Warning: Cashtorefer.com Scam or Legit ?

Here on my blog, my aim is not only to help you in Making Money online but also to secure you from Online Scam and Frauds. Well from last few days I’m receiving comments and Emails from my readers and they want to know that Cashtorefer.com is scam or paying or how to get payment from cashtorefer.

Cashtorefer.com Scam and Fraud

I don’t need to go in depth because any one with common sense can predict that Cashtorefer is Scam with in just few seconds by looking at their business model. Its not make any sense what they doing and how can they pay. I am not writing this on only common sense but with my experience and deep technical review of website.

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Cashtorefer Review:

Its a fake website which is not even worth $100, so a website that worth less than 100 dollar than how they can pay thousands of dollars ? Even they can’t pay you one piny $0.01, so an question is that why they want you to make account and refer friends ?

Okay well its simple to understand, Fool people join this kind of fake websites and not check they pay or not, what they doing. These greedy people start laying with friends like “I got paid and refer their freinds” basically they waste their time and ask you to waste time too.

These kind of websites basically need your email address to send spam promotion emails, and for marketing. They are using advertisements on their website which pay them for each visit and click. So they got little benefit from your efforts and scam you at the end. any business that claim to pay even $1 for a click, for refer a friend, by doing nothing, by reading emails are scams.

HostGator Web Hosting Review and Discount Coupons

As the name says it all, HostGator is the world’s leading web hosting provider. I’m a satisfied HostGator client from 2011 to date. To find a best and trusted hosting company is very important if you are serious in business; sometimes it cost you a lot for saving some bucks on purchase of hosting. Never compromise on Server up time, reliability, regular backups and trust when you buy Web hosting.

HostGator Company Profile and History

This company has established 2002. There are very few materials on internet which provide the detail and deep HostGator review. This is a small effort to provide the detail and actual review according to the quality and reliability of this web hosting service provider. As I said this company has established in 2002 and its head office is  Huoston, Texas. HostGator is the top notch service provider and its network is expanded to approximately more than 200 countries internationally. It has a staff of about more than 700 people and all are working with their full efforts. There are many outlets available in different part of the world.

HostGator 25% Discount Coupon: “25pakearning”


They won more than  4 awards in 2012 for its hosting services and many other earlier too. HostGator is ranked in World Top 25 web hosting companies. Some other awards are listing below:

  • No. 1. Host for Bloggers, ref Blogging.org
  • Best Host for WordPress in 2012, ref Hosting Reviews
  • Best Host for Joomla, ref Hosting Review’s 2012

The services provided from this hosting service are Shared, Reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages. If you are a beginner or a professional then do not worry these packages are for all. The plan which is related to share hosting is included 24/7/365 means it is working 24 hours a day, 7 days or a whole year. One thing which is really good from this hosting service is that, it will give you a 99.9 percent guarantee and amazingly 45 days money back guarantee. If you do not like the service from HostGator then you can have your money back. There are lot of people who are being attracted towards this service provider. Firstly you will ask which hosting is best ? Then after research you will surely conclude that HostGator is the best hosting service provider in the current time

HostGator Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is best for blogs and new small business websites, shared hosting pricing start from as low as $3.96/month and still you can apply Discount coupon so price will be lowered by 25% more. Shared hosting come with the following features.

  • Include UNLIMITED Disk
  • Include UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Include UNLIMITED Domains (Depends)
  • Amazing Website Building Tools
  • Life Technical Support 24 hours

Reseller Hosting From HostGator

If you need multiple hosting accounts, or may be you are interested to start your hosting business, than Reseller hosting is best for you. You can buy reseller hosting plan start from $19.96 per month, and you can sell or create unlimited hosting accounts with respect to bandwidth and Disk Space. Reseller hosting include the following features.

  • UNLIMITED Domains, Sub Domains, Email Accounts and MySQL Databases.
  • With Reseller plan you can create UNLIMITED FTP and cPanel Accounts.
  • Also comes with FREE client management, Billing Systems, Website Builder and Domain Reseller Account.
  • Include your own PRIVATE Name Servers and many more features.
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HostGator offer Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated hosting Solutions


There are other service provider also who provide hosting service but many people prefer HostGator over them, it means there is something big and different from other in this service. Let’s highlight some of its advantage so you may realize that HostGator is the best hosting service provider.

What Make HostGator World Best Web hosting:

  1. The most important advantage of HostGator service provider is that, it has reasonable price or you can say a great price. Just on the price of 60$ you can get unlimited space, unlimited email address, unlimited bandwidth with unlimited domain registration. Due to this facility you can easily add new domain in just few seconds and start you website easily. While other sites are charging more for starting domain.
  2. Another benefit of this service is that, it has 24 hours and 7 days a week support facility available for its customers. According to the review of its customers, they said that it is unbelievable after using this service because all the time they are available for supporting us. This team is incredible. HostGator is always ready to help you step by step there is no problem for you web hosting service.
  3. Web hosting stability is the most important part of any hosting service, according to the user of this service provider they said that we have never faces the crashing problem in this service. The speed is really good due to which it is getting too much popular day by day. Now the world is so fast and the fast hosting is the gift for you and this makes possible by HostGator.
  4. Another good thing in this service, it has cPanel which is easy to use. Due to this facility you can install anything from word press in just a few second and you can run you site right after the installation. Due to this cPanel facility you can set up new domain or sub domain on just a click. This will make your work easy and save your time. CPanel provide you ease because it eliminates the typical coding and scripting like on others.
  5. One thing which is most important in any field is the fun you find by working with it. While working with HostGator service you enjoy when you are working on it. It gives you new techniques so that you can manage you website at its best. HostGator is also helping those people who are new in the world of website and who want to start their blog. They provide free templates, plug-in and ideas so that you can make your website remarkable. These all are the fun making experience by having HostGator.
  6. HostGator coupon is another amazing scheme due to which you can get more discount and the price become cheaper. Ask some of your friend who are already using the HostGator service because he can provide you the coupon so that you can avail discount up to 25 percent. Like other service providers, HostGator offers more discounted price after using coupon or voucher. There are different discounted vouchers available by which you can get various discounted price range.

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Now if you are going to purchase a new hosting service you should go to this service provider. If you have HostGator voucher then you must avail it to have a discounted price and start you website in a very cheap price. This service has many good features this is the reason this website is getting too much fame these days and everyone is talking about its qualities and service. One good thing which all are discussing is the cPanel it is very unique and give you easy working access to your website. Due to this you can install scripts from word press, Joomla, Durpal and from many other sources in a easy way.

This is the right time to start your business with HostGator. Service provider like this comes one in a life; you should avail this opportunity to get the most amazing and best hosting in town. People who are using this service is also admire the service of HostGator, try to use the coupon so that you can get more and more discount and start your business on a very less investment. If you have read all the qualities of this hosting service provider and now thinking to purchase this hosting service then you are not far from this, you just have to one click install WordPress and your blog will be ready to Go.

Review: Somevisits.com Scam, Fraud or Paying ?

I received lot of emails, messages on Facebook and comments about Somevisits. Mostly requests was from easy money hunter, from people who don’t want to learn or work hard but need quick money. Well anyone with a little bit experience and sense can guess that Somevisits.com is scam or not.

Note: Please don’t send text messages or don’t call on my mobile for information about somevisits. I already wrote what I know, questions you can only ask in comment section.

Somevisits.com Scam or Paying

Somevisits is a paid to click Website with professional design and script, looks a real company. But there are many suspicious things that I want to share before closing up my review about somevisits. Domain owner contact info, country and other details are protected, mostly scam site hide their Whois data. They do not have any valid phone number or Email on Contact Us page which is also a negative point. There is No known Employees or owner Name or details listed on Somevisits.com.

What’s similar in Someclicks.com and Somevisits.com ?

Answer is everything, except domain name. Someclicks.com was a scam website and cheated lot of innocent people, now same owner of Someclicks started a new scam website with a new name.

Fake Advertisers on Somevisits

Did you checked featured advertisers? So do you think big companies like HostGator and LG advertise on Somevisits? LOL. All advertisers are fake, and many ads are just self sponsored, nothing real. I confirmed from HostGator, Alibaba.com and from few other advertisers and even they don’t know what somevisits is, how its work somevisits.com is Fake. To verify you can also contact different companies which are listed on their website.

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Fake Ownership and Country:

Website claim as a USA based company which is not true, this fraud website is owned and operated by Pakistani scammers. I like to share a funny screen shot of their official fan page. I wonder how this USA based company can be near Faisalabad and American owner name Shabir. LOL

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Somevisits is fake Ponzi Scheme

How? Because its not possible to make $750 per month by just visiting some website even if they are real, they even can’t earn this amount or even can’t pay just 75 USD a month instead of $750. They are just running their own self sponsored ads and making money from traffic and may be from affiliate sales. So its simple logic if a company not making that much money, than how they can pay to their users.

