How to Fix “This Connection is Untrusted” Error (Solved)

In this short tutorial, I will help you to solve “This Connection is Untrusted” Error message. well some websites and specially if you are website owner and you want to access Cpanel then this error wouldn’t let you open the website. Reason for this error is Shared SSL certificate installed on website or may be your browser is outdated.

Before you apply this process, please make sure the website you are trying to load is trusted. Next, follow these 3 steps

1- Click on I understand the risk option

2- Now you can see new option Add Exception, click this button.

connection timeout

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3- Now a small window will pop-up and its our final step, Confirm security exception and you are done.

SSL security issue

Video Tutorial to solve This Connection is Untrusted Issue


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IPMT-FMSCORP is Scam Now – Formerly IPMT-FMS

In this article I’m going to introduce an innovative and great online Investment Opportunity, Imperial Precious Metals Trading (IPMT). From last few weeks I am getting lot of requests to review this company by our readers so today I decide to write about this Opportunity.

IPMT-FMSCORP (Formerly IPMT-FMS) is Scam Now

IPMT-FMS.COM is SCAM now and not paying since Liberty Reserve shutdown and now website is offline. We recommend every one to file a complain against them via Payment processor you used to invest like Perfect Money and do not invest now.

Why Imperial Precious Metals Trading ?

We are aware with the fact that now a days Online Investing become common and most loving way to get paid for just little efforts. Many online investors are not able to invest and play around stock market or Forex market. So different companies Pop-up every day offer opportunity to make some extra cash with your money and run away, so its really very hard to find a trust worthy program. Well, IPMT is an international Precious Metals Fund Management Company. With respect to offered opportunity The Company delivers on the committed returns by investing with least probability of loss.

Online Investment Opportunity

You can make money with IPMT Fund Management Company, they offer wide range of investment options from small investors to professionals. You don’t need to have knowledge about Forex Trading, Stock exchange etc to join this program, No headache, Experts of this company will take care for every thing and you are ready to collect more cash , Yea Its right that “Money Makes Money” so start multiplying and your bank will thank you for this later.

Emerald Fund Management Plan

If you are not new to online investment then you must already know about daily based Profitability for your investment, this plane starts from a minimum investment of $20 to maximum investment of $ 10000 for 100 Trading Days. You will be get paid daily with respect to your investment, this table will show you more details.

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 Coral Fund Management Plan

Its my favorite plan to work with, really innovative and different from typical MLM. Coral Fund Management Plan is 7 Level deep matrix and investment commission system by which you can make more money even for referring  new clients in your down line. There are two options to select Profitability and duration of investment.

  1. Instant: Its 1X3 Double Bonanza Promotional plan, where you can Refer 3 valued associates and book your profitability doubled instantly. Like if you locked 100$ funds and refer 3 clients any time, your profit will be doubled (200%), instantly.
  2. 60 Days:  Its hard to find refer? No worries they have other solutions for you. Lock a position and try to get some refer and if you failed then after 60 days, with out referring any one, your profit will be doubled means 200%
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All online investment companies have risk factor include, so its possible to lose your money so invest only what you can afford to lose, we do not have any direct or indirect link with this company or affiliation, our aim is just to provide information. Only you are responsible for all of your act.

Qhoster Review – Buy Hosting with Perfect Money and Payza | 25% OFF

I’m blogging about different payment processors like Perfect Money, Payza and PayPal from last few years, So mostly users post comments on my blog that Which Hosting Company Accept Liberty Reserve, Payza and WebMoney etc ? So today I decided to write on a great Web hosting provider Company know as Qhoster.

Qhoster is providing web hosting solution since 2004 with most innovative and secure technologies. They host lot of domains and Web sites , Great support team and with many available payment options. Today Qhoster helping thousands of small and medium businesses as well as individual worldwide with their web Hosting and other innovative services.

Qhoster Services:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates Solutions
  • Domain Names

Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions

Qhoster Company is specialized in providing best shared and reseller hosting solutions, If you are an individual and looking for a great and affordable hosting service than I will suggest you to sign up with them today and also if you are interested to Make Some Money by reselling hosting service than you can just start with up to 24 USD.

1- Signup for shared Hosting Today and Get 25% OFF – Use “PakearningLoveHost” Coupon Code.

Good News: PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, Skrill and other 80+ Payment Options

2- Signup for Reseller plane and Get 25% – Use “PakearningLoveReseller” Coupon Code.

Qhoster VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is best for website with high traffic, as your business grow and you get more traffic to your website than VPS hosting best for you and I only Found Qhoster Company from where you can buy VPS hosting with Liberty Reserve, Payza ang with many other available payment options. Qhoster VPS package star from only as low as $13/month.

buy hosting with Liberty reserve and Payza

Get 25% OFF – Use “PakearningLoveVPS” Coupon code.

