Benefits and How to Make Money with Disqus Comment System

If you are reading this article then you are definitely interested to improve quality of your  website and to increase your income. There are a lot of comments are coming to your website against different blogs and articles. I can tell you a way through which you can monetize your comments. Really? Yes it is true.

Here is a way with which you can do so. I will tell you about a system namely Discus.comThey provide platform for online Communities and for websites as a hosted comment services. Started in 2007 by Daniel Ha. It is free service for websites and people who are allowing comments on Websites.

Features And Benefits of Disqus Comment System

Disqus commenting system works like an attractive community and its installation is very easy for any user. This system is integrated with all social networks in very friendly manner. A very unique benefit of this system is that it has beauty of controlling spam and cannot put nameless comments as everyone has to be verified and authenticated in this system. It allows you to turn on or turn off the guest comments which reduce the spams effectively.

One of the excellent features of Disqus is that it provides joining and connecting with other blog authors but with other blogs who uses the same system. You can track discussions and sub-discussions effortlessly. Disqus also uses comments in sequence and allows and welcomes more comments.

Disqus system of comments is a surprisingly tool anyone would like to have it. It is very friendly and supporting for anyone who is designing the comment area. You can manipulate your comments in different way either u put them above your post or below, classify them with respect to age, while selecting any font and use other features. If you see that so many comments are coming, you can add moderators and this will allows you monitor or manually approve comment to keep your commodity clean from spam or bad comments.

Karma feature of Disqus is very real to be applied.  When a commentator comments, visitors can vote is to make the rating of that comment. Naturally, everyone likes to be highlighted as good commentator and thus his repute is increased.

“Discovery” is an other great feature of Disqus. What discovery does? It shows articles from other blogs on right-hand side. It will be shown under the comments area, which will be seen by the visitors so it can help you to increase traffic.

One more very supportive and amazing feature lies with Discus. You can import all your comments from Other CMS (Content Management System), e.g.: WordPress and Joomla. So, in this way our all history of comments will be saved.

How To Make Money with Disqus comment System

Other than enjoying lot of benefits, cool feature, bandwidth saving, You can also make money with Disqus comment system. When you use their comment system, they show come sponsor link (if you allow) at the end of comments and share revenue with you.

Earn Money with Disqus Discovery Tool

It is reality;  Discovery feature can generate extra revenue for you as a publisher. It has two ways

1- Same-site Discovery

2- Promoted Discovery.

Same-site recommends the same content to user which he is visiting. In this way page views frequency is increased and more chances to generate revenue arise.

Promoted Discovery guidelines users to peculiar content that marketers are looking to develop to the visitors.  You earn revenue from Discus as a Publisher for each click on  promoted content link.

How Much You Can make with Discovery?

Brief answer is that it all depends on many factors like CTR (Click-Through Rate), Quality of Traffic,Type and Quality of the Created Content and advertisers promotion discretion.

How prices are determined in Promoted Discovery?

You as a publisher will make money on Cost per click basis. For every click on a Promoted Discovery link on your site, you will get a percentage of the revenue and the percentage of earning is not fixed.

How Discus Pay to Publishers ?

Minimum payout of Disqus is 100$ and Payment is made after 90 days via PayPal when you reach minimum payout amount. Withdraw Fees may vary depending on your selected payment option and country.  fees are :

  • PayPal – $1 (+ normal PayPal fees according to your individual settings)
  • ACH – $1
  • Wire Transfer – $15
  • eCheck – $5
  • Check – $6

Drawback Of Discus

There is a drawback in Discus system. In fact it stores all comments on one server, not on our server. If something happens to Discus servers, your all comments are gone with the wind means you lose all your previous data.  If Discus decides to change, your data has no security or surety to be recovered. Well now there is a new option by which you can also store comment on your own database, so this drawback is somehow ignorable.

So, bottom line is that using the Disqus system has more advantages than disadvantages. Moreover, it is next step in commenting system which will result in improving blogs comments.

Tutorial: How to Use New Google Keyword Planner for Keywords Research

In this tutorial I will guide you, How to use New Google keyword planner tool for searching high traffic, low competition and profitable keywords.  As you may know, the Google Keyword Tool is no longer available and it has changed to Google Keyword Planner.  In this article you will learn how to use this new tool accurately and effectively according to new advance search engine optimization techniques.

For beginner, let me explain what is keyword? well, any thing you search in Google or any other Search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc. are keywords. Like you search “How to lose weight” or “Used Cars” so used cards and how to lose weight are 2 different keywords. Webmaster basically optimize their websites or blogs for these kind of keywords, so they can get free organic traffic from search engines.