What’s the catch?

In comment section Ali M. Sajjad asked as valid question, when any advertiser doesn’t know somevisits.com (as you said you said you’ve contacted some of their featured adverts and they told you they don’t even know about somevisits.com) then why are they promoting their websites? If they know they’re not gonna get paid from the adverts then for what sake are they promoting their websites and one thing more they don’t ask workers to pay for anything.So what’s the catch according to you what’s their benefit in it?

Answer: They featured these companies to win user trust, because when we see that big brands are advertising, so it must be real company. Not all ads from brands, 90% or more ads are self sponsored, means their own websites or affiliate products. Benefit is FREE traffic, over internet visitors are equal to money and affiliate sales. when you perform any action over internet, someone makes money for that.

Guide: How to Make Money By Writing Articles Online

So you have tried many things to earn money online but all in vain, you found nothing but scams, frauds and bogus websites claiming that you can make a lot of money from working with them, but at the end you found them disappeared from the internet right? You may have tried PTC sites, invested in HYIPs (high yield investment programs), ad posting jobs and other similar job postings which claim a second income. You might be thinking that there is no such job here on internet from where you can make some cash and thinking to leave this ambition to earn from working online. But hold on! Here is something you should know before taking any serious step.

working on internet Suck






You are using Internet then this indicates that you are an educated person (doesn’t matter men or women). And you definitely go through various websites on internet for searching something or just accidentally. Do you know that you can really make good money by using your knowledge from these websites? Yes, you heard right that you can make money by utilizing your knowledge and “writing skills”. What you will do is just write couple of writing materials for someone who is willing to pay you for them. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here in this post we will discuss that how can this thing work for you to make money writing articles? There are different types of writing jobs out there which are legitimate and people are doing them for years now.

Types of online Writing Jobs:

There are various online jobs of different kind out there but we’re going to discuss on them precisely to give you a general view of them.

  • Copy-writing
  • Article/Content writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Transcription
  • Blogging
  • Columnist

Copy writing:

Basically copy writing involves the writing about press releases, product description and features. Different companies hire freelancers and employees working in office or from home to write about them or their product. The work of a copywriter is to grab customer’s attention towards the company or its product about which he/she is writing. Many companies are willing to hire copywriters for increasing sales and enhancing its goodwill or making publicity campaign through their words. A bachelors Degree is required as a minimum requirement for working as a Copywriter (both online and offline) with a company.

what are copy writing jobs






Article/Content Writing:

Article or Content writing has no much difference in its meaning and usage on internet. It is used for websites or blogs to engage visitors and make them regular users or readers of that particular website. A writer is expected to write an informative material in articles or content that he/she creates for related website so that people can get some benefit after reading that material. There are many bloggers and website owners who are always in search of good and experienced writers for their site to get a high ranking in Search Engine results and other factors that matters for their success in this field.

content or articles writing







Want to know who is ghostwriter? well ghostwriting is no more different than content/article writing. A ghost writer does the same work like research, writing quality and orignal articles and searching for good Keywords etc as a content writer does. But there is a minor difference in both terms and that is, a content writer is introduced on the website, mostly in the end of the post, with a small description about him/her hobbies, experience and education and also a social link (sometimes) but a ghost writer works in isolation and is only entitled for the price of the article written for the buyer. They cannot claim for the copyrights of that article for which they have taken money.

what is a Ghostwriter







Want to know what is meant by transcription? In simple words transcription is a process of converting recordings (of different nature) into written material. There are two further kinds you will find if you dig into this job i.e. Medical Transcription and Legal Transcription.  Both have the same basic rule but they vary in their nature as Medical Transcriptionist is require to type lectures, presentation and other materials (which are in form of recording) into written document and on the contrary, Legal transcriptionist deals with recording materials of a Court Hearings, Attorneys and other official bodies’ dictated recordings and a board meeting of a Joint Stock Company or Public Limited Company. You should have a powerful listening ability in both type of transcription job and a Bachelors Degree either in Medicine or in Law if you want to pursue in this career further more.

what is Transcription job







What is blogging or who is a blogger? Blogging is derived from the word Blog or weblog which means a journal written on daily routine or as a hobby either for personal or public use. Nowadays you find hundreds of thousands of blog on the internet and this blog is also a fine example to explain this term. A blogger is required to maintain the blog by daily or weekly postings and in return he/she can make money by the visitors through various kinds of monetizing and affiliation programs. Bloggers write their blog posts or sometimes hire content writers to write for them by paying them a per-decided amount for each blog post or by pay per word.

what is blogging






Column writing:

The term Column writing is somewhat similar to article writing but there is some difference in both of the terms as the former is written for mostly newspapers and magazines and ezines (E-Magazine) as well and latter is limited to websites and blogs only. There are different big publications who like to search new talent for their business and pays well if you are an experienced columnist. Another major difference in both of the term is that Column is subjective and Article is Objective in its nature. Means that a columnist defines his/her perspective by pointing at different events (occurred in the past) and relates them in the column and article writer is bound to the topic he/she is writing on.

make money with Column writing






So this was a short overview of above mentioned terms to show you what are these jobs but we’ll focus on Content writing/Ghost writing or Blogging as these three jobs are easier to do than rest of the jobs mentioned above.

Need for a writer:

After reading above description you might have originate the answer of this point that why there is a need of a writer? But to make this thing more clear let me explain this further more. As you know that there is a competition in all kinds of business which seems not going to its end. Every next company or institute is trying to excel from rest of the contender and they can achieve this only by reaching more customers. Only a writer can do this by explaining them or their product in more detail and with every best inspiring wording (as they are master at writing). They can increase their sales, costumers, impression and visitors (in case of website). So every (Big or Small) business concern needs a writer at this point to deliver their product to ultimate consumer through writers. Writers are there from the age of Charles Babbage and they still exist in the period of fast technology by using Mark’s Facebook, Steve’s IPhone and Macbook (RIP) and Bill’s Windows and will be needed till the end of the world (as we’re not going to stop using technology till we die or until the expiry of our internet package :D). I would like to quote from Moz a very interesting line “Content is King” and after that I don’t think that this point should be explained further more.

need of a writer over internet






What a writer do to make money online?

This is pretty obvious that a writer writes. But what he/she writes varies according to the requirement and nature of the work like if you write for websites then you might be writing a content/article or you’re blogging about your own blog/website. If you are working for a commission and not giving your name then you are doing ghost writing which is explained above. You may be writing for a newspaper about current issue or fashion trends etc or may be engaging with a hospital or a legal firm to doing transcription work. Whatever you do, you’ll stick to the one basic thing which is “writing”.

Eligibility to become an Online Content Writer:

There is no clear guideline to become an online writer i.e. Article writer, Content writer and Ghostwriter. You just need to be an active user on the internet and must find something about which you are passionate. One more thing, you must not have a weak grammar if you want to write for websites like consider this example, you wanted to write “Chris made a cake and ate up instantly” and the reader is reading that line like this “Chris makes a cake and eats up instantly” just because you wanted to explain the line in past but due to weak grammar you used a wrong verb which changed the meaning of whole sentence.

Only good grammar is not the only factor you should also take care of using punctuation marks e.g. “What we are waiting for John” now after punctuating this in two different style “What! We are waiting for John?” or “What we are waiting for? John!” so these examples have made it quite easy for you to understand what my point is. How will you communicate with others until you have a weak grammar? No matter you are from Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, France or any other country where English is not spoken commonly or even if you are a native English speaker, you might need to polish your writing skills. Means there are four basic rules which may be considered as eligibility guideline

  • Being an Active User.
  • Passionate about anything you write.
  • Good command on English Grammar.
  • Writing skills.
  • Creativity (The most important factor)

Resources to improve Writing skills and English:

Here are some websites for you that might help you a lot in improving your English Grammar and Punctuation as well as your writing skills.


This website contains both videos as well as text materials to help you improving your English both in speaking and writing. Just go over there, sign up for an account (optional) and start browsing for your query.

Fiction Writing:

This page is a subcategory of About.com’s vast directory. Though there is a lot more resources in About.com but this page will help you to learn fiction writing (and this is what you will use mostly when writing an article or post).

50 tools that can increase your writing:

This is another awesome page by Dumb Little Man blog that can help you to write long posts (which are considered good from SEO point of view).