Get Free with every VPS

  • Choice of VPS operating systems
  • Full administrative access
  • Stable virtualization platform
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with your VPS
  • VPS hosting control panel

Dedicated Servers

They offer fully managed Linux and Windows dedicated servers located in USA and Germany. Well Dedicated server price is just start from up to 129$/month and I guess its enough best price for a server to get started. You will be loving their service and support team after signup with Qhoster.

SSL Certificates Solutions
If your website is related to e-Commerce , or you are accepting credit card or other payments, or any other stuff where security mater than you must need to have a  SSL Certificate for online theft and other incident insurances for online buyers,  They provide SSL Certifications to website owners too, If you need.

Domain Names

There are only few companies where you can buy cheap domains with Liberty reserve or Payza. Mostly Domain registrar don’t accept these payment option and those who accept charge high price but Qhoster is Recommended service where you can buy cheap domains with Payza, Skill and other payment options. Pricing just start from 8$/year. buy domain Now.

Domain Name Include the following feature:

  • Powerful domain control panel
  • Full domain name DNS control
  • Free email with domain name
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • Redirect the domain

Over 80 Payment Methods
You can buy hosting or domains with Payza, Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers),  Webmoney, cashU and many more. Qhoster accept more than 80 payment options. looks like every one now can get domain or hosting from any where.

Customer Support
They have 24/7 support via Online chat or phone and Technical staff to assist you when ever you need, they will support you.

They support via

  • Live chat
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and yes of course Uptime 99.9%, Money Back Guarantee and affiliate Earning Include. Please let us know with your experience in comment Section.

Guide: How to Work as a Freelancer and Make a Living

Are you the one who wants to earn money right from his/her living room but don’t know what to do in fact how to do it? The fact is, many people are just not made for an office job but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t work and make a living to pay their bills and for other expenses. You may have heard many people saying ‘I’m a freelancer’ in parties, get-together or at any place where people belongs to different fields. Its a detailed guide and if you don’t have time to read it, forget to become a successful freelancer.

So what this freelancing thing is and why people tend to be one rather than an office job? How do they find legit online jobs and successfully maintain this process doing again and again or client after client? I know you have so many questions regarding freelancing and earning a living through it so I tried to sum up all the questions in this post to answer (possibly) all of your questions regards freelancing and real online jobs. So here we go (Down!)

Types of Freelancer Jobs:

The fact is that, this term is too broad and could not be covered in this single, little and innocent, post so what we are going to do is just picking up the general category to give you an idea about what could be done online as a freelancer and then you can dig out information about that particular category that matches your qualifications and work experience. However each of the categories would be discussed in the later posts on this website so keep in touch.

  • Administrative Support
  • Business Services
  • Customer Service
  • Design and Multimedia
  • Networking and Information Systems
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Writing and Translation

Administrative Support:

So! Here’s the term that is even broader in this broader overview of jobs that can be done online. Administrative support deals with providing administrative expertise to different firms and industries and it requires from you a deep knowledge of the industry in which you are doing to work and experience before you step out and start client hunting process.

Starting from financial firm, it goes up to the film industry and even covers different other industries like you could be providing accounting services or working as an HR manager in a company so almost all the professions can be listed here under this category when you are providing administrative assistance to any firm like handling email responses, doing web research for a particular project, doing transcriptional stuff or maybe data entry work in an office. Be sure to check this in detail before making up your mind.

Business Services:

If you are having your bachelors degree majoring in accounting, economics or banking then there is a good chance for you to be hired by one of the finest financial firms but if you don’t want to work in an office then why not try your luck in online marketplace where you could easily find a job if you are an accountant, Bookkeeping expert, Financial planner or maybe a business consultant.

Yes there are too many companies who are always looking for qualified people like you (if you are so) and outsource their project to cut the cost but the only thing they are looking is quality work so be sure about it. Some companies are even looking for a guy who could handle their legal matters so if you have any of this skills/expertise then you can easily cash so many projects.

Customer Service:

If you are expert in handling phone calls and saying ‘This is Alex! How may I help you?’ then you can surely be hired as a customer service representative. And the good thing is that you don’t need to leave your house or miss that Soccer match at all.

Just make suitable arrangements and start completing your projects. But be specific as this is, again, a broader term so first choose what you want to do like you want to give technical support or work as an order processor. Different businesses have different needs for their customer service section so study the market before you jump in and send pitches to potential clients.

Design and Multimedia:

Here comes my favorite job that one can do right from the place he/she loves to sit on and start designing different things for clients. If you are a designer then you must have felt that creativity dies in boundaries so it is essential for a designer to always have plenty of ideas that requires visiting different places and meeting other creative people.