This article will guide and lead you to use Keyword Planner for appropriate keyword research you want. It is very simple, just log in with your existing Google account. If you have not make Google account yet, make a new one and log in and sign up for Google AdWords. You do not have create campaign to use Google Keyword Planner.

How to Use New Google Keyword Planner?

After log in to Google Adwords, you can find Keyword Planner under the tool “Tool and Analysis menu”. After reaching there you have now three options:

Google Keyword Planner

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

You will find this screen after login to adword account with your Google Account like Gmail.

Search for Keywords in Keyword Planner

The first option is same as were in the Google Keyword Tool, now in a simpler way you can research for keywords and can check research for state and city level. The old keyword tool had only option for countries.

keyword research

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Step 1) First type your keywords, select your targeting options and set filters for minimum or maximum monthly searches or CPC (cost per click) and click Get Ideas. Analysis how many global or local monthly searches there are for your keyword to estimate possible traffic. I suggest keyword that have up to 10,000 searches every month and less than 20,000 competing web pages in Google search results. Well sometime even 500 or less searches are also fine, its basically depends upon your niche, targeted market or product (If you are selling something). Be aware with your competitors because some authority sites like Wikipedia, university sites have tons of back links and are hard to beat them.

get keyword ideas

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

By default “Keyword Planner” give results to ad group ideas. If you click on the keyword ideas tab, you will see the similar results you would have found in Keyword Tool when it was available. Here ideas are seen on basis of your keyword entered, with their average exact search volume, competition (medium, high or low) and CPC. You can also see the graph of search about previous one year.

new keyword planner

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Keyword Research Advance

Step 2) Go to Google search to analysis competition for your selected keywords, write your key word in quotation marks and search as shown in image and see results, how much pages already indexed in Google.

keywords competition

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Step 3) Now you need to make sure about Page title competition so Insert intitle:”your keyword” and press search, this will show you how much pages have used this keyword in the title of their pages. Example: intitle:”where to Buy metal detectors”

Step 6) Now to check exact URLs indexed in Google which contain your keywor, for this now Insert inurl:”your keyword” and press search, this will show you how much competitors have put that keyword in their url. Example: inurl:”where to Buy metal detectors”

Things to Remember

Keyword Tool did give you by default average search volume for users of Laptop and Desktop Computers, but Keyword Planner gives you average search volume at all devices. Data cannot be filtered through any specific devices.

There are certain differences between Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool. For beginners, Keyword Tool by default gives you historical search volume statistics for broad match, but Keyword Planner tool gives you exact match.

You can find that there is no longer a column for average local searches. In spite, you would target your search for a specific location in the beginning to get average search volume in that area.

Image # 14

Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress – Light-weight

Before installing this plugin, I was feeling same like you. Now finally I found best social media sharing plugin for WordPress which do not effect your site speed by any means. Its a very lightweight social media plugin which include top 5 social networks Facebook, Google+, Twitter,  linkedin and Pinterest for now. I’m talking about Floating Social Bar and I’m also using it on my website too.

Download Floating Social Bar – Of course It’s Free

Why Its Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress ?

The first reason is that its lightweight and do not effect your website loading speed and other reasons is its floating effect. Plugin already include top 5 social media websites which are I guess enough, more social website link on single page effect website speed and people are not likely going to share content most of the time other than few famous social networks. Plugin show likes or share counter too on the page and it increase your social media visibility by its simple decent style.

Search engines count social signals when they consider ranking for a web page and also you can get free traffic from social websites. So Social sharing plugin is must for you website, so people can easily share your content with friends and family.

How to Install and Setup Floating Social Bar Plugin
To install this plugin simply go to Add New Plugin option from your WordPress dashboard and in search bar type “Floating Social Bar” and install plugin. Also confirm developer name as shown in image below to make sure you are installing correct plugin.

Next click install and active the plugin and after activation go to WordPress setting options and here you will find Floating social bar plugin setting option. Click that and now you will see plugin setting screen. Simply drag and drop the social button which you like to use and next select type of pages or posts you want to display social sharing buttons. Also here you can find option to make plugin static or floating.

Video Tutorial to Setup Floating Social Bar Plugin
Well for me, this one is the best WordPress plugin for social sharing, what about you? Share your experience or questions in comment section. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share with friends.

HostGator Sale: Up To 75% Off New Hosting!

