Training Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions for this course

Q: Why are you offering this course?
A: Because we are giving you the correct and effective information that is difficult to find now a days. People use the phrase “earn online” and you get fraud.

Q: What do you teach in this course?
A: You will learn about web master tools, Google adsense, SEO, earning with Facebook and YouTube in this course.

Q: Is this course covering the domain and web hosting?
A: Yes, it gives you the complete information about the domain registering and hosting and if you like you can buy from us Domain and hosting too.

Q: What is the duration of your course?
A: The duration of this course is one month only.

Q: Can it be downloaded?
A: No, as it is an offline and live course program so, it cannot be downloaded.

Q: Why it cannot be downloaded?
A: It is a live course program and you cannot download it because company has its copyrights and if anyone does, the company will take legal actions.

Q: Does it give the full idea of blogging or making blog?
A: Absolutely YES, it will give you the full idea of making blog.

Q: How can I deposit the fees for this course?
A: You can deposit the fees in bank or in our office. You can also send fee via EasyPasa, Alertpay, PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Moneybookers.

Q: How can I trust you?
A: This course will give you the practical examples of earning and learning. It will show you the earning methods by starting a new website with you.

Q: What is necessary for this course?
A: A computer, reliable internet connection and know how to English language.

Q: Will you offer a website with this course?
A: No, you will make it yourself, although it will teach about the website making.

Q: Do you give the Google Adsense account?
A: You will have your own Google Adsense Account; I just teach you the effective use of this account.

Q: How much I can earn with this course?
A: It’s not guaranteed that how much you earn from this, it’s all depended upon your hardworking and interest. It will demonstrate the earning from a website, then why don’t you earn from this?

Q: Is this course online or in a specific institution?
A: You are needed to go in Pakearning solution (An Institute). Soon it will be online.

Q: If anyone wants to ask a question?
A: Yes, he/she can ask simply by asking it to the instructor our support team or can write us an email.

Q: What is the Admission fee for this course?
A: The Admission fee for this course is PKR 5000/= only.

Q: Why your course is so much expensive?
A: Not really, Because it covers the huge amount of information and it is extracts of two year of hardworking. One thing should be kept in that it is not a spam.

Q: can I get concession on fees?
A: No, it is fixed however you are waived by PKR 500/= if you give a referral.

About Rais Zada

Mr. Rais Zada is a proud Pakistani, student of Engineering, loves and believes to work hard with a great potential and determination, as he was a TROLL few years ago but N-O-W is a successful blogger and businessman (of course, thankful), beyond every thing, what he learns he is a zealous to transfer his knowledge via his well-writing and videos. Struggling on!
  • Hi
    Please check your Email, I sent you information

  • In my training course, you will be able to make your own website is 7-8 days only.

  • Akhter Zaib Khan

    Asalam o alikum

    Dear Sir
    i want to Join you. and want to work
    kindly send me the detail for registration for offline Training Course plz.

    before that i got Many frauds with me one of them is in Lahore .i Pay That time 25,000/- and total Expense including rent its leads to 35,000/-
    and also explain me this is a real method,
    so kindly please as soon as Possible detail email me about the Processor please.

    • w slaam,
      Sorry to know about your loss due to internet scam, I sent you email, check that.

  • salman

    sir mai ptc site k ilwa kisi or site pr payza doller kama sakta ho jo secure ho

  • afnan

    Dear Sir,
    is is trusted site or not.plz guide me.

  • fahadaziz096

    sir ap ne free domain ke liye kon si website btai thi


    are forex trading scam ,or it is geniun earning way.

    • Its real but very risky and you need investment for this.

  • AOA!
    Dear Sir,
    Mashallah you are doing a good work.
    I myself as a beginner have tow basic questions, please tell all of us, is Admission Fee of Rs.5,000/- will be a one and last time deposited money? Or we can have to deposit more money on any stage? In short, I would like to know that do you offer entire training course in just PKR 5,000/-?
    As I live outside of Lahore city and also an employee, when shall we can take live training courses? is time punctuality will be necessary or we can listen or take the training courses offline at any time with our ease?
    Sir, I’ll be very pleased if you could give the answer in detail.
    Jazak Allah!

  • AOA,
    Sir after reading several comments and discussions with people. I am very much happy to know that you are really providing a very good service.

    Moreover the best thing looking at which i was amazed that you don’t say that you will give us a google adsense account. The thing that made me amzaed was that you will teach us effective ways to get a guarenteed adsense approval. Very much pleased to see this comment.

    Moreover , I said about a concession. But now i think that you are charging us even less than you charge.

    Becasue really getting a 1 month course with degree.. Moreover 3 months free web hosting and many other benifits. I think anyother perosn would have costed it over 15K .

    And the last and the most important thing. The very first training whom you can say is absolutely legal ( No doubts).

    Highly appreciated.

    Must take your classes in march.

    • W Salam,
      Thanks for kind words and appreciation.

  • zubair

    Assalam o Alaikum!
    sir plz ap mjy btay gy k kya hm onlline earning or all online banks account or cards etc k leye wifi or evo net use kr skty hn . es sy baad ma koi masla to ni ho ga na? plz tell me .
    I’m thankful in advace..

    • Editorial Team

      of course internet connection will not effect by any means.

  • zartashia

    can i contact you on for help?

  • zartashia

    AOA. sir i watch your introduction video, i want to ask some more questions, before joining this course, you did not mentioned your Email address to contact you, i live in italy and need some help regarding this course, if you give me your email address then it will be easy for me to contact you. Thanks

    • W Salam,
      Its mentioned in contact us page. I will get you back via Email.

  • moon

    i joined you and paid your fee but still some pages i could not be access like: they required password and when i enter my password nothing more shows. why this occurr???
    which one password i required to access??/?

