Scam Alert: and Cashpail are Fake

One more addition to hall of shame, and Cashpail are now scamming Pakistani people by offering Paid To Click jobs. In past few months Click phobia started in Pakistan and few of our greedy people, who really don’t want to work hard but they want their money doubled anyway. I already reported about Aimtoearn and Visit4earn website, how they are doing fraud and running away with innocent peoples money.

Let me answer some quick questions very clearly and to the point, without wasting your time, as well as mine.

Q: Homeclicking is Real or Fake?

Yes of course its fraud website, I do not recommend to work or invest on this website.

Q: Cashpail or Real or Fake?

well, cashpail is illegal website which is offering payment processing service, you can not withdraw, cashout its money. And this website is also owned by

Most Interesting Part of Homeclicking 😀

You think you can cashout your money ? Well, when you think this, at the same time, scammer who run this fake website really laugh at you. Because Homeclicking also have Payza (Real payment processor) option but only for deposit, so you pay them real money and they pay you back in cashpail (Their own created Fraud website).

Last try to help you, if you paid Homeclicking or any other clicking website. You can fill a dispute to get your money back via Payza. Click here to read guide about how to fill dispute in Payza.

Got any more Question about Homeclicking or Cashpail? Okay, ask in comment section but after reading this article complete. Don’t call on my mobile to discus anything about these both shits, strictly not allowed.

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Mr. Rais Zada is a proud Pakistani, student of Engineering, loves and believes to work hard with a great potential and determination, as he was a TROLL few years ago but N-O-W is a successful blogger and businessman (of course, thankful), beyond every thing, what he learns he is a zealous to transfer his knowledge via his well-writing and videos. Struggling on!

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