So if you are looking for great web hosting at cheap pricing, you got best offer of 2014 by HostGator. They are offering Up To 75% Off New Hosting For 4 Days. Its limited time offer which will start from Thursday, July 24th at 12am CST and will be ending on Sunday, July 27th at 11:59pm CST. So if you read this post after the sale expire still you can get 25% discount by using coupon code “25pakearning”.

hostgator discount

New to HostGator? You can read detail review about the company, its service and more. Lastly, Don’t be late because this sale is going to end in just 4 days.

Here are the details about Hostgator 2014 Big sale

  • 75% off all new Shared hosting packages (1-6 month terms)
  • 45% off all other Shared hosting packages, Dedicated servers and Reseller plans.
  • Domains as low as $8/year and 50% off  on VPS packages.

HostGator 50% OFF on Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

If you want to buy quality hosting at low price then its right time because hostGator offering 50% off today. You can read HostGator review before purchasing hosting from them. This is actually Tax Returns sale, many people are getting their tax returns back so HostGator decided to offer 50% off sale.

hostgator 50% off

Click here and Use Coupon Code TAX2014

Note: This is limited time sales, if coupon code is expired, you can use “25pakearning” to get at least 25% discount any time. is another Scam – Fraud Clicking Website

So after visit4earn or visit2earn , is another fake Clicking website.  Click phobia is becoming irritating more and more for us, a lot of people daily wasting their money or time in this kind of fraud clicking websites and after that they comment on my website to know about these sites.  Mostly when someone loss their money, so to recover his payment, he/she mostly invite their friends and family to join these sites. I don’t have must time to wast on this review. So its a quick answer to those who want to know that is scam or not.

Warning: Cash2Get is a fraud Payment Processor

Why Aim2Earn is Fake ?

I can’t explain same reason again and again, well they are using self sponsored fake advertisements, they want you to pay for getting job or earning opportunity. No physical office or any registration. Pure Ponzi system.

Watch a short video for more details and share it with your friends for awareness to stop this stupidity, Thanks you for reading and you can share your thoughts in comment section and no calls or SMS on my mobile that can make me angry.


Warning: is a Scam Ponzi Scheme

I really don’t want to write more about crap websites like or and I really don’t know when our people will learn something. Its a serious headache and I think our Pakistani people deserve to be scammed, they don’t learn or understand anything until someone kick on their Ass and do fraud.

How is Fraud Ponzi Scheme?

Please grow up, its 2014 and you never seen a legit company website design, contact us page and other details ? And you still want to know why this 3rd class D-Grade crap website is scam? well, if you want to know more, let me disclose some facts.

Reason#1: Website do not have any business model that really work, so how they are paying to users? How website owner is making money? Like if they pay you Rs 5 per click then from whom they are getting these 5 Rs?

Your innocent answer will be like, They are getting paid from advertisers and so from that money they are paying to their users. Really ?

Let me tell you real story behind the scene, there is no fuc*ing advertiser on their crap website. All ads on the website are self sponsored by their own to impress users. They have ads of United Bank Limited, Mezan Bank, JS bank, Faysal Bank, Comsats University, Punjab college, OLX and many other organization, now please call to any of these and they even don’t what this website is. And you really thing these Big Companies going to advertise on this D-Grade crap website? so it means they don’t have any advertiser and all ads are fake.

visit2earn scam fraud

Reason#2: As we know all ads on the website are not advertised by any company, they are all fake. So its means its Pure Ponzi Scheme.

Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the owner or organization, pays returns to its investors from new investment paid to the owner by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the company or organization. Owner of Ponzi schemes like usually entice new investors by offering higher profit and pay to old investors, so in very short time one day company end up.

Reason#3: As I explained, they do not earn anything from business and they just pay money from new users investment to old users and one day there will be no so many investors but website will have a big debit so they will scam you and run away with your money. Of course they can’t pay for long time, its not possible. why? Let’s do some calculations. For example they have 100,000 users and each user can click daily just 10 ads, and he earn 5 Rs per ad, so he earn daily 50 Rs. Which means all 100,000 users earn daily Rs 50,00,000, and Monthly Rs 1,50,000,000. LOL how they will pay this amount ? So Now you understand what will happened one day? Yes you will loss your money.

Reason#4: Website have very old script which is not secure, by creating account you risk your personal information, also website design is totally non professional.

Reason#5: Why there is no address on the website, No Mobile No, Not Tax No? Of course fake business owner hide their identity.