How to Earn Money by Content Writing:

Here comes the fun part, now when you have eliminated your most of grammatical and punctuation mistakes, now is the time to tell you some basic ways by which you can sum up how you can make money. Though you have learn much till now and are ready to be hired by any (good and high paying) website but there is still something which you need to know like where to start? How to get clients? And furthermore similar questions.

make money by writing






Bidding Sites:

The very common suggestion is that you can make account on bidding sites such as FreelancerElanceOdesk or Cloudcrowd. What you will do there is just go to the site, sign up for an account and set up your profile picture or portfolio (which covers your work experience and all other stuff). Read terms and conditions for working without any violation of the site and set your payment option. Start searching through posted offers and after finding relevant job offer, bid on it and if your bid is selected by the owner of that job posting then you’ll be contacted by him/her. After completing the project you’ll be paid by him (through the site, not in personal).


If you are afraid about not having any previous experience then you can start blogging on your favorite topic to make your portfolio. Basically you will blog to show the potential client that you can write well and your posts will help you to convince the client to hire you. After when they contact you, you can discuss further about rates, timing and quantity of work to be done for them. And you don’t need to pay any hosting company for setting up a blog. There are free blogging platform which can help you in this regard i.e. BloggerWordPress and Tumblr.

Social Sites:

Social sites like FacebookGoogle Plus and LinkedIn are also a great platform to find potential clients. You can join groups which are made especially to help people like you and can get advice by the expert already working as online Content Writer or Ghost Writer.

How much you can earn:

Well this is a hard thing to find out due to different countries’ local rates and different opportunities around you. But as a general view, we found that a normal Online Writer i.e. Content Writer, Blog Writer or Ghost Writer earns an amount between $25,000 to $40,000/year as per Indeed.com.

Tips for newbie writers:

As you are starting this from the scratch having no previous work experience, so you might find it difficult to get work or find it dramatically awesome to earn minimum $25,000 a year. but don’t be discouraged and be patient because it will take some time to you to get work and do not exaggerate your imagination about earning that big amount as this amount is not for newcomers but you can reach that amount if you work hard so I don’t think so that reaching that limit will take too much time at least 1 year is enough for that. Secondly, every job has its pros and cons so be alert and aware of scams. Don’t be discouraged by scammers who will not pay you. You will definitely find some people who will deceive you and cut off your rightful money and will disappear but stay alert and do not work with any person who has not shared his full details or if  he has not decided payment modes and terms of payment with you. And also do not work with anybody who seems to be suspicious near to you.

I will end up this post by this quotation from Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”






Make Money With Videos through Dailymotion and YouTube

Are you a regular internet user? Then you might have seen different (weird) videos and activity on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Different types of videos having different topics being shared on a daily or weekly basis. Do you ever realize what the logic behind making these videos is? And what do we call them who create and then upload them on video sharing sites? What’s the objective of these video sharing sites and why people are adopting this fashion, trend, or whatever you call this, with every passing day? Your first reaction would be natural to these activities as I thought “What are they doing this and why? But let me clear you that those people are not insane they are Vloggers. Yes! Vloggers like any normal blogger or article writers.

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What Is Vlogging (Video Blogging)?

Vlogging is derived from the word Blogging (which is further derived from the word Weblog) and having a very long history of its derivation (actually not very long just few years back). Where this all started is hard to explain in this simple and short article so just to make long story short, people started to blog about different topic on their website and few years back a guy whose name was Adrian Miles came up with an idea to recording his activity instead of writing long or short articles and created his first video Vlog on November 27 2000 (unfortunately) he couldn’t get more exposure but he can be considered as Neil Armstrong in Vlogging field.

A Vlog can be on anything like sharing local news through videos created  by someone or technology review or a how-to guide on how to prepare for your tests (I hate to do that) in short you can make a video on anything which attracts you and is your hobby or if you want to teach or preach something.

Who are Vloggers?

A Vlogger is, obviously, that person who makes videos to share with others. This activity can be adopted as a hobby or to make some extra money through this. These people are very passionate about making videos and sharing it with world. They Vlog about different topic whatever suites them best e.g. reviewing different gadgets, teaching mathematics, physics or economics or making a funny video of themselves (or someone else).

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Why Vlogging?

Well! This activity has various kinds of benefits like if you want to be an actor (which is almost impossible these days due to a long queue of strugglers) and have no idea or right contact to approach any relevant person then you can make a skit and upload it to any video-sharing site such YouTube or Dailymotion. There are so many talent hunters searching for new and promising talent like you and they always approach these site to find out future stars like you and me (not me actually). Or

If you want to be a successful professor and have no experience and couple of students then you can simply record your lectures and upload them on these sites mentioned above. And by this you cannot even excel your teaching skills but also can get feedback on your teaching style through viewer’s comments.

Suppose you’re a housewife who can’t leave her house for full time job then you can set up your online kitchen where you can teach people how to cook without leaving your house for a second. Or if you are a traveler who never stays at home so you can share videos about your traveling and findings and many more

You are bound only by your imagination. Just think by yourself and start making vlogs for your channel.

Where to start and How to make money with videos?

So, now when you have decided to start your own Vlogging channel then you probably thinking of a starting platform. You don’t need to think too much as we have already planned it for you (sounds like a salesman, but I’m not selling you anything. Believe me!). There are plenty of pre-loaded websites with lots of resources for you to get started and stand out from others like YouTube (obviously you know that) DailymotionVimeoBreak.com, Viddler and Blip.tv. All you have to do is choose any of the sites, sign up for an account which is free and costs you nothing and make further settings of your channel.

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Looks interesting huh? But there is a confusion which is this variety of websites that make it hard for you to decide to make a selection right?

Let’s choose Dailymotion for start your first channel as it is easy to use and having no lengthy and tough terms for you to start a channel.

Now take a look in Dailymotion’s history, terms and conditions, privacy policy and monetizing program to determine whether it would be a good decision to go with it or not.


Dailymotion.com is a video-sharing website which allows people to upload, share and view videos, it is ranked at 94 position on Alexa Ranking and is second most viewed website after YouTube (which is ruling this industry but unfortunately is a King of controversies). It is established on March 15 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey. It’s headquarter is in Paris.

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The idea took place in the living room of Olivier by a group of six people who agreed on investing €6000 (about $9271) and then went on to increasing the investment and profit as well. First through Atlas Ventures and then Partech International latter in 2009 and finally became stable by backing up with French Government financing it from its Strategic Investment Funds.

Dailymotion allows its user to simply browse, view and share videos of their choice through different tags and search queries. You can search for your desired videos, channels or groups. Not even this but you can also add friends on the site. Dailymotion also lets you connect your Facebook account to your Dailymotion account.

NOTE: Having an account is not compulsory to use Dailymotion.

How to Earn Money Online with Dailymotion ?

Dailymotion also offers you some very useful program to earn money through your videos like

  • Motionmaker
  • Dailymotion Publisher, And
  • Open VOD (Video on Demand)

Dailymotion Motionmaker:

Motionmaker is a group of those users who creates their own video content like a music band or private news media or sports lovers. A motionmaker is an independent video creator or an actor; it can be a filmmaker or an editor with an official approval badge by Dailymotion. They have full support and access to the ultimate gadgets for their channel in order to create an awesome look and engaging channel. A motionmaker can get finance from Dailymotion for his/her project (mentioned above) and is featured on the Homepage of Dailymotion. He/she can avail full 1080HD results for his/her videos. Most important, if you are a Motionmakerthen you can share revenue through advertisement displayed in/outside and along your videos.

Dailymotion Publisher Program:

It’s a very helpful program from Dailymotion team for any user who becomes their partner (by simply enabling the option in your account) and can share revenue up to 50% or more. All you need to do is just browse through a large number of videos available in Dailymotion’s directory and place them into your website or blog whatever you have and that’s it. As much traffic you’ll gain through your website as as more “Passive Income” you can generate through your Publisher’s account. Log in to your account (Dailymotion) to check your stats by going in to the dashboard and after when you reach minimum balance requirement you’ll be paid through PayPal or through Bank Wire as per your choice.

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Dailymotion Open VOD:

This program enables you to sell your most popular video to Dailymotion as per your price. Yes! If a video, which you created, go viral and becomes popular then you can sale it out and interesting thing is, you can decide the price for your video. So, now all you have to do is, create a video, upload it on Dailymotion and try your best to promote it and make it popular and you will get your desired price for not only one video but as many videos as you could successfully make popular.

Dailymotion VOD

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Why Choose Dailymotion for Vlogging?

You might be thinking that why am I suggesting you to go with Dailymotion when you have a better option in shape of YouTube which is number one Video-sharing site and ranked number 3rd  on Alexa ranking right? You are absolutely right and I agree with you that YouTube is King of this industry but you might have known that most of the time YouTube is not accessible in many of the countries and in the end after all your hard work when it is time for getting viewership, you find that they have been stopped by their Government order that not to use YouTube due to certain reason. Do you know that YouTube is still not accessible in many countries including China, Pakistan, Syria, Germany (in some regions) and Tunisia along with many other countries and even if it is not banned somewhere then people have no complete access to the site? And this is not for the first time when it is blocked. Here are the names of all those countries where it have been banned in the past and still not accessible in some of the countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE and USA.

