Perfect Money in Pakistan – Review by Rais Zada

Perfect Money is a major payment processor in Pakistan after shut down of Liberty Reserve. In this writeup I will review which is also know as PM. After reviewing many other Payment processor, today i will let you all know how you can use Perfect Money in Pakistan or how you can buy/exchange/sell PM funds. Many people from Pakistan are now using this payment processor for online payment processing and specially those who work for Forex trading, Online Investment or stock exchange and also for online shopping or to buy domains and hosting. Also its Good for small level merchants who wish to receive micro payments because it have very low fee as compared to other online payment processors.

Personally i love this great company because this is the only payment processor with lowest fee in the industry and very widely used. If we see with respect to security point of view than its also provide different kind of security.

Basically they don’t deal with credit card and bank payments that’s why they have low fee for payment processing and many Scam websites or individuals like it because there is no option to get refund or to file a dispute if some one scam you so be aware while dealing with LR. If some hacked your account and stolen your money or if you sent money to some one and he did not deliver the service, you can not file a complain or dispute.

How to Deposit Money into Perfect Money ?
Unfortunately LR don’t offer officially Deposit option via any how because they don’t deal with banks or credit cards well they do have many recognized exchanger to load funds into LR and we are also one of LR recognized exchanger from Pakistan so you can Buy Perfect Money using our service. So there are many Currency exchangers who offer exchanger via bank, credit card or even via any other payment processor.

How to Withdraw from Perfect Money?
Again same conditions they don’t have any link with banks but people still love LR, well its not a big deal there are many trusted and PM verified exchanger which offer withdraw service. we also offer Perfect Money Withdraw and Exchange service, If you want to Sale Perfect Money dollars feel free to contact us for more details, we provide fast, secure and very trusted service with great rates. You can also read feedback of many of our clients who had already use our service.

Video Introduction is coming soon
Any Question or confusion please feel free to post a comment and if you want to sell or buy PM funds in Pakistan feel free to contact us any time.


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