Last, Payment issues started and fake payment proofs being published:

visit2earn fake

Well, game will be over soon. Few more proof of complains from their own Facebook official page.

visit4earn fraud

Guys Making Money Online is really not work this way, by joining this kind of fake programs you can not claim that Online earning is fake, in fact you chosen fake website and wrong way. Read my guide about real internet workNow please don’t dare to call or SMS on my mobile no to confirm about this website, read this article if you agree then good, if you don’t agree go ahead and start work. I don’t have any benefit if you work with them or not. You can ask questions or you can share your views only in comment section below. Good luck and keep me in your prays.


Scam Alert: and Cashpail are Fake

One more addition to hall of shame, and Cashpail are now scamming Pakistani people by offering Paid To Click jobs. In past few months Click phobia started in Pakistan and few of our greedy people, who really don’t want to work hard but they want their money doubled anyway. I already reported about Aimtoearn and Visit4earn website, how they are doing fraud and running away with innocent peoples money.

Let me answer some quick questions very clearly and to the point, without wasting your time, as well as mine.

Most Interesting Part of Homeclicking 😀

You think you can cashout your money ? Well, when you think this, at the same time, scammer who run this fake website really laugh at you. Because Homeclicking also have Payza (Real payment processor) option but only for deposit, so you pay them real money and they pay you back in cashpail (Their own created Fraud website).

homeclicking fraud website

Last try to help you, if you paid Homeclicking or any other clicking website. You can fill a dispute to get your money back via Payza. Click here to read guide about how to fill dispute in Payza.

Q: Homeclicking is Real or Fake?

Yes of course its fraud website, I do not recommend to work or invest on this website.

Q: Cashpail or Real or Fake?

well, cashpail is illegal website which is offering payment processing service, you can not withdraw, cashout its money. And this website is also owned by

Got any more Question about Homeclicking or Cashpail? Okay, ask in comment section but after reading this article complete. Don’t call on my mobile to discus anything about these both shits, strictly not allowed.

Everything has a Price ~Student Success Story

Back in 2013, in the middle or something of April. I Google “How to Make Money Online in Pakistan” and fortunately landed on Pakearning. After having couple of calls with Mr. Rais, I successfully got myself registered in it’s very own type online earning course. Before going through this course, I was involved in captcha entering. PTC and similar sh*t. Just want to give you a little background of myself back then. I had a borrowed laptop with me ( thanks to my relatives ) and a slow shared internet. I just had passed out my matriculation from a local school and was struggling to make my first penny online.

Okay, so let me get it straight first to everyone. Making money online is not a myth. Online market is just like a physical market where a similar cycle is being run every single time. A product is delivered to it’s consumer and with the accomplishment of satisfaction, you make money. You just have to find the best shape for yourself to fit in this building blocks of online world ( and trust me, it isn’t hard ).

Back to the story. I had a borrowed laptop and a shared internet. Learnt a whole new phenomenon of my life devastating theory, ONLINE EARNING IS NOT A MYTH. Although, it took me 8 months to cash out my first income made online but it is mandatory to put time, no? Okay, I’m side-tracking the story again, shared internet and a borrowed laptop. Working from a broken table my mother had and a good for nothing chair. I was putting in the hours, I was having the faith but no progress. One thing more, Internet isn’t a quick rich scheme.

I guess, I cannot take this drama anymore. Today, I’m running a Graphic Designing Firm, handling my never ending Freelance Projects and working as a Trainer who is helping other People to succeed. I’m able to be the bread winner of my family at the age of 17. Got a chance to meet and interact with awesome people, which people usually don’t get in my age. Oh, and just let me share a picture of my desk.

Every single device you see there, is the result of hours I have put in. So what basically it requires you to succeed in life? Or may just achieved one of your goal.  I wrote a detailed post on my Facebook.  Before saying any more word. Here is the post :

