Review: Scam, Fraud or Paying ?

I received lot of emails, messages on Facebook and comments about Somevisits. Mostly requests was from easy money hunter, from people who don’t want to learn or work hard but need quick money. Well anyone with a little bit experience and sense can guess that is scam or not.

Note: Please don’t send text messages or don’t call on my mobile for information about somevisits. I already wrote what I know, questions you can only ask in comment section. Scam or Paying

Somevisits is a paid to click Website with professional design and script, looks a real company. But there are many suspicious things that I want to share before closing up my review about somevisits. Domain owner contact info, country and other details are protected, mostly scam site hide their Whois data. They do not have any valid phone number or Email on Contact Us page which is also a negative point. There is No known Employees or owner Name or details listed on

What’s similar in and ?

Answer is everything, except domain name. was a scam website and cheated lot of innocent people, now same owner of Someclicks started a new scam website with a new name.

Fake Advertisers on Somevisits

Did you checked featured advertisers? So do you think big companies like HostGator and LG advertise on Somevisits? LOL. All advertisers are fake, and many ads are just self sponsored, nothing real. I confirmed from HostGator, and from few other advertisers and even they don’t know what somevisits is, how its work is Fake. To verify you can also contact different companies which are listed on their website.

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Fake Ownership and Country:

Website claim as a USA based company which is not true, this fraud website is owned and operated by Pakistani scammers. I like to share a funny screen shot of their official fan page. I wonder how this USA based company can be near Faisalabad and American owner name Shabir. LOL

Somevisits is fake Ponzi Scheme

How? Because its not possible to make $750 per month by just visiting some website even if they are real, they even can’t earn this amount or even can’t pay just 75 USD a month instead of $750. They are just running their own self sponsored ads and making money from traffic and may be from affiliate sales. So its simple logic if a company not making that much money, than how they can pay to their users.

What’s the catch?

In comment section Ali M. Sajjad asked as valid question, when any advertiser doesn’t know (as you said you said you’ve contacted some of their featured adverts and they told you they don’t even know about then why are they promoting their websites? If they know they’re not gonna get paid from the adverts then for what sake are they promoting their websites and one thing more they don’t ask workers to pay for anything.So what’s the catch according to you what’s their benefit in it?

Answer: They featured these companies to win user trust, because when we see that big brands are advertising, so it must be real company. Not all ads from brands, 90% or more ads are self sponsored, means their own websites or affiliate products. Benefit is FREE traffic, over internet visitors are equal to money and affiliate sales. when you perform any action over internet, someone makes money for that. is also fraud, its fake copy of original company

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