But unfortunately conventional office job kills the creativity by time and soon the designer finds himself dry or out of ideas. Just stay at home (or at anywhere you want) and find clients if you are a graphic designer, print designer, logo designer, Photoshop expert or maybe a voice actor as well. There are so many designing projects for all those who have a passion to draw something unusual and appealing to masses.

Guide: How to Make Money as a Designer

Networking and Information Systems:

If you have earned a degree majoring in Statistics or you are an IT professional then you can work as a networking expert or as a database manager for a company right from your home and work what you love to do without any 9 to 5 conventional job.

Not only a statistician but if you are a software engineer, a developer or maybe Linux expert then opportunities are always there waiting for you at the other end of the bridge. So just cross the bridge and embrace them by offering your services and build your reputation a freelance networking expert.

Sales and Marketing:

Attention all the marketers and sales representatives. If you are the one who wants to pursue in sales and marketing sector but not willing to work from an office then online jobs are the perfect alternative that matches your mood (or possibly income expectations).

Just decide what particular field you want to join like SEO, SEM, SMM and PR or maybe Lead Generation and start working with millions of clients waiting for your talent out there. The good point is that you’d be prospecting clients from every country and all this would happen through your laptop either sitting in the park or watching a movie at home.

NOTE: It is better to be professional.

Software Development:

If you are the one who loves to play with codes and develop different software then you might be having a good chance to excel in software development industry. Employers know that this world is full of genius so they tend to outsource their work rather than hiring someone and giving him/her a cabin in the company. So if you want to work as a free bird and you are proficient software developer, then you can easily bank tons of projects even working from home and not going to office.

Web Development:

If you are a proficient website developer and thinking to work from home then you are thinking right as many people are doing this job right from their home office (not the real office). There is a lot of work available on different kind of online jobs marketplaces that you can easily get if you play your card right and convince the client that you are proficient in this work and would give him what he’s looking for. This just needs a working knowledge of coding and creativity with couple of web developing courses and you are good to go.

Writing and Translation:

And! Here comes the simplest work that you can do which I call ‘selling words and get paid for it’ and this is almost true. There are so many writing jobs one can do online and the good thing is that you don’t need to be a PhD to do this instead, you just need writing experience of few years.

Just choose your genre like copy writing, scriptwriting, short story writing or blog & article writing and start working on it. Find the clients and show them your work in order to win a project from the crowd. It’s that simple! If you are a good translator, then you’d be having a pile of projects before you soon. So enjoy working on what you love to do and write good stuff for millions of people interested to read and get benefited by it.

Guide: How to Make Money as a Writer

Q. So Can I Make Money by Freelancing?

Good question! But let’s put it this way like how much could you earn with an office job? Like $30 to $50 per hour less or more? That means you earn around $240 to $400 in a day which is around $7200 to $12000 per month and ultimately $86,400 to $144,000 by working 8 hours daily in an office. (NOTE: It’s an assumption not the correct figure). So let’s see what an average freelancer make by working from home and then compare it with an average office worker.

If we look at major online jobs marketplaces like oDesk, eLance or Freelancer then we find an average freelancer (belonging to any profession) charges in between $16 to $90 dollar on hourly basis for a single project. So if we take a random figure let say around $53 per hour then he/she maybe earning around $424 per day working 8 hours a day and about $12720 (including Sundays). So an average freelancer earns around $152640 a year that is as same as the office worker makes round the year.

But what’s the catch? Why would anybody leave an office job and work as a full time freelancer when both are earning almost same right? I think it is the time flexibility the freelancer has and freedom of workplace but the unfortunate office worker has to limit him/her in a 6×6 work station and work every day from the same location.

Major Online Jobs Marketplaces:

Another important question arises that where one can find a legit online job when there are so many scammers and frauds ready to steal their work and vanish away with their rightful money they are entitled for their hard work. As the internet has so many interesting things for us to entertain ourselves then how could it miss to support a person looking for a legitimate job? Below are some of the famous and reliable online jobs marketplaces to help you start off your online journey.

General Online Jobs Marketplaces


Here’s the #1 marketplace having variety of different jobs all under one roof. Just over the website, make an account and start working after listing your expertise and passing a test (part of their policy). But be sure that as this is the #1 marketplace so competition level would be tough as well.


OK! Here’s the second most popular online jobs marketplace that’d be having hundreds of projects (of different nature) for you every time you log into this website and check the listings. If you think you have that thing which attracts clients then dive in and start working.


Another perfect alternative of eLance and Freelancer is Guru that is full of loyal buyers and always has something to offer the dedicated freelancers. Just make an account and start working on the project that you feel you can do. List your expertise and start making money.


The fourth most popular website having more than 20 online jobs categories for different kind of freelancers. Just go over the website and checkout whether your expertise can pay you off while working on this website or not?

