Pay For Me Service

“Pay For me” is a unique service which allow you to buy or pay for Anything Online even If You Don’t Have Credit Cards, Online banking, or PayPal Account. We understand that Online payments are serious headache here in Pakistan. So many people are looking for some ways for online shopping, for buying services, To pay for advertisements etc.

How Pay for me Service Work ?

Its just simple and comfortable way, We work like a 3rd party between You and Merchant so to buy any service or product you pay us Via Bank, Cash Payment in office or using Local Payment options like EasyPasa, Omni etc and than provide us Seller/Merchant details where you need to pay and we will pay on your behalf.

Service charges:

Its really depends on different factors so its best to contact us and we can discus about pricing and more details. Minimum Order is 5$ worth and Minimum Fee is 2$ or 200 PKR.

To Place order please contact at

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