Online Business Success story of Rais Zada

Hello friends,
First of all Thanks for landing on this page and for reading this article, well I’m Rais Zada from Pakistan and today I’m going to share my Success story in Online Earning Business. Of course its little success but it may can help you to achieve some Goals in life, With respect to my point of view Dedication and Achievements, Target and Goals are the key of motivation.

I will regularly update this success story as there are many achievements and goals that i still need to achieve, and i will, I have strong believe on ALLAH ALMIGHTY so There is no Power who can stop me, the only faith i have on GOD and of course i need to work hard with positive attentions.

Bill Gate’s Advice – Main reason to My success


Basically my all success is almost dedicated to my Mother, My Mamo (M. Ishaq) and of course to bill Gate’s because i was got impressed by Best inspiring message from Bill Gate’s

           “If you born poor it’s not your mistake or choice, But if you die poor it’s your mistake with choice”

When i was just 14 years old, my Father passed away (May Allah bless him with Jannat-ul-fardos) , as i was big in home an my sis and bro was younger than me, so it was really very hard time specially for me and for my Mother. From that time my childhood was end and i come to know that i should have to be responsible for my family and my home.

Well any ways, time by time i join many companies, trust on many people and got SCAMMED many times, got HURT many times, few people used me for there work and end up with FRAUD and i was totally broken at the time when after FSC i was not in condition to continue my Education (At that time i come to know pain of  broken dreams). but you know what ? I really Thanks to my Great Allah, these people and hard time had teach me lot of things, make me Diamond and My all success is just because these bad Peoples.

Today I’m doing Engineering from Private first class University, and I’m happy i achieve this just because of my strong believe on my self, on God , My moms prays and also special Thanks to people who helped me a lot.

Almost 3 years ago i search from Google and YouTube, just like you, How to Earn Money Online ? and found many things, well there was no one to teach me, and some how i got 1.12$ after 3 months work, which is only 96 Rupees , it was my firs Earning. LOL i was dancing 😛 (after many years i just come to know that I’m still a kid)

      When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit, Victory is near !

So do you think it was too low ? even not worth for 1 day work ? Yes it was but i was sure that i can make this 96 PKR to 96 lac or even million. I strongly believe on Allah and on my self, Positive people can do every thing. by this i just come to know any how, any ways its possible to Make Money Online, so i start work more hard, learn more and more and Yes thanks to my friend Google, YouTube for helping me lot.

So ? Today i am making few thousand Dollars each month, Supporting my family, my education, i got almost every thing which i was need or wish.

Now i own business worth more then Millions Rs if not more !!   Include Hosting and domains reseller Company, Registered financial Firm ,  My own office and many website. I’m also Certified Publisher and  affiliate at different companies and networks. I have no words to say Thanks to God

I asked many of my friends and relatives to join with me for online earning (my Mistake) but all were making fun of me and laughing on me, LOL you know what ? Now they are waiting for months just for my 1 hour time, and to get my trainings, to learn from me (No No, No friends i don’t proud, i am nothing, just letting you know that don’t worry if people making fun of you or your work) just continue your work with patience and let me clear i got all this success with work of countless nights.

Many of my friends, Fans, members, visitors mostly Email, text or call me and asked how i did this all in very young age ? mostly when people visit my office and they really got shocked if they never seen my pic before and always say so YOU are Rais Zada ? How you learn all this stuff etc and lot of questions ……

well i always answer that only 3 things cause for all this… “Need, Interest and Craze” I was in need of money for my education and i believe we must need to mange at least our own expense in Graduation, So my needs forced me to search for online earning jobs etc, well when i started i got very much interest in all this stuff like web surfing, web development, online earning, IT and computer, and finally i become Crazy for my work and to learn all this stuff, still I’m crazy to work more and to learn more, I never look at clock while working.

Well Friends, i will update this story more, its only 3% and 97%  remaining.  Thanks for your time.

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