People per Hour:

Founded back in 2005 from its London office, this website is providing the valuable things to both freelancers and employers as well. It has different categories ranging from photography to video editing to copywriting to web designing etc. Go over and make an account in order to start working on projects.


Having different tools to track your work speed and secure payment options this is another great option for those who want to work from home. This particular website is the best solution for those who have payment processing issue (Remember PayPal?) as it has a variety of payment processing options that enables the freelancer to work without any payment issue.


Here’s the booming $5 marketplace with a variety of projects and unlimited projects with loyal clients coming again and again to this particular website. From past 2 years, Fiverr has taken over the competition from giant online jobs marketplaces but it is noteworthy that due to high competition, many people find it hard to get their first gig so be ready for this situation if you make your mind for working on Fiverr.

Must Read: Guide about Making Money with Fiverr

Actually this is more like an online job listing boards but I felt that it should be added to this list of general online jobs category as millions of people visit this site every month and most of them get a relevant job from its broad listing categories.

Teaching Online Marketplaces

Teachers Attention! As here’s the deal for all those people who love to teach different, or any particular, subjects. Tutor has a vast variety of subjects to be taught via internet and from anywhere in the world to anyone who wants his/her kid to learn that subject. Teach Mathematics, Science, English or Social Studies right from your home and get paid for doing that.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online:

If you are a college grate or maybe a professor, then the website mention above is best option for you where you would be making assignment kind of thing as per client’s demand and make money. This website has a variety of subjects as well as projects so dive in and start writing the assignment.

Complete Guide: How to Make Money As a Article Writer

Designing and Web Developing Marketplaces

Calling all designers! 99designs is one of the most famous website both for designers as well as buyers who are looking for a brilliant and creative designer maybe for a logo, T-Shirt design or brochure design as well. Make an account, list your work or participate in competitions to get paid for your creativity right from your laptop and the place where you like to work.

Art Wanted:

Actually! It’s more like a social network specifically for designers and photographers to enable them showcase their work and sell it out to those who want to buy it. Generally you can make a free account (Just like Facebook) but there is also a premium account that has $5 monthly fee with advanced features.


Are you a coder or a programmer? Well! In both cases, you are going to have a project and get paid after you complete it on time and deliver it to the client. Just make an account over there and start hunting for the client that has a relevant project for you.

Tuts-Plus Jobs:

Most of you have visited one of the Tuts-Plus websites where you find a lot of learning material if you are in editing or photography. Recently, they have created a different website for those aspiring photographers, designers, coders or programmers who are looking for a project. So you better try there.

Writing Jobs Marketplaces


If you are good at writing and just starting out in this vast industry then you should visit ProBlogger’s job listing board where you would definitely find a relevant job according to your working experience and what you love to write the most.

Freelance Writing Gigs:

This is another great online writing jobs list where you can find the best client. But the noteworthy thing is that you need to pay them $10 in order to showcase your work to the potential clients and get a project from there.

Pitch me:

This is a very useful website for those having a degree in Journalism. Just pitch an article after making an account there as many have pitched already and if someone finds your article interesting, he/she would pay you for writing that article for them.

Text Broker:

As the name says it all about this website, this website let you write what you love to write. Once you make the account, you will be asked to take the competency test and rated after that according your performance. Then if you pass the test, you can complete your author profile and start hunting for what you love to write.

Skills Required For Being A Freelancer:

As I’ve mentioned above that freelancing is a broader term so every single freelance job needs a different skills to get this thing done. But here are few points that every freelancer should possess in order to survive in this toughest economy and competition as listed below:

  • You should be able to work under pressure to meet the deadline
  • You should develop a sense of discipline and professionalism in yourself
  • You should be proficient in what you are doing freelancing
  • You should be a good (if not brilliant) speaker in order to represent your ideas persuasively
  • You should be able to perform different things like research and analysis of the project in order to deliver best

Useful Tips for New Freelancers:

Freelancing is not about taking few projects and doing them for a shorter period then tell the story of your valor and bravery to your kids but it is a matter of doing the process continuously. So in order to keep in business, you should focus on these following tips mentioned below:

  • You shouldn’t be discouraged if it takes little time to get your first order
  • Always pitch with an energetic way and impress your client
  • Don’t give an impression that you are done with this freelancing thing
  • Always keep yourself up to date from the current market rates and what’s in so that you could plan better
  • Make good relationship with peer freelancers and share each other’s working experiences to be on right track
  • Always be friendly with client but don’t let the professionalism slip from the conversation as it would affect your reputation as a professional freelancer

Do share if you think something should be added into this guide and also let others know about your freelance career’s story (if you are a freelancer) to help those who are just starting out through the comment section below.

