Micro Jobs: Make Money with CrowdSource Workforce

There are many Micro Task websites which offer mini jobs which can be completed within few mints and reward start from as low as 0.05$ and as high as $50 per job. I was use to work on this kind of websites in 2010 and was able to make up to 400$ a month in total. Why I leaved ? Actually that was beginner level, As far now I got busy in some other stuff like Affiliate MarketingMy Training Course, Online Payments Consultancy, running some blogs etc.

What Is a Micro Job?

By job you may be thinking like you will get paid some fixed Salary for some shitty 8 hours a day job, well its not like that. A better word for micro jobs might actually be “Micro Tasks” because its a very small paid task that can be completed in few mints or hours maximum. And of course you will work as a independent contractors.

How to Make Money with CrowdSource.com ?

CrowdSource actually looks more professional and promising from all the Micro Tasks websites I seen till now, so I decided to share with you. Also some my readers already making like $100 to 500$ with them, so this is another reason for writing this article

Well, CrowdSource  is a Micro Tasks Freelancing website, where you can join their virtual workforce and get paid to complete short tasks. Their are currently 4 type of jobs are available.

  1. Writing Jobs
  2. Microtask Jobs
  3. Editing Jobs
  4. Transcription Jobs

How it works ?

Its really simple to get started, first of all you will need to Join CrowdSource Workforce and select the jobs categories you want to work in, then follow this simple procedure

  1. You will need to get trained and tested before getting work, so only select categories of  micro jobs which you think you are capable to work. For some work categories you will need to pass small tests/assessments as well, for example for transcription or writing etc. to prove them you are good in English grammar.
  2. You can check available tasks/jobs in work catalog in your account, keep in mind you will only seen task for which you are qualified.
  3. Next you will need to chose which task you want to complete, “start” that and you will redirected to its special interface with instructions and requirements
  4. Complete and submit task, their review team will review your completed task for quality and to ensure you followed given instructions and completed it as per provided guidelines.
  5. You are all done, enjoy your rewards 🙂

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