Why Choose Dailymotion

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This is not the only reason for leaving YouTube. The second reason is their tough and strict rules for its users which makes it impossible for common users to earn through its monetizing program. They have very strict rules for vloggers and due to this many of YouTubers complain for their accounts being banned by YouTube authorities due to a complicated reason.

I’m ready to earn extra money, What to Do:

I know you are already excited to start your channel and earn money but you are all out of ideas. No problem, here are some suggestions which may help you to decide:

  • You can start a cooking class where you can teach how to cook different food.
  • You can help people by making videos on different common problems like how to scan a virus or how to write a cover letter for a new job.
  • You can start a fitness channel where you can give tips and tell how to exercise in right way.
  • You can start giving reviews on Smart phones, Laptops, Computers and other similar gadgets.
  • You can also start giving reviews on newly released movies.
  • You can become an online reporter to deliver news on various genres.
  • You can also start a travelling channel where you can show the world about different places with a different perspective.
  • You can set up an online music band with your friends or a solo music channel as you wish. Or
  • You can just tell people about different websites (popular one).

This is not it. There are so many ways you can find by yourself because you know yourself better than anybody else does. Whatever you do, do it with passion and you should love it.

What not to do:

I know many of you have a very first attraction with this way of earning so I would warn you from some things which you should not opt to earn through Dailymotion as mentioned under:

  • Do not upload copyrighted material
  • Do not upload songs, movies or dramas which are not your possession.
  • Do not upload violent videos.
  • Do not upload a video in which an animal is seen being injured or killed.
  • Do not upload a video which contains aggressive or abusive material.
  • Do not upload a video which is not appropriate for children.
  • Do not upload any sexual material

Some additional ways to earn via Videos blogging:

If you are thinking that these are the only ways to earn through Dailymotion then let me tell you, there are few more ways by which you can earn quite good money if you do not want to sign up for Dailymotion’s monetizing program

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Find your own Sponsor:

Instead of singing up in Dailymotion’s monetizing program, you can contact big brand personally and get sponsorship for your channel. You don’t need to keep Dailymotion as a middle man but for doing so you need a good, in fact great, amount of audience to impress your sponsors. Many big companies are ready to start such initiatives which are unique and innovative like Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, Nestle, Nokia, Apple, Samsung Electronics and many more.

  • Facebook
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  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Promote your own products:

If you are a businessman or a producer then you can use this platform for selling your own product and get lots of customers on Dailymotion through your videos. All you need to do is reach maximum number of viewer and make a strong viewership.

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Giveaway on your channel:

If you are running a how-to channel then this trick may benefit you. Give free access to most of your videos and when you find a reasonable audience response then you can charge people for some content which is more important to be accessed. In this way, you will definitely get reasonable sales.


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Get Affiliate Programs:

Work hard to get your channel at the top of popularity and when people start recognize your channel and trust you than find some good affiliate programs. This is another effective way from where you can make big amount of money.

Find Affiliate

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“Making videos is becoming so common these days and earning through vlogging is now a trend. You can also become one of the successful Vlogger but you need to be patient as you are going to start your own business (even if on a small scale). And businesses are not being established over night.”

Wait, work and GET your Dream

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money With Facebook Pages

I’m receiving regular emails from my readers about Earning with Facebook, so in this guide, I will explain how to Make Money With Facebook Fan Pages. Although there is no direct way by which you can earn money on Facebook but by using Facebook of course there are many ways. Like via Marketing, Facebook ads, traffic to your websites or blogs etc. Facebook is a great place for Small businesses to Big Brands, to make social presence, to build loyal fans, customers feedback and to increase users engagement.

If you are reading this article, its simply means you are a Facebook user as well, so people like you, me, spend daily few mints to few hours on Facebook. I admit, they do not visit to buy something but you still can convert them into clients, your blog readers, your Brand fans etc. You just need to think outside the box and be creative to become successful in Facebook Marketing.

I personally use my Facebook account more for business activity and less for being social, like I got 4500+ Friends and up to 50,000 fans on Pages, so I share my website links to drive traffic to my blogs. I sell them my Training Course, different products and services by simply sharing on my profile or pages.

Well in this article I’m going to explain how you can get thousands of Likes on a Facebook page, that you will need to do yourself or may be you already some Facebook page with a lot of likes. If you are willing to invest then Facebook Ads are easy way to get as much targeted fans or like you want to get.

The Top 5 Ways to Monetiz your Facebook Fan Page:

I’m going to disclose the 5 best ways to make money with your fan pages, if you already have a Facebook page with thousands of likes if not millions. Your page can be about Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Education, Health or anything you can think about.

If you page have under 5000 likes, it means you can not make money from it because this show is for big players only, leave it or make your page big. In start you only need to focus on building active fan following and to actively posting valuable related content like images, quotations, questions, tips, tricks, quiz and jocks etc. If you flood up your fan page with just affiliate links, products, services you’ll probably start losing fans. So in simple words, just don’t just spam your fans with unrelated content.

#1 MyLikes Social Publisher Program:

Mylikes.com is a advertising revenue sharing website which pay you for sharing their website links on your Facebook fan pages. To get started you need to follow these easy steps.

  1. join their Publisher Program and create a social website (sub-domain) within mints with just few clicks
  2. Now find most suitable content for your audience and share it on your pages, you can also create your own content.
  3. Now whenever someone click on these links, you will get paid from mylikes (About $0.01 to 0.15 per click)        

Note: They pay only for traffic from premium countries like UK, USA, CA etc. You can withdraw amount to PayPal or via Bank wire.

#2 Make Money With Viral9

Viral9.com (vatsanagroup) is almost same like Mylikes but their content (links) and process is different, they don’t just let you signup and start promoting but you will to signup and wait for approval of your account. Also to earn some good money from viral9 your most of the fan should be from UK, USA, CA, AUS etc. To start working with viral9 just follow these steps

  1. Signup for account and wait for approval
  2. Generate links from your account
  3. Share these links on your Fan Pages and drive traffic
  4. Now simply earn for the traffic you sent to their links
  5. They pay via PayPal and Payoneer

#3 Selling Traffic on Fiverr

If you don’t want to use Mylikes or viral9 for some reasons, you can sell traffic (visitors) from your pages on fiverr. Its a market place where you can sell any kind of services from as low as 5$. Like you can post a gig (your offer) “I will share your blog link on my Facebook Page with 300k likes for $5” etc.


Also Read: How to optimize your Fiverr Profile

#4 Drive visitors to your Blog

This final way work for all kind of audience, from any country and for any fans size (under 5000 likes work too). If you have some product like T-shirts, paintings, Jewelry or anything, you can post on your page to sell online. Same way if you can provide some service like “Online Teaching” or E-Money Exchange (As we do on Pay Exchanger). Some of my friends are running Gift Stores via Facebook Page.

M. Nasir Loses 23.8 Million Rs on Fake Investment Websites

I know its useless to share because….

The greed is more powerful than the will to do right

I promise, if Mr Nasir or other people who also lost money in some online job, got a single chance again to investment on Get Rich Quick Scheme, they will not let it go. Its my last few years experience, many people lost millions of Rs after getting my advice to stop investing on some other scam websites. And mostly when I tell someone about a scam website they claim his relative or friend got paid, so how it can be scam, actually they tell lie that their friend got paid or many be their friend lie to them that they are earning money. In most cases, this kind of online jobs or investment websites pay but later on when they have some good money, they scam you and this type of websites known as Ponzi Scheme.

By the way, did Malik Riaz or Prime Minster asked him to invest ? Why he have not conduct any research, not consult with some expert before investing this huge investment in some online website ? Muhammad Nasir is not so innocent, as he is pretending to be.

I reported many websites via articles and videos for public awareness and I hope I saves thousands of users as well. And people who do not want to face reality or who do not want to understated that they can not be get quick rich by this kind of scam websites,  start blaming me that I do all this to Sell my Training Course etc. You just need to follow some simple rules..

  • Invest what you can afford to loss
  • Never borrow for unsure investments
  • be-aware of Ponzi Schemes
  • When a company demand money for registration etc. It can never be a real job or work. Isn’t its simple to understand ?
  • Real companies pay you for your work, not ask you to pay them for getting a job or work.
  • Make sure company’s “Business Model” make sense
  • Always do at least Google research before investing or spending your time on some kind of online work.
  • There are not any real “Get Rich Quick” Systems
  • Money doesn’t grow on Trees. Or it does ?