Micro Jobs: Make Money with CrowdSource Workforce

There are many Micro Task websites which offer mini jobs which can be completed within few mints and reward start from as low as 0.05$ and as high as $50 per job. I was use to work on this kind of websites in 2010 and was able to make up to 400$ a month in total. Why I leaved ? Actually that was beginner level, As far now I got busy in some other stuff like Affiliate MarketingMy Training Course, Online Payments Consultancy, running some blogs etc.

What Is a Micro Job?

By job you may be thinking like you will get paid some fixed Salary for some shitty 8 hours a day job, well its not like that. A better word for micro jobs might actually be “Micro Tasks” because its a very small paid task that can be completed in few mints or hours maximum. And of course you will work as a independent contractors.

How to Make Money with ?

CrowdSource actually looks more professional and promising from all the Micro Tasks websites I seen till now, so I decided to share with you. Also some my readers already making like $100 to 500$ with them, so this is another reason for writing this article

Well, CrowdSource  is a Micro Tasks Freelancing website, where you can join their virtual workforce and get paid to complete short tasks. Their are currently 4 type of jobs are available.

  1. Writing Jobs
  2. Microtask Jobs
  3. Editing Jobs
  4. Transcription Jobs

How it works ?

Its really simple to get started, first of all you will need to Join CrowdSource Workforce and select the jobs categories you want to work in, then follow this simple procedure

  1. You will need to get trained and tested before getting work, so only select categories of  micro jobs which you think you are capable to work. For some work categories you will need to pass small tests/assessments as well, for example for transcription or writing etc. to prove them you are good in English grammar.
  2. You can check available tasks/jobs in work catalog in your account, keep in mind you will only seen task for which you are qualified.
  3. Next you will need to chose which task you want to complete, “start” that and you will redirected to its special interface with instructions and requirements
  4. Complete and submit task, their review team will review your completed task for quality and to ensure you followed given instructions and completed it as per provided guidelines.
  5. You are all done, enjoy your rewards 🙂

You may be also interested to read: Let’s Make Money with Photoshop

Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family and I will love to read and reply your thoughts in comments section below.

What Happened to Liberty Reserve and your Money ?

We are all wonder, what happened with Liberty Reserve, they got hacked, any legal action taken by Government. well let me clear there is still not any official news from Liberty Reserve or any most reliable source. Over internet every one have different views, some people thinking that Liberty Reserve is hacked, some said its taken down by government and few believe that  LR scam now.

Its not the first time that Liberty reserve is down, its happened lot of times before with or with out official announcements. In 2012 even their website was down for more than 7 days.

Will Liberty Reserve shut Down forever ?

I have some friends on different community forums, one of them is very active in Payment Processing or E-money exchange stuff. He next have some contacts in Spain and Costa Rica. So from his friends he confirmed that, The news about an arrest of LR owner and the guy involved running LR, was confirmed through local print media.  So the news is real people. Still its not official and not fully verified.

Its also true that USA Government have eyes on on different payment processors and  LR is on the list. Because these payment processors or not under MSP (Money

Service Provider) Status, So transactions done with these companies may consider as Money Laundering.

Well its Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, So many companies are closed on weekends, I suggest you all to wait till Monday for confirm news and real story behind this.

Future of Liberty Reserve ?

At the moment we can not predict any thing, until we know true story behind this issue. Nobody knows, Will it be allowed to get back online but with new rules ? Will LR officials hire good lawyers and get back online ?
They might get back online but block most accounts or hold majority of accounts and leave some open ? Who knows.

I don’t know Whether LR is gone for good or not but the thing i know is that I will lost up to $4000 (4 lac Rs) and lot of business. Of course not only me but millions of other users and exchanger may loss millions of dollars and think nobody can make any claims otherwise unless they have a time machine.


Internet world is crazy, any thing can be happened any time for any reason.

– Rais Zada

Well future of Liberty Reserve looks dark now, If LR manages to get back online than many user will be using it to get their money out and may stop using it. Perfect Money runs similar to LR and is targeted next. It is the most bad news in 2013.

26-05-2013: Recent update on Liberty Reserve situation

Last day I reported about the recent governmental crackdown on the Liberty Reserve, Today I confirm from different reliable resources that the News about the arrest of the people behind Liberty Reserve is True.

In 2011, Costa Rica’s financial regulatory authority, the Financial Institution Superintendency (SUGEF), closed Liberty Reserve, citing a lack of transparency and accounting of funding sources, However, Budovsky continued operating the company.

Police or related authorities arrested Liberty Reserve owner and seized computers, phones and documents from his home and office. I wonder if they start world wide arrests, as now they have database and all details of LR users.

Everyone (Specially members from USA) who was involved with HYIPs, Ponzi Scheme and other criminal online activity should start to seriously worry now.

