai account bna lia h. aur videos b upload krne wala h. lekin mera ye
    sawal h k wo muje kistarah payment krenge?. how will i get my paymet?

    • Via Bank or PayPal. For more details take sometime to read FAQ available on their website.

  • Saqib

    A-o-A Rais Zada Bhai,
    Main Dailymotion sy payout ka trika pochna chahta hoon k kon sa trika best hy for payout in Pakistan.
    Bank ya PayPal
    Bank to konsa Bank? SCB to nahe hy humary city main. ABL, UBL, MCB, HBL ye hain.
    Or bhai Payment option main Dailymotion ki likha hy IBAN (EU members Only) kia ye option humary liye nahe…
    Please bhai Rais Zada zara Detail main Gide kar dijiye ga Thanks

    • w salam,
      If you have PayPal you can get payment in PayPal and if you have some reasonable amount to withdraw you can go for wire transfer. Use UBL or MCB for this, about IBAN you can confirm this from dailymotion.

  • A-o-A!
    Please mujhy gide karain k meri payment 100$ k kareeb ho gai hy agar is month 100$ complete ho gy to payment kab tak mily gi
    Or best way kia hy payment leny ka pakistan main Paypal yar Bank…
    Agar Bank to kon sa Bank Sab sy best rahy ga
    Please Complete Gide me Admin Thanks!

    • Pakearning Support

      You can have payments in paypal if you are running it, otherwise you can have payments in bank they can take upto 35 days to process your payments. The best bank can be SCB or any other multinational Bank.

  • mohammad shaazad

    Hello rais
    sir maine dailymotion pay publisher account sign up kia hai aur apporve bi hogaya but maine dailymotion pay
    ek account bi banaya hai jaha may movie k trailer upload karta hu aur usay publish it kar k share karta hu
    but video may koi ads nai show hotay, ya may ads wali dailymotion ki video kaha asy lu…

    thank you

    • Make sure you promoting special video link created from publisher account. And they show ads in video few times per hundred views, so its depends.

  • my dailymotion publisher account is approved I want to ask that when I use publish it button to share videos on my blog some times ads appears before videos is it dangerous bcoz I think ads should not appear on my own videos while I am loged in

    • No Farhan, Its fine and nothing to worry about.

  • Muhammad Fahad

    sir mera dailymotion publisher account approve ho gya hay .
    Me nay “publish It” button install kr k videos select kr k code apnay blog me add kr dia hay aur video bhi blog me display ho rhi hay .
    Mgr “TRACK revenues ” me kuch ni a rha hay . Daily motion yhi keh rha hay k ” HAVE YOU ADDED VIDEOS ”
    Please help me out

    • w salam, You will see results after getting lot of views to videos from your blog. They pay for ads displayed in videos not for video views.

  • Muhammad Fahad

    Sir me nay publisher program k lie apply kr dia hay aur video bhi apnay blog pr upload kr di hay .
    I want to ask that whenever someone will watch that video then i will get paid ?
    Thanks. 😀

    • w salam,
      Once your account got approved,you will be paid for every advertisement impression in your video.

  • troll awais

    So you were also a troll like me?
    ahmed awais

  • hasan

    what should reason can you explain ?

    • I don’t know about what you are asking ?

  • Hasan

    Excellent effort.. as always..

  • Thanks sir Rais for giving Best information regarding money making with daily motion. Its great article for us.

  • very nice artical bro keep it up 🙂

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