And of course “Greed is a Curse” so don’t be greedy, only handwork can make you successful in life. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. To make public awareness, we need to complete 100,000 shares challenge to make this time “LAST TIME” for scam/fraud websites to cheat innocent people. share your thoughts in comments section.

How To Get Free Public Domain and Stock Images for Commercial Use

Are you a photographer, Adsense publisher, content creator or designer? If so, this piece of writing really needs your attention. No doubt, internet is a big game these days. But we still need some precautions while we’re online.

Sharing, tagging, commenting or downloading photos from social sites is a very common activity on the internet. But we can’t simply use a random photo for commercial use. Especially when we intend to generate some profit from that work, like Google Adsense or affiliate Marketing etc.

No doubt people are habitual of sharing photos, music and videos (All thanks to social media). This is a common habit that can’t be denied. (We all do that at many occasions!)

Our little carelessness may disturb our life to a greater extent that we can’t imagine. But we need to be a little careful while using anything for commercial purposes. Then be it an image, music or any kind of documentary we’re going to use in our project.

Benefits of Using Images By Following this Guideline:

  1. You can make yourself safe from legal difficulties
  2. Best for Search Engine Optimization
  3. You can get your blog or website approved form Google Adsense and other ads network
  4. And of course peace of mind !!!

You Must Be Thinking: But why can’t I use any random image?

Many of you might think that it’s stupid. If we can access something, then why can’t we use it? It doesn’t matter right? Actually, it’s not that simple. Let’s understand this concept first that why can’t you use any image randomly?

Suppose if someone stops by and starts eating your pizza (I like vegetable BTW) so how would you react? Definitely you’ll be upset! Or, your class fellow demonstrated that he prepared the assignment when it was yours. Most probably you’ll use harsh words to show your aggression.

Or if you’re like me then you’ll expect the other person to take your permission at least. I mean, if anyone asks to use any of our stuff for a while so we may think about it (or maybe we let them use it). But if someone deliberately uses our stuff, take benefit of our hard work without our consent then it’s not acceptable for anyone.

So how can we assume that if we use anyone else’s material either online or offline then it’s okay? We should respect other people’s sentiments. And how can we do something if we don’t want that thing to happen to us right?

If you’re still thinking that ‘It’s not that big deal’ then you should think again. You should understand that using someone else’s stuff or in other words, copyrighted material may cost you a huge amount, sometime imprisonment as well. In The USA, if someone is found guilty in such scenario then he may be fined around $30,000/-. This is not it as this amount may go up to $150,000/-. So the decision is yours from this point on!

Few Words About Images Licenses:

The world doesn’t stop here so don’t worry! Just give credits to the real owners and you may use that particular image you think is relevant to your project. But first let’s see which image can be used and which you can’t use. With every image you find online, there’s a special kind of license that tells you if it’s usable or not.

Creative Commons has defined about licenses very briefly. But for your ease, we’ve presented it in a short way.

  • CC BY: Photos under this license can be used for commercial or personal use until or unless you give proper credits to real owner/creator.
  • CC BY-SA: Images under this license let you enhance ‘real owner’s’ work and use commercially or otherwise until you use the same license after altering or enhancing the image.
  • CC BY-ND: Images under this license can be used commercially only if you do not make any changes in it.
  • CC BY-NC: Under this license, you may use the image but personal use only (no commercial use sorry!).
  • CC BY-NC-SA: Under this license, you may alter the image and use for personal stuff. Do not use such images for commercial purposes.
  • CC BY-NC-ND: Images under this license can be downloaded but user can’t make any commercial use or even alter the image whatsoever.

Right Way To Use Images For Commercial Purpose:

After when we’ve learnt about licenses, it’s time to talk about some more things. I mean, we talked about selecting the right image to use based on the license type right? So let’s discuss that what’s the right way to use an image in your work or for a blog that fully comply Google Adsnese policy. It’s not very technical at all. Just see these examples below and that’s it.

Splish, splash
“Beethoven” shows off his doggie paddle at the Outdoor Pool Monday. Dozens of dogs and their owners participated in the event. For more, see page 11.

The photo above is from Flickr (the social website). And you can see a ‘blue’ line hyperlink underneath this photo. This is one way to link back to real owner or creator if we use someone’s work. Note that this image was under Creative Commons license otherwise we would not use any copyrighted image.

Image from Pixabay:

Smiling Girl by Greyerbaby

Here’s another example how you should give credit to real creators. Just take these measures and save yourself from any complications.

Case Studies: See How Copyright Infringement Destroys ‘Good Days’

Below are some case studies that will demonstrate how people (particularly artists and photographers) got affected by ‘Copyright Infringement’.

  • The first case that we have to show you is about the known micro photographer ‘Andrew Paul Leonard’. His images showing bone marrow stem cells were used by SemTech Health Inc without his permission.

Andrew sued the company which resulted in his favor and the other party paid him a hefty amount. According to petapixel, SemTech Health Inc paid around $1.6M for infringing Andrew’s work without his permission.

  • Another case study tells us how Fairey (the artist who designed President Obama’s poster during 2008 elections) got into trouble due to copyright infringement. According to 99Designs, this street artist used a photograph to get inspiration and make the poster.

Unfortunately, the photograph he took was one of AP’s freelancer name, Mannie Garcia. This whole scenario ended up when Fairey agreed to share the profit with Mannie (the freelance photographer) of the original image. Luckily they resolved the matter without any official interference but Fairey had to lose half the money made during that election campaign.

  • If you think that big organizations are exempted from this law then you’re wrong. During Haiti Earthquake, a journalist name, Daniel Morel posted some photos relating to this incident on his social account.

As the photo started rolling out on social website ‘Twitter’, AFP took one of his photos for commercial purposes (but without his permission). It resulted in Morel sueing AFP for stealing his work (as per Morel’s view) and the court found AFP guilty. AFP paid around $1.2M to Morel in terms of statutory damages. (PhotoShelter)

30+ Sites To Get Free Public Domain and Stock Images:

I can understand how difficult it is to find an image that is under Creative Commons attribute and relevant to your work. But it’s not really difficult to find such image every time you need one. For your ease, we at Pakearning, have tried our best to keep yourself hassle free.

Below are some websites that are filled with public domain images. Just find the image you want and see if it’s under Creative Commons attribute? That’s it!

#1 Unsplash:

The first on our list of Public Domain Images is ‘Unsplash’ where you’ll find high resolution images serving your need. They upload 10 new photos after every 10 days. Navigate through their website or search through keyword (choice is yours).

The best part is, you don’t need to give any attributes for any  photo (that’s what they say at least!). Public Domain images can be used on blogs or websites which use Google Adsense.

#2 Gratisography:

Gratisography is weekly updated to give you high resolution images without any Creative Commons restrictions. You may find any relevant image either by searching through categories or scrolling down your monitor screen. These images are free to use but you may donate by your will to honor photographer’s efforts.

#3 Little Visuals:

Although it’s a bit sad to write but the site owner ‘Nic’ has been died 2 years ago. But still this site has so many images that are high resolution as well as listed under Creative Commons attribute. You may subscribe to this site and get hi-res photos in your mailbox or you may scroll down the screen to search yourself.

#4 Superfamous:

This is another great website to get high resolution images for your needs. Basically this website is run by Dutch designer Folkert Gorter and caters enough to give your content, design or anything much more meaning. Wait! If you’re going to use any photo from this site then you need to give credits to real creator.

#5 Life of Pix:

If you need images based on nature and landscape then you may check this website. Here you’ll find enough photos that reflect what you may want to show through your work.

And the best part is, no CC required! Plus, you get to see new photos every week. (Have fun!)

#6 Startup Stock:

If you’re looking for startup related photos to represent your content, idea or presentation then use this website. Startup Stock focuses on images that show startups and their struggles. You may find the right picture here if you’re in search of something like that. In fact, if you have a tech related website then you will surely love this stock images site. (I bet!)

#7 MMT:

Jeffrey Betts has another great option for you in shape of (MMT). Here you may find high resolution images every week for commercial purposes. Sounds fair enough? You may find the right photo by searching through keywords. Or as an alternative way, you may navigate through the site to find the right photo as per your need.

#8 Pexels:

Pexels is another great option to find the right image for your commercial uses. Here you may find the right photo in huge image collections these guys have. Search through keywords or navigate through the site (decision is yours!). They add 5 new photos routine-wise and you get to see images in different categories like abstract, tech, nature or outdoor etc.

#9 Magdeleine:

You get to see hi-res photos in shape of Magdeleine. This website has another huge archive of high resolution photos for commercial uses. You may search the right photo as per your needs. Different photographers submit their work to this website. So you get to receive photos in different genre that caters your needs well.