This is the news that came up with the video (thanks to donothingmoney for translation):

This condominium (the one seen on the video) located in Santa Ana has been part of a series of raids that were conducted by the “OIJ” money laundering division in conjuction with the D.A. against organized crime.

The diligence was conducted in Spain after a man by the name of Arthur Budovsky with Costa Rican nationality was arrested.

Him and another ten person are being investigated for multinational electronic fraud in the range of several millions of dollars, the investigation was on going since 2011.

In Costa Rica servers, documents, computers and telephones were seized. On top of that vehicles Roll Royce and Jaguar valued at a bit less than half of million us dollars.

… The case remains open in Costa Rica and the assistance of the United States has been requested. In this case it was the United Sates who asked to international collaboration to do these raids.

Officials have not commented on how much money Liberty Reserve accounts handled, nor how many clients are affected by its closing.

Withdraw Money from WebMoney (WMZ) in Pakistan

There are many companies which pay via WebMoney Payment Processor and you can not easily withdraw your money from WebMoney in Pakistan. So, to withdraw webmoney funds you need exchange service to convert WMZ to PKR. Our sister company Pay Exchanger offer buy and sell service for WebMoney in Pakistan.

What is WebMoney and WMZ

WebMoney is a web based payment processor operating from Russia since 1998 and WMZ is purse for USD currency. They supports several types of Purses for different currencies but we will be dealing only in WMZ for  USD Currency.

Sell WebMoney in Pakistan

If you have earned WMZ dollars from some company, website or received payment from Forex broker and willing to cash out than we can help you out. Process is simple, you need to Submit sell order online at Pay Exchanger.

  • WebMoney to any local Bank Account
  • Exchange WebMoney to PayPal, Skrill or Neteller.

Buy WebMoney in Pakistan

To Deposit money in webmoney you will need to use some exchange service. Well if you need to buy some thing or need WMZ dollars, you can use our service to buy WebMoney in Pakistan. Submit buy order on our other website mentioned above and Transfer/Deposit payment to our Bank Account in PKR or pay cash in our office. After payment confirmation we can add funds to your WebMoney Account. we only accept PKR or Perfect Money for buying orders.

What is the rate and Procedure ?

Rate for buy or sell  WebMoney dollars are given on our website.

Submit order on

FAQ about WebMoney Exchange

Q: How I will get my Payment from you  ?

A: You can get Payment via any Local Bank Account, EasyPasa, Omni or via Allied Bank with out Account or from office if you are from Lahore.

Q: Minimum amount to Exchange ?

A: You can withdraw or deposit as low as $10.

Q: How much time you take to exchange our money or when I will get my payment ?

A: Its basically depends on current pending requests, normally it takes from 1 to 12 Hours.

5 Easy Ways For Housewives To Earn from Internet

I have received a lot of emails from housewives and college girls about making money online from home, so today I decided to explain some ways housewives to make money online. No doubt now women are much more independent and talented as compared to 25 years back; especially in developing countries. I’m blogging since 2009 but I have noticed that females trend about working on internet is increasing day by day from 2012 to onward. I personally recommend women to work online, once they get married because its quite hard to do offline job when you have kids.

If you are a housewife, who is at home for a long time, you must get bored with the same routine work at home. Why don’t you spend your time in a useful way and start working over internet and help your family to live a better and luxuries life. The best part of online business is that , there is almost no investment, to get started you just require an internet connection and personal computer.

So now pay attention, leave your work for a while and turn off  TV, your bank will thank you for this later. I’m going to share 5 ways for housewives to make money, who are sitting idle at home, wasting all their talents.

1- Articles Writing

The most easy and quick way for ladies to start making money is article writing, your writing abilities and English grammar need to be good if you want to become content writer. If your English is not good, still nothing to worry just do a Google search and find many websites to learn English online. You can find clients on Facebook or writer Emails to different magazine and other blogs/websites. You can also join Freelancer or Odesk to get started.

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It’s not difficult as you are thinking. In article writing, you just need to collect information mixture and write it in your own words, like you are reading this article. If anyone has good writing skills and good English grammar he/she can contact me, I can help to get work.

2- Become Online Tutor

This is something what I really love to do, I don’t like home tuition or study in offline academies because it wastes a lot of time. You may already know that I’m also teaching different Online courses include Web Development, Blogging and Online Earning Training Course. So, trends are changing now, up to 50 students join my training courses every month so its time for you to start teaching online and utilize your knowledge. Before starting you need to keep in mind that people are not comfortable with all subjects online so chose subject that can be learned online,e:g students feel comfortable in learning English grammar, Programing, chemistry, biology etc.

