Best PTC Sites – Interesting Facts About Paid To Click Sites

So let me start from 2009 when I started working online from PTC Sites, Yes this article was up to dates with Best PTC Sites but not Now. I start with NeoBux and many other PTC sites like, Gagabux, TwoDollarClick etc and many more. After wasting my 3 months I earned up to 2$ from Neobux and I found all other PTC sites Scam. This was the time for deciding to leave PTC clicking or even working online, well I decided not to give up and start working on PTC Sites more professionally.

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PTC Sites History 2009 to 2012

After lot of research I come to know how to investigate that which PTC site is scam and which is real, So with in next 6 month I mean in 2010 I manged to earn $200 per month from different Paid to click sites. I learn how to make lot of direct referrals so in the start of 2011 I was making $400+ and I become Investor from Free regular Clicker, and in next few month PTC Site Owner than I sold after 11 successful month of operations. In the start of 2012 I end up with PTC Sites when Onbux and many other Site become scam, and Neobux lower click rate from $0.01 to $0.001. From that time to till and next working on Paid to Click Sites is nothing more than time wasting.

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PTC Site status in 2013 to onward

PTC business is a Ponzi system so it can never be best option to work online, Ponzi system means companies or websites which use new Investors money to pay old users or investors and pay to its users from new invested money but not from earned money. So Its not a real business and as a well Experienced in this field I will suggest you all to stay away from PTC sites.

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Paying PTC Sites List

Well there are few Paid to click site which are still paying from years like,, and Incentria but these websites pay very low amount per click. So you need 4 to 6 month as a Free member to make some money, so I even not recommend any one to work on These Websites.


From 2013 to onward working on PTC (Paid to click) sites is nothing more than time wasting. You can’t make good money and almost 99% or even more sites are scam or will be scam in less then 60 days.

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