#10 Jay Mantri:

This website has images based on nature and outdoor locations. You may search through the site to see if any photo matches your requirement and has what you’re looking for. This is another reliable website to get stock images for commercial use. Just navigate through the site and discover beautiful hi-res photos.

#11 Stock Snap:

Stock Snap has the most advanced system to search through piles of hi-res images. You’ll love the features on their website and you get to see images in different categories as well.

They count download views that may help you choose the most popular yet beautiful photo without making much efforts. (Oh! You don’t need any attributions.)

#12 Re:splashed:

This website has an awesome feature to search images based on filters and keywords. Just insert the relevant keyword and you’ll see the most relevant image for your use. At the moment, they have more than 600 images for your usage. And of course, all these photos are free for commercial use so enjoy.

#13 Picography:

Picography is another great site to search for free stock images for commercial purposes. All they ask is to give them credits and that’s it. You may find the right image you’re looking for here. Nature, wildlife, outdoor or whatever your search is, you find a huge collection of images here.

#14 ISO Republic:

ISO Republic is another great place to look for free stock images for your commercial usage. Just navigate through the website and find the right image you’re looking for either by keyword search or through categories. Have fun!

#15 StokPic:

StokPic has one of the huge archives of free images for commercial purposes. However they provide premium photos but they also have a huge collection for free images. Just download the image and give credits (if you could). But do not redistribute the image as per their usage policy.

#16 Wefunction:

WeFuction basically is a designer website having a section for free stock images. You may find the right photo if your search is based on tech related or office related things. You may also find some outdoor locations in their free photo collections.

#17 Raumrot:

Raumrot can be a nice place to find a hi-res photo for your project. All you need to do is give them credits and use the image the way you want.

Nothing much is required from your side after you credit their work.

#18 FoodiesFeed:

As you may have guessed by its name – Foodies feed. This website focuses free stock images based on food items and dishes. So if you’re having a website in food niche then here’s the site to look for right photo.

#19 Bucketlistly:

OK so the next site we’ve on board is about traveling blogs and websites. So if you’re looking for something related to travelling or so then here’s the site. Search through the site and find the right photo for your content, presentation or project whatsoever.

#20 Cupcake:

CupCake is another great website to look for landscapes and outdoor locations for your commercial usage. You may find the right photo by navigating through the website or use the archives if you’re in a rush. However images are under creative commons license but it’s a good practice to credit and appreciate owner’s efforts.

#21 Getrefe:

Get refe is another option to find the right free stock image for your project. You may navigate through the site to find the image if you’re looking something related to travel or real life photos.

#22 SplitShire:

If you’re looking for abstract, portrait or real life photos then Split Shire is the right place for you. Search through categories or you may even use the search bar to narrow your search criterion. They have a nice collection of images for commercial usage.

#23 Negative Space:

Another great place to look for commercial use image is ‘Negative Space’. They add new photos every week so you get to see new addition. All photos uploaded there are under CC0 license so you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement or so.

#24 Death To The Stock Photos:

Death to Stock Photos is another great option to find hi-res professional images. But things work here a little different. You need to sign up at their website and they’ll send 10 new photos every week in your inbox.

However numbers are limited here but photos may interest you to use in your work as a free user. But, you may go premium if you want access to all the images right away.

#25 Picjumbo:

Picjumbo has more than 10 categories for you to search free stock images. You may choose the category from sidebar or use the keyword search. They have hi-res images for your commercial usage and you get to have professional photos to use in your work.

#26 IM Free:

IM Free is another great place to find free stock images for your project. You may choose the category or search through keywords. Here you’ll find high resolution images all under commercial use license. They add up images on daily basis. But make sure that you check for license before choosing the image as some may need attribution. Rest don’t require any attribution!

#27 New Old Stock:

If you’re doing something that needs old photographs (or, vintage touch) then here’s another site for you. New Old Stock has so many images under CC0 license that you may use for your project or so. Enjoy!

#28 Lock & Stock Photos:

Lock and Stock Photos are all work of known photographer AJ Montpetit. You may benefit from his beautiful collection of photos all under CC BY-SA license. Search through keywords or navigate through the site and find the right image for your needs.

#29 Snapwire Snaps:

One of the beautiful image collections related to nature, outdoor locations and landscapes is here for you. You get to see 7 new photos every week here on Snapwire Snaps. If you find a relevant image for your work then you use it without any problem as all photos are under CC0 license there.

#30 Tookapic Stock:

Tookapic Stock is basically a marketplace for photographers. But you may find free photos under CC0 license by filtering your search for free images only. They have a huge collection which is enough to find the right image for your project for free. Or, if you can afford then you may go premium. Choice is yours how you use this great site!

#31 MorgueFile:

MorgueFile is one of the reliable sources to find free stock image under CC0 license. But the only issue is that images there are not well organized so you may have a little hard time while searching. But still you can use this site to find a safe image for your commercial usage.

#32 Pixabay:

Here on this site you’ll find tons of free images under CC0 license. They have a very nice way to filter your search and make it easier as compare to some other free stock images site. Just search through your keyword and get what you’re looking for. It works like 1, 2, 3 and boom! (Boom doesn’t represent any explosion hehe!)

#33 Tinyography:

Tinyography basically focuses on photos showing gadgets, outdoor locations and indoor places.

So you may find the right image you’re looking for your project. All the photos are under CC0 license so you don’t need any attribution but it’s always nice to check for license before you finally select an image. They have categorized their photos well but the only problem is that they don’t have search bar at the moment.

So these were few (lot of) websites to get you started. But don’t think that it stops here. There are a lot more websites offering public domain/free stock images under CC0 license. Use this list as reference or search more.

But let us know through comment section below if a site that you know is not in this list. Your voice matters so be positive and help others!

12 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Free and Premium

Many bloggers miss the opportunity to monetize their content the way they dreamed of. Reason? Just because they miss to integrate their content properly. I mean, If you have a valuable content that people want again and again, then you must make your ‘regular’ website/blog a ‘membership’ website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

And to do that, you don’t need to be ‘super-techie’ kind of guy. Just add a plugin (I mean the Membership Plugin) to your WordPress site and you’re done (for most of the parts!). No no, if you’re thinking that it’s not possible then be relax and read this post till end.

How Using WordPress Membership PluginBenefits?

The first and foremost benefit is, it simply cuts the cost of hiring a developer (for this particular task I mean). A nice WordPress Membership Plugin is made keeping in view all daily problems. So you don’t need to worry about bugs in your membership site because it’s already been tested and fixed (to a greater extent).

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Creating a site and updating valuable content daily is really a pain in the (head). So how about that if you serve your time in creating ‘more’ valuable content without worrying about money? To be honest, I don’t know your situation exactly but I can show you how it benefits you to use a reliable WordPress Membership Plugin?

Just suppose that you have uploaded different kind of content on your site having more value than other contents you have on board. I mean, today we sell eBooks, organize paidwebinars, use infographics and articles whatsoever. So don’t you think using this ‘Premium Membership’ strategy can pay more for your hard work?

Imagine categorizing your web content in ‘Free’ and ‘Paid’ category with a WordPress Membership Plugin and to make your work easier (and double your profit). Now compare two situations here! The first one is with All-Free-Content and the other one with a membership website.

In first case, you know how to make money through different monetization programs. I mean the PPC, PPV, CPI etc but in second scenario, there’s another approach to make money off your website. You offer users a membership for some subscription either monthly or year-wise. Let say you ask around $15 per month or $125/year. Now how much money you make depends on how much users you have. And for this revenue stream, you don’t need to do much. Just integrate the membership plugin and you’re all done. This strategy also honors the user for feeling special. I mean, don’t you like if you’re being offered a special place at any event or organization?

Free or Paid – What’s best for me?

Again, this is a matter where your needs can guide you well. But don’t worry, we’ve lessened your work and gathered some information that might help you. Here are some of the best WordPress Membership Plugins mentioned briefly. Use this list as your reference and see if any of them fulfills your need. Once you find the right plugin the next step is to start using that.

Keep reading and see which WordPress Membership Plugin is right for you.

#1 MemberPress:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

MemberPress is one of the most reliable premium WordPress Membership plugins. It gives you countless features to interact with users on your membership site. With this plugin you can perform different functions. For instance, you may set pricing for different membership packages based on user’s requirements in few steps.

A handy feature of this plugin is the auto-generation of new pricing box and registration page. I mean, once you create a new membership package so you don’t need to code your payment gateway separately. This plugin has the ability to do that work for you. It would add a PayPal button on that package automatically once you’re done. Plus, it can also be used with other payment gateways like Stripe or Authorize.net.