You have two options, first you can get some students to teach online via some local links, some home or online tuition providers, fiverr, classified ads or Facebook to get registered on some online websites that look for online teachers and pay them for teaching online, solving problems, completing assignments. You can teach via Live chat, Skype Videos calls and Screen sharing with team viewer. You can expect $300 to 1000$ monthly income.

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An old man visited my office few days back and he is teaching online Quran to students in UK, USA and making 300$+ every month. Even he can not operate computer well, His English is not too good but still he is making money and doing hard work.

3- Graphic Designing

Its amazing way to make handsome amount of money for creative ladies, professional web designers average making 250 to 3000 dollar a month. With respect to different surveys out of all the fashion designers out there, 70% of them are females. If you are reading or searching for online work first time than you may be amazed or its looks strange but day by day graphic designers demand is increasing. So you can get started with Photoshop and Coreldraw and you can find work on Freelancer, Odesk, Facebook, Community forums or contact any nearest software house.

I’m creative minded, I like designing work but I don’t have any skill 🙁

Well nothing to worry, you can learn Photoshop or Coreldraw online, Google is your friend so find some tutorials and learn all stuff online free. Its also a fact the women have God gifted approach to make the best use of colors etc.


4- Earn via blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest methods for housewives to earn online but It requires lots of hard-work with devotion in starting. If you are expert in some specific topic, subject or you want to share your views about products, technology, politicians etc any thing, its means you can start blogging. Blog is just like your Public Diary, where you can share your thoughts and when people read your blog and you get paid. To become a successful blogger you needs lots of patience, Never quit attitude.
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Well for success in blogging, you need to learn Search Engine Optimization and Monetization. You can learn all this stuff from different websites by searching in Google. Best categories for Housewives to start a blog are cooking, fashion, health and fitness, personal care, beauty etc. You can make $100 to $2500 a month by doing blogging.

5- Offer Gigs

Its fun to make money with different mini freelancing website by offering gigs. Gig is refer to any service, work or any thing that you can do for $5+/-, for Example You can start a gig like ” I can write 500 words article for 5$” or “I can sing a song to wish birthday to your friend for 5$” or some naughty gig  “I will give 25 missed calls to any one you want for $” etc. There is a huge market place where you can offer you gigs know as Fiverr. Specially girls and housewives can cash this opportunity according to their talent. You can visit and browse different categories to get more ideas about different gigs, may be you can find some thing you can do really very well. You can make average $250 to $1000 monthly using this way. If YouTube is working on your computer, you can watch my Presentation about these 5 ways to Make Money.

Best Keyword Research Tool To Find Micro Niches

Undoubtedly, here I’m going to discuss about the best keyword research tools, likely, Adwords Keyword Tool, Micro Niche Finder. If you want to have your own website on first page on Google in up coming days, so this is the very basic and important topic, which you must know about it properly that how to target the exactly right keywords. If you target the wrong ones so it means you slept down the stairs in very first step.

In present times, now you can’t rank for broad match and high competitive keywords like for ‘domains’ or “health” etc. So, your aim must to be to catch long-tail keywords. Those keywords, which you will choose for? Yeah, for your website content or article. And, you will prefer to those long-tail keywords, which will be good-enough in monthly searches and competition must be low as well.

There are a lots of ‘keyword tools’, where you can search for your keywords that whether it is convenient or not. So, I suggest you to use ‘Google Keyword Tool’. Before, I go to explain you, so first keep 3 points in mind that which is required for your good understanding.

  1. As you read so, will do practically in new tab with me, step by step.
  2. Now second thing, open the following link in new tab Google Keyword Tool
  3. Third and last one is that where I use the word ‘suppose’ so it means that I gave you just an example, because number of searches can be vary, it happens due to the different locations and countries.

Now, let me try my level best to teach you properly.

Let’s suppose, that you have targeted the keyword ‘birthday cards’ for your website, so first you will go to the ‘Google keyword Tool’ to search your targeted keyword, but before you go to write the keyword over there, you must have to make the situation suitable. So, let’s apply, if you have opened the tool in new tab so, do you see three options broad, exact, phrase in left side, got it? Umm Okay so just tick the mark to ‘exact’ one and other ones left blank, after that you must have to select your country in the option ‘Advanced Options and Filters’, which is about middle of the page and written blue in color, hope you got it, now just click to it and select your country name then just click again on blue written words. Now, you have made the suitable situation for the keywords. watch video for keyword Research tool to find your niche

Next, as you have targeted the keyword ‘birthday cards’ so, you will write it on the option, where is written ‘Word or phrase’, so after write the keyword there just click on the button ‘search’, which is little bit below to the blue written words. After clicking, you will get the keyword result in one second. Got the result? Then Okay, let’s observe the search result keenly, first you will see that, is competition low, isn’t it? If it is so that’s right, now take a look on ‘Global monthly searches’ hmmm that is 301, 000, very good, now next is ‘local monthly searches’, that’s 18, 100, it’s also very fine and last one is CPC, that is $1.83, all are good and going in your favor.