    • Pakearning Support

      Moon, kindly submit a ticket at our help centre our team will verify and resolve your issue. Passwords could not be public.

  • velvet77

    A-O-A sir,
    when i submit a ticket which is video playing problem and upload a screenshots of it then ticket not submitted.
    what is the reason?
    amazon training related video are not working properly.
    And i rcvd 29 lectures in mail. After 4th Dec. lectures not rcvd.

    reply me soon.


    • Editorial Team

      total are 29 lectures

  • salman ashraf

    AOA, sir, most respectfully, i want to ask u that how can i give u money through easypasa and how u know that money is send to u from me and how can i get ur videos whether i get ur videos on my email or on ur website in training 1,2,3.This is 1month course but if i have some other work and miss 1 or 2 days then what i can do.I shall be very thankful to u .Sir kindly tell me in detail i am beginner

    • Editorial Team

      You can ask us Telephone Number and CNINC from us on telephone. Then you will go to Easypaisa outlet and they will give u code and when u will give us code then we will be able to get money. After that your account will be activated within 24 hours and your lectures will be scheduled.

  • ABDUL SAMAD KHAN URL take me to TICKET SYS.and I donot get my answer.I asked very simple question as to what are the other ways out of 33 ways to earn money, but the reply is still awaited.
    I also requested u to make website for me,the answer is awaited.

    • Editorial Team

      You will get your reply soon. We are trying our best to reply ASAP.


    Rais Bhai,
    I am a paid member,I would like to request u to kindly make website for me,sothat I can start earnimg online.

    2/-Secondly tell also other ways of of earnings as per your video to get somthing till u help me in makining website free as per your latest video.


    • W Salam,
      Your Email was replied with details.

  • Hassan

    All the Pakistani and Indians must do this course.I am in this online working field for almost 4 years. I can say that i have a lot of knowledge but i am so lazy. But i suggest every Pakistani and Indian should do this course. Its real. I guaranteed.

  • My all dear friends intrnet py earn karna frad hy. Main nay and ko adsense account banany k liy 4000RS diy thy lakin un logon nay mujh sy frad kia hy. agar ye kam true hota to aj log job k liy dar dar k dhaky na kha rahy hoty. her admi apny ghar bath k cror pati ban jata. i request k ap log apna time waiste na karain. balky apna ko chota bara kam start kar dain. Allah ap ko rozi day ga. Thank about urself

  • Muhammad Naveed

    Sir, Please help me
    I am a student and i have need small earning
    Tell me a trusted website for a small earning like visits of websites. I am really thankfull to u

    • You can’t work on internet until you have skills. well you can try

  • khalid

    as slamo aliakum sir .i m from kashmir so i cannot attend offline please guide how to fill your form and payment of fee

    • W Salam, Our team will contact you via Email with details

  • Muhammad Arbab

    Hello Brother,
    Thanks for your nice sharing
    I just want to ask you is that i have to work just 1hour per day so is there any way out of those 33ways to earn money

    • Editorial Team

      if u want. All explained in our course



    • Yes there are many, like Freelancing, development, service providing etc

  • Rahim

    Rais Bhai ! i am a paid member aur abhi bhi kuch kuch video pr password protection hai , kindly aap bataein gay kese dekhun ?

    • Editorial Team

      Yes when u will be Enrolled with us. Then we will give u Lectures on e mail

  • Tahir Butt

    Rais bhai agar hum ne youtube par apni video par koi ad lagani ho to hamarri apni choice hai ya youtube waly khod recommend katy hain.plz tell me

    • Editorial Team

      They do it theirself

  • Usman

    Does this course only teach you to make money with adsense ? because I have tried adsense alot of times and they always block pak members so i really have no faith in google.. but if you teach other methods then im interested.

    • This training will teach up to 33 ways to make money online and sorry but your views about adsense are not correct. I bet you have no idea about Google policies, terms, Webmaster quality guideline, that’s why your account got suspended.

  • rias aslam

    This is Total fraud…
    5000 kis baat kay ???????

    7500 kis baat kay ???????

    • Really ? Basically you guys deserve scam and fraud because you blame some one with our research and knowledge. Ok let me tell you for what we charge 5000 or 7500 Fee.
      Colleges charge Fee to educate you ? Universities charge Fee for degree? Same like that we offer training course and for that we charge fee, One month training course that include 30 days classes and up to 140 recorded video lectures. To teach you what is scam and fraud and what really work and a lot more.

  • Shehzad is not working, kindly suggest other one.

  • awais

    why registrarion is closeD?

    • Registration is only available for our Paid Training Course students, you can contact us if you like to join.

  • ateeq meer

    is your domain server is local or international…???because i think local server e.g pakistan server is nor so good with international server

    • Our website is hosted on USA based server, powered by hostgator.

  • ShivRam

    do u offer online ad posting jobs?

  • ALI

    Dear plz tell me that how much the Complete course costs ??

    • 5000 Rs for online students and 7500 If you join offline at our training center

  • sir server pe wordpress install krty waqt kuch files upload nai ho rahi boht koshish ki he kabhi 2 kabhi 3 failed ho jati hen plz help me

    • Your problem was solved and our team fixed issue for you, please check your email for more details

  • jahanzaib

    salam sir mein ne aap sey DVDS mangwai thi per uss mein sey CD B empty hey. plzz muje CD b ki download link btayein.

    • w salam, Mr Tahseen will be sending you lecturers link

  • Hi My Name Is Yashashvee Nagar From India I have seen your all wordpress tutorials in this tutorial you tell that how to insert a download button in your wordpress site this plugin name is SuperButton but Now when i search it wordpress say’s that not found this plugin so now please please tell me another download now button plugin what is name of this plugin please send me your reply

    Thank You
    Yashashvee Nagar

    • hello,
      Just upload a