It’s 4am and I’m sitting against balcony. I have enough caffeine in my body and I’m feeling high. I don’t know, but I went in thoughts today. I usually don’t, but I went today. I started realizing, what it really takes to be successful? Is it hardwork? Is it luck? Is it right decision at the right time? No, It is “Price”.
All it takes to be successful is “Price”
– You want to be a doctor? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be an engineer? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be a singer? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to seek God’s Blessings? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be a millionaire? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be close to someone? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to have a healthy relationship with your love one? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to robe a bank? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to reach a higher level where no one is standing? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to have more money? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be a good developer? You have to pay the Price.
– You want to be more beautiful? You have to pay the Price.
All it takes to be successful is “Price”. This “Price” is sometimes, “money” , sometimes “efforts” , sometimes “right decisions”, sometimes “time”, sometimes ” patience” and sometimes “emotions”. But it all takes a “Price” to be successful. There is no such thing as “Luck” ~ It is just an excuse you give yourself when you’re not able to pay the Price.
– You have to pay the price of putting more efforts in Physics and electronics to be an engineer.
– You have to pay the price of giving more time to studies and practice to be a doctor.
– You have to pay the price of practicing vocals to be a singer.
– You have to pay the price of practicing religion to seek more blessings.
– You have to pay the price of making efforts to be a millionaire.
– You have to pay the price of giving more time to your love one to get close to him.
– You have to pay the price of attention to have a healthy relationship.
– You have to pay the price of courage to robe a bank.
– You have to pay the price of being smart to be on higher rank.
– You have to pay the price of being busy to make more money.
– You have to pay the price of being a computer geek.
– You have to pay the price of spending more time with yourself.
You know what, I have subscribed to hundreds of YouTube channels for motivation, I have downloaded hundreds of motivational videos, I have listened to many keynote and motivational speakers, I have gone through the voice of A.Luther King and Eric thomas for thousands of time, I have read numbers of eBooks to learn what actually success is. If you ask me, what it takes to be successful? I will state, it only takes a price. If you’re not able to pay the price, you’re not successful.
Let’s go with a sample situation. I want to be a famous IMer, but not that type of person, who is working from home sitting in shorts. I want to run my own company. So definitely I have to pay the price. I have to pay the price of learning professional ethics, I have to pay the price of networking with other professionals, I have to pay the price of building skills set. If I’m not willing to pay the price, I cannot be a famous IMer. There’s everything within me. I have time to pay as price, I have money to pay as price, I have passion to pay as price. How simple is that, if you’re not willing to pay the price, you’re not going to achieve it and you’ll end up claiming that you’re unlucky.
There may be nature in your path, but it is not a resistance, it is just making you more strong and defining yourself that if you’re able to pay the Price. No matter, what situation you’re within, what kind of difficulties you’re facing, but If you’re willing to pay the price, you gonna achieve it no matter what.
Hey! Wait, You want to be successful? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you able to say no to your friends when you’re working on your goals? Are you able to quit watching TV to work on your goals? Are you able to sit infront of computer for continuous hours, days and weeks to achieve your goals? Are you able to stand out and look for opportunities to achieve your goals? Are you able to quit texting with your girlfriend to achieve your goals? Once you have committed to pay the price, you are half way closer to achieve your goals.
I have been through these sentence of Eric Thomas for hundreds of time everyday :
If you’re not persuading your goals, you’re literally committing spiritual suicide
Achieve your goals, be willing to pay the price, be able to pay the price.
– Usama Arshad

In the last, thank you Rais Zada for providing opportunities to a kid like me. Bookmark my personal blog for weekly motivation.

Why Optimization of Your Fiverr Profile is Important

One clear and simple rule, if you want to be successful in any online business. “Take Action and get serious about each and every part of your work

I’m going to share some To The Point reasons why professionally setup and optimization of your fiverr account is very important for sellers. Very common mistake that most new seller do is not taking care of profile setup. You need to understand that your Fiverr profile is not just a page where you can upload your picture and few lines of your introduction.

Points to Remember when Optimizing Fiverr Profile

setup and optimize fiverr profile

Show your passion:

Normally there are many users who join different freelancing platform daily like fiverr, most of them do not have proper skills which they pretending to be expert for. So buyers spend money when they found someone who is just work to get some bucks but he love and enjoy his work. So when writing about yourself in fiverr profile show passion about your work, write something that provide reason to buyer why he should order your Gig as compare to some other seller, as there are many sellers on fiverr for each category.

Fiverr Search and Ranking for Gigs:

Consider fiverr search and gigs ranking feature while writing your introduction in profile, because most buyers use search feature to find what they are looking for. User related words in your introduction that you think users might search for to find gigs which you are going to offer. Like if you plan to provide logo, banner pr graphic design services, you can write a line in your intro “God gifted me creativity and you can see in my graphics or logo’s designs”

search gigs in fiverr

Earn the Buyer Trust !!

When you join fiverr, of course you do not have any feeback yet, so its really hard for a buyer to know if you really can solve his problem, so its your profile introduction and your gigs well explained description which can make him to think about you. Your fiverr profile photoshow how much creative, professional and clean guy you are, by clean I mean who can do his work in perfectly and neatly. Using picture of an animal, baby or your really not going to help you.

Watch Video Tutorial about optimizing Fiverr Profile

Watch YouTube version here, Let me know in comment section if you have any question or if you want to share your thoughts about this. Please try to post comments only in English.