But, now how will you know that the targeted keyword ‘birthday cards’ related, how many pages does Google already have? Simple, first hang on ‘Google keyword tool’ and open the new tab, and as you search any keyword in ‘Google Search Engine’, like, Wikipedia, twitter … etc. So, same like that you will write your targeted keyword in ‘Google Search Engine’, so after a second you will get a result related keyword, now you can clearly see on the top of the first result, there is written ‘About 29,900,000 results (0.16 seconds)’, so Google is telling you that how many pages it already has related keyword.

So, despite of low competition in ‘Google Keyword Tool’, there is very tough competition to rank this keyword ‘birthday cards’. Now, what will you do next? Let’s move and go back to keyword tool, did you notice? On ‘Google Keyword Tool’, you can have some ideas by taking a look on ‘keyword ideas’, which is written bit below to the keyword search result.

And, there you will know that what kind of terms or combinations people are looking for, there you see 2-3 words combination, that are getting a lots of searches, are much easier for rank too. So, as you got an idea for next keyword, which is related your targeted keyword, that is ‘free birthday cards’, so now come again to ‘Google search engine’ for to its pages number, so there is much better result ‘About 15,000,000 results (0.25 seconds)’, that is good-enough, it can be ranked for your website, after words you must check it on ‘Google Keyword Tool’ too.

Now, I wind up here to ‘Google Keyword Tool’, to be perfect, spend your some time there, play with words and get the best combination words.

Let me discuss here about one an other handy keyword tool. If you are extremely interested about keyword research, so I highly recommend you to use Micro Niche Finder. This is also one of the best tools, ever since I started using this tool, so now I save 80% time by searching my keywords there. You can get some more good ideas , can check competition and dig up more keywords related for your targeted keywords, also check there more search networks with a single click.

And, this tool is not only for keyword research, will be useful for article marketing, Yahoo Answers … etc. There you also can watch some useful free videos and aplenty of helpful services on the website: Micro Niche Finder

If you didn’t understand or missed some points, so don’t worry. I would like to help you out.So, you can catch me any time and can ask any question related topic via email and also can comment below. It’s not as difficult as you think. Wish you lucks the best.

How to Get FREE Payoneer Debit Card and $25 Bonus

If you are Freelancer, Web Master or working with different online companies than Payoneer Master Card is best payment option to receive payment from many companies like Odesk, Amazon, ClickBank, PayPal and many more. No problem if you are simple individual Payoneer still help you to do online shopping securely, travel around the world and swap your Payoneer Master card in local stores or withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. Currently if your order Payoneer card from my blog you will get $25  bonus free from Payoneer on receiving your first 100 USD payment from any company.

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Benefits of Payoneer Prepaid Master Card






Well you may be thinking why you need to have a Payoneer card if you already have Skrill, PayPal and Payza accounts. Well Payoneer help me to reduce fee and make payments available to withdraw fast as compared to payment processors. Like If you get paid to Skrill it means you will be charged fee two times, Once you will receive payment in your Payment processor account and than withdraw fee when you will move money to your bank account. So Payoneer will help to

  • Save Time to get your Money in pocket
  • Reduce Fee for payment withdrawals
  • Provide extra payment option to your clients
  • Do online shopping or swap card on local stores
  • Money always with you, withdraw on ATM

Video Tutorial: How to Order Payoneer  Debit Card


Order Your Free Payoneer Card and Get $25 Bonus

FAQ About Payoneer Master Card

Q1: Is there is any Fee for the card or shipping cost ?

A: Card and shipping is free to all over the world but there will be $29 activation fee later on when ever you will have money in card.

Q2: How and when I will receive $25 bonus ?

A: You ordered card because you need it, right ? So you will get bonus of $25 when you will start using your card and will receive at least $100 in card from any company in one payment or may be a sum of some payment equal to $100.

Q3: In how much days I will get card ?

A: Mostly card will reach your door step in 15-30 working days if your address is correct. If you don’t receive card in this time you need to contact your nearest post office. You can also recheck your address and can contact payoneer to send card again, in case you don’t receive it.

Q4: At which bank’s ATM I can withdraw money ?

A: In Pakistan you can withdraw money from Payoneer from SCB ATM or MCB bank ATM. For rest of the world you can use payoneer on ATM where Master Card is accepted.

Q5: As I have money in Dollars in my card, so I will get dollars or local Currency from ATM?

A: You will get money in local currency, Dollars will automatically converted to local currency of your country.

If you have any question feel free to ask in comment section and don’t send SMS or Call on my mobile for Questions. Don’t be selfish, Share this great offer with your friends.