Secure Escrow Service

We understand the risk being involved when dealing over internet. Sending money for buying services or product to unknown merchants is not secure sometime. Here we come with our Escrow Service which can help you to do business without any problem.

What is Escrow Service ?

Escrow service is simply an involvement of 3rd party like us to facilitate your online payment when buying and selling online. You you will not have to be worry about being scammed.

How This Service Work ?

Simply both buyer and seller will contact us, send us terms of dealing (What merchant selling and what buyer expect). Now one of you will provide us payment as a security and other one will processed the service. Upon confirmation of of successful deal execution, we will release payment after our fee.

Requirements ?

We do not accept or provide service for anything which is Not legal within country law, Abuse someone social or religious rights, Support any kind of harmful act. We will get detailed description of product or service which you are buying and selling and following KYC (Know Your Customer Policy) we can request verification before providing service if required.

  1. You must need to be citizen of Pakistan and Present in Country.
  2. You hold a active mobile no on your name
  3. You send payment from your own bank account
  4. Service or product which is you are buying or selling is legal.

To get more information about pricing or to place order, please send an email to

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