Using of ALT Text in image

When you go to publish an article so before publishing obviously you insert at least one image related content. Let me say, that must have to insert at least one image per article, if need be of more than one … Read More

How to improve ‘site navigation’

Navigation is the structure of your site. What users want to get on your site so, they go from general page to more specific page. That’s why if your site navigation is simple-to-understand so obviously this will be handy for … Read More

How to write ‘Meta title’

When you go to write an article on any topic for your website. So, first of all, you target the main keyword for article. Main keyword means, which keyword you must write on Meta title tag. Before going forward, you … Read More

Research in AdWords Keyword Tool

Keyword research is one of the very important and even very first step, whether you research for domain keyword or article keyword. But here I’m discussing keyword research for articles. So, let me say keyword is that word which you … Read More

How to write ‘Meta description’

If you say ‘Meta description’ or only ‘description’, both are same. In actual fact, description is that when you write an article so you need to summarize your site’s content in maximum 2 or 3 sentences. If you have read … Read More

Learn Unique Content Writing

Obviously users visit websites to get content, actually content is included in text and images. It is very important for your site success that your site content writing must be unique. Unique means that your site’s content must be new, … Read More

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