With this plugin, you may generate user’s report under different conditions. I mean it keeps you updated about how many users are free or using premium services on your website. Or you may keep an eye on users with subscription due next month or week.

If you’re thinking to test this plugin then you may start with $99 per year. In this package, you get to use this plugin on only one website and avail all said features. But if you have long list of websites where you want to use this plugin then you may go for another package. The other one starts with $199 per year and lets you use this plugin on more than one website. Sounds good?

Price: $99/year – Download Now


#2 Digital Access Pass (DAP):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Another membership plugin that we have on board is ‘Digital Access Pass’ or you may use the abbreviation ‘DAP’.  This plugin is one of the oldest membership plugin since its launch in 2008 and still proving itself a reliable one.

Digital Access Pass or DAP has proven that it can be used not only for big projects but also on small scale projects. You can trust this plugin even if you have an HTML or PHP scripted website. And the best part that I love about this plugin is that you may have the free installation support from its developers.

With this plugin, you may create forums, set access period for certain products and offer affiliate system on your website. This plugin has easy short codes so you don’t have to worry about any technicalities or coding stuff. It lets you have unlimited members on your website without any problem and it works absolutely fine.

You may start with $167 one time subscription for trial and error period. But if you want access to more functions and support then I guess you should opt for $39.99/month package. Onetime fee or monthly subscription, choose wisely keeping in view your budget and needs.

Price $39.99 – Download Now

#3 Magic Members:

Magic Member is another reliable plugin when we talk about membership plugins to be used in WordPress sites. The best thing that I love about this plugin is the ability to track multi usage. I mean it can track and prevent multiple uses from one computer or IP.

This is an essential feature a reliable plugin should have. And this feature comes handy when you’re running a membership website with affiliate program. Oh I forgot to mention that it lets you start an affiliation program. With this feature, you may promote your site without promoting it yourself.

With Magic Member, you can integrate a wide range of payment processors. It lets you add payment options like PayPal, Authorize.net, 2CheckOut and many other widely used payment gateways.

You may set the ‘Pay-Per-Post’ feature in your site. It means you can restrict the access for free users until they pay you a certain amount. And of course, you get to have the unlimited membership levels with this plugin. And if you tend to have a coupon season for some event then this is the right plugin to create unlimited coupons for unlimited users. You can get all these features by paying $97 subscription and enjoy using this plugin.

#4 OptimizePress:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Now this is the best bet of all the marketers. With OptimizePress, you can create tons of sales pages/landing pages for specific purposes on your site. This plugin doesn’t only come with multiple features but also with a theme specifically designed for sales purposes.

This plugin lets you track and restrict IPs. Means that you can track which user is trying to create trouble for your website by creating different IDs or so. You can also restrict the download limit for that day or based on user’s membership level. This is a really nice feature that comes handy on different situations. Imagine you have tons of users and you don’t know which one is the black sheep in the group. So be calm because OptimizePress has covered it for you already.

You may integrate your website with 6 major payment gateways it has including Authorize.net, PayPal and ClickBank And it also lets you start affiliation programs with big names like iDevAffiliate, ShareASale and other popular affiliation programs you trust.  And yes, it allows you to create unlimited coupons if you have any upcoming event on your website.

You may start your membership and use OptimizePress by paying around $97.

#5 Paid Membership Pro:

If you don’t know much about membership plugins then this one may help you know without spending money. I mean, with Paid Membership Pro you can utilize all the features the other premium plugins give you and test what strategy works best.

Before selecting this as your final option, you should understand that free things come with some restrictions so be prepared. But if you want to utilize this plugin at its best, then you have to upgrade from ‘Free’ to a ‘Premium’ user.

Paid Membership Pro gives you three major payment options to use on your site including Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net. So with this feature, you can make the best decision about using the right payment processor (as per your accessibility).

However the ‘Free’ membership works quite well but there are some restrictions as I mentioned earlier. You don’t get the support from developers if you are a free user. Don’t worry as you can get the support if you go premium by paying $97 yearly subscription.

And lastly, if you want installation support with other exciting features then you need to pay around $197 yearly subscription. So make a wise decision if you want to try this out.

Download Free Version

#6 Exchange 一 from iThemes:

Exchange is basically designed for ecommerce websites by iThemes. But it can be used as a reliable membership plugin if you want to sell memberships at your website.  Exchange basically works as an Add-on in your website and let you utilize different functions it has.

Despite of creating different membership levels or offering free or paid memberships, you may also manage your billing stuff with it. With this, you may offer offline payments option (through check or cash). You may categorize your digital products or contents with its ‘Product Categories & Tags’ add-on.

You may tell the accurate tax rates in U.S. with one of its add-on. Despite that, it also helps you to generate unlimited coupons for one of your campaign or generate invoices for different level of users.

Exchange lets you integrate payment options like PayPal and Stripe in your website. So you can use the best payment options on your website. Not only this but if you want more then you may purchase different add-ons to enhance your functions.

You may purchase add-ons like AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Membership and MailChimp. And if you want other payment options like Authorize.net, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut or CyberSource then you can add them to your site. Start using it by paying $97 or go with the Pro Pack in $197.

#7 WishList Member: (Recommended)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

What makes it trustworthy and satisfactory is its growing community of users. WishList Member has also crossed the 50,000 user’s milestone and still counting. But we’re not here to discuss how many people using or how many left using it. So let’s discuss some other aspects here.

One beautiful feature that I love personally is its sequential content delivery. I mean it lets you set the time when a specific part of your content needs to be delivered to a specific member.  In this way, you can keep the user (or users) for a longer time on your site for a specific type of content. This feature really comes handy when you offer some kind of e-course to your members.

The other feature it has includes integration with WordPress sites, setting membership types, managing members from one dashboard and the multi-level access. You may interact with a wide range of features with this plugin on your site.

You may start using this plugin by paying $197 subscription. It allows you to have access to the customer support, 30+ training videos, and updates for 1 year and support guides. But if you go with the second package (which is $297) then you get more. I mean choosing the second package allows you to get access to multi-site usage option, webinar plugins and 300+ membership icons. This is not it you can get even more as much you are willing to pay.

Price $197 – Download Now

#8 Cart66:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Like Exchange, Cart66 is another great tool to use as a membership plugin. However it’s best suited to be used with ecommerce site but has a nice reputation for securing the content and working great with membership sort of websites.

So if you’re considering to use this one but not sure exactly to use or not then use the trial period.  Yes it offers a 14 days free trial period that lets you go through the trial and error period and play around with this plugin. Once you make your mind up, you may upgrade to a premium member by paying $95 yearly subscription.

With Cart66, you also get to generate tons of coupons and run different promotions hassle free. So if you have a website more like an online store or so then you may consider using this plugin. It not only helps you to manage your subscriptions but also to sell your digital or physical products. Or if you have some other plan that involves memberships and subscriptions, still you can count on this plugin.

#8 Cart66:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Like Exchange, Cart66 is another great tool to use as a membership plugin. However it’s best suited to be used with ecommerce site but has a nice reputation for securing the content and working great with membership sort of websites.

So if you’re considering to use this one but not sure exactly to use or not then use the trial period.  Yes it offers a 14 days free trial period that lets you go through the trial and error period and play around with this plugin. Once you make your mind up, you may upgrade to a premium member by paying $95 yearly subscription.

With Cart66, you also get to generate tons of coupons and run different promotions hassle free. So if you have a website more like an online store or so then you may consider using this plugin. It not only helps you to manage your subscriptions but also to sell your digital or physical products. Or if you have some other plan that involves memberships and subscriptions, still you can count on this plugin.

#9 Groups for WooCommerce:

When we’re talking about ecommerce solutions then how can we forget about

WooCommerce? Yes this platform is especially built to cater needs of e-store owners with its multi-function features.

Now you must be thinking that how can this be of any service to you when you don’t have an e-store right?  Actually, WooCommerce has a plugin (which is available on WordPress.org) name ‘Groups’. This plugin lets you convert your simple website into a membership website. It is specially designed to help you sell memberships.

You may download and install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard for free. But you do require a license which costs you some bucks. If you’re planning to use this plugin on just one site then it’s around $79 for a year. But there are more packages based on your needs. I mean if you own more than one websites hoping to start selling memberships then you need to choose a different purchasing plan.

For 5 websites or so, you need to pay around $99 to obtain the relevant license. And if you have more than 5 websites than paying around $199 will be the right option. With the third package, you may use this plugin over 25 websites (that you own).

#10 S2 Member:

If you’re on a tight budget that doesn’t allow you to spend on paid plugins then hold on. Like Paid Membership Pro, there is another reliable option in shape of S2 Members. This plugin has all the features like premium plugins and works fine on WordPress hosted sites.

