Why Optimization of Your Fiverr Profile is Important

One clear and simple rule, if you want to be successful in any online business. “Take Action and get serious about each and every part of your work

I’m going to share some To The Point reasons why professionally setup and optimization of your fiverr account is very important for sellers. Very common mistake that most new seller do is not taking care of profile setup. You need to understand that your Fiverr profile is not just a page where you can upload your picture and few lines of your introduction.

Points to Remember when Optimizing Fiverr Profile

setup and optimize fiverr profile

Show your passion:

Normally there are many users who join different freelancing platform daily like fiverr, most of them do not have proper skills which they pretending to be expert for. So buyers spend money when they found someone who is just work to get some bucks but he love and enjoy his work. So when writing about yourself in fiverr profile show passion about your work, write something that provide reason to buyer why he should order your Gig as compare to some other seller, as there are many sellers on fiverr for each category.

Fiverr Search and Ranking for Gigs:

Consider fiverr search and gigs ranking feature while writing your introduction in profile, because most buyers use search feature to find what they are looking for. User related words in your introduction that you think users might search for to find gigs which you are going to offer. Like if you plan to provide logo, banner pr graphic design services, you can write a line in your intro “God gifted me creativity and you can see in my graphics or logo’s designs”

search gigs in fiverr

Earn the Buyer Trust !!

When you join fiverr, of course you do not have any feeback yet, so its really hard for a buyer to know if you really can solve his problem, so its your profile introduction and your gigs well explained description which can make him to think about you. Your fiverr profile photoshow how much creative, professional and clean guy you are, by clean I mean who can do his work in perfectly and neatly. Using picture of an animal, baby or your really not going to help you.

Watch Video Tutorial about optimizing Fiverr Profile

Watch YouTube version here, Let me know in comment section if you have any question or if you want to share your thoughts about this. Please try to post comments only in English.

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