What you get in free membership is WordPress Membership Plugin. This plugin protects your content either partially or completely and let you sell memberships with confidence.

It also lets you add a PayPal button on your website. Means users can easily reach to their PayPal account and make payments in an easy way. You can also integrate this plugin with more payment gateways like Bitcoins, Authorize.net, ClickBank and Stripe. So does that fair sound enough?

If you think that with free membership, you have less access then you may prompt to the premium packages. If you want to use this on a single website then pay around $89 and if you have more websites,  it’d cost you around $189.

And the best part is you’ll pay that amount only once. No monthly or yearly subscriptions are required if you go with this plugin. Remember, paid members always get more but you may go with your budget and needs in the start.

Price 89$ – Download Now

#11 WP eMember:

Wait! If you’re thinking that this is enough reading and you know all the plugins so here are few more. WP eMember is one of the reliable plugins that people use to create membership websites. It is one of those plugins which are standing still by maintaining their reputation so we thought to add this up in our list.

You can start using this plugin in no time. Just upload and follow the video instructions to activate it on your site. Create as many memberships as you want with this plugin. Or you may want to protect content available on your website right?

It also offers to make level based memberships. I mean you may divide the users in different categories like ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ whatsoever. With this plugin, you also get to show your content partially to specific users.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can get it for paying a onetime fee which is around $59.95. And you get to access all the awesome features by just paying this nominal fee. Oh yes, you may also integrate PayPal in your website through this plugin.

#12 Restrict Content Pro:

One of its kinds – Restrict Content Pro is another great plugin to count on. With this plugin, you can do so many things. I mean it has so many features that you’d definitely fall in love with.

The other best thing is that you can integrate different payment gateways like PayPalStripeBraintree and many more. If you’re not satisfied by using PayPal’s standard account then you may opt for Express or Website Payment Pro as per your needs.

You can generate member’s reports whenever you want. Despite that, it also let you generate discount codes for different promotions. And the option to monitor members is one life saving. You can see which member is on what status and much more?

And if you get caught in between, a large pile of videos, articles and live support is there to help you. You may start using this plugin with a basic license that costs around $42. But if you want more so simply pay more. I mean if you want to use it on one site then $42 license is enough.

But if you own more than one websites where you want to use this plugin then you may opt for other plans they have. The second license costing you around $86 allows you to use it over 2 to 5 websites. And if you get the third type of license by paying $132 then you may use it on unlimited websites.

#13 MemberMouse:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

The third last in our list is MemberMouse offering different features for a safe membership website. It works pretty nicely to protect your content. With this plugin, you get API support, ability to block users sharing their logins with others and drip feed content feature. Despite that you may also create coupon codes and run different promotions.

You may integrate different payment options like PayPalStripeLime Light CRM or Coinbase into your website with this plugin. It lets you automate most of your work like emails, SMS and other operations. You may start using it for $19.95 per month. No strings attached!

#14 WPMU Dev WordPress Membership:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

WPMU Dev is one of the trusted plugins to be used for membership sites. It works quite fine and you may start using it right after uploading and activating on your website. It has many different features to cater your needs for a secure membership website.

With this plugin, you may drip your content and present it in pieces to your members. You may choose different membership plans for different users on your website. As described earlier, allowing partial access is very useful strategy for a membership site. It basically keeps the user for longer period and helps you make more money. (How? It’s a different debate.)

You can integrate payment options like PayPal, Authorize.net and 2CheckOut on your website with this plugin. You may start using it for a monthly subscription of $19 and get the most out of it.

#15 WP Members:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Last but not the least, WP Members is another ‘Free’ plugin to use for your membership website. It’s growing number of users can assure you about its productivity that has crossed 50,000 people’s milestone and still counting.

The only downside of this plugin is its basic functionality. It just let you restrict your content and secure it from free users. But you still get the basic features of any premium plugin like creating ‘Registration’ and ‘Login’ pages or user profile etc.

Unfortunately, you have to give up on other great features you might get with premium plugins mentioned above. But still it is a nice plugin to see how this membership stuff works for you. And later if you make up your mind after practicing on this ‘free’ plugin, you may always upgrade to any premium plugin.

Take your time and make the best decision before selecting any plugin from this list. and when you do, please let us know about your experience.

Comment below if you know any reliable plugin that should be added in this list.

Whitehat SEO – How to Get Powerful .EDU Backlinks

When it comes to Whitehat SEO, you might think “Like that exist huh?”. Well, believe it or not, I am going to change your mindset today.

I am going to uncover one of the most effective Whitehat SEO trick, which will get you tons of backlinks from high authority universities websites. I got 17 (Dofollow) .edu backlinks from DA 60+ websites within 2 weeks. How I will let you know real soon.

First of all, let me cover out the disclaimer. All of the credits of this guide goes to Chris Dreyer of AttorneyRankings. He is the original founder of this trick.

Whitehat SEO (.EDU Backlinks Source)

The .edu links are the oxygen for your site SERPs. They can boost your rankings, not within months, not within weeks but in days. As soon, as they start to get index in Google, you will see your site’s ranking goes up in the tracking tool.

But aren’t these original .edu links hard to get? Yes, it’s kinda impossible to get such backlinks from highly reputable universities. But no more.

Without further ado, let me jump to the method.

Trick to get tons of Highly Authoritative .edu Backlinks

Ever heard of Scholarships? I am sure you heard of it. Yes, you are going to provide a little scholarship to the students around and only for that reason, universities are going to place your link on their website! Bingooo..

Step 1: Create a scholarship Page

Alright, don’t hit the back button thinking it’s a hard thing to do. A piece of cake buddy!

Simply, go to your blog/website. Create a new page, name it “Scholarship” and write some content that you are providing a scholarship.

This is what exactly I did, you can find my scholarship page here: 10Beasts Scholarship Program

Step 2: Find the universities which might be interested in linking your scholarship

Alright, so you are done with the scholarship page? It’s time to outreach to the universities.

There are 2 ways from which you can find the universities which might be interested in placing your link on their scholarship page.

The first way is, of course, using the Big G! I mean Google 🙂

There are few Google Strings which you can use to find the universities which are placing external scholarships on their website. You can also create your own google strings, just use your brain.

  • inurl:.edu + intitle:”Scholarships”
  • inurl:.edu “scholarships”

Got it? Easy isn’t it?

Well, the other one will save you much more time than that!

The other way is my favorite. However, you will be required to have ahrefs.com membership if you are going to use this way.

What I do is simple.

First, I find a .edu website with external scholarship page using the first way (Google String). And then I pick a website similar to my niche from that page and crawl it’s backlinks using ahrefs backlinks finder tool. When I find all of the links going towards that page I email them and ask them to link to my page as well.

But in a nice way 😀

Simple as that.

Step 3: Email the universities and tell them about your Scholarship

Here comes the final step.

You created your scholarship page and now you have the list of universities that want to link to your website. It’s time to email them. Here is a nice Email Template which I use 🙂

Hi (Name),

I’m contacting you because of a new scholarship opportunity for the (University Name) students.

Our scholarship is called “(Scholarship Name)”, and it’s designed to help the students who are currently studying in the areas of (Areas of Studying, for example, Business, Computer Science, etc). We run this scholarship program every year.

Link to our Scholarship page: (Your Scholarship Page URL)
Award: $XXX
Deadline: (Deadline of Submission)

Here is the list of our requirements:
– (Requirement 1)
– (Requirement 2)

We would be honored if you’d be kind enough to add our award to your scholarship page (University External Scholarship Page URL).

Of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you, 
(Your Name)

Crazy! Isn’t it?

How to Use the link juice that you are getting from .edu websites?

Here comes the interesting part. Now you know that getting .edu backlinks is not that hard. But you are getting links on your scholarship page which aren’t that beneficial to the other pages? Right?

Nope, You are wrong! Absolutely wrong.

You can forward the link juice to other pages by internal linking. Simply put the link to the page you want to rank inside the first 100 words. Notice I did the same thing in my scholarship page?

Notice I did the same thing in my scholarship page? I am linking to my blog post called Best Wireless Router. And the anchor text I chose is the keyword on which I want to rank that page in google 🙂

Guess what? The competition on that keyword is extremely hard, my competitors are PCMag, Cnet, and such other monsters and yet I managed to reach the 4th page within few weeks.

Wrapping it up – Final Words

Alright, Enough for today. Well, .edu links are not less than the gold. If you can get some, get it and not tomorrow but today. You will see the results for sure.

A simple 3 step guide which will bring you .edu backlinks from high authoritative universities and will boost your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

If you didn’t get anything then comment below and I will be much happier to reply you back 🙂

Don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends, because I am sure you want to help them too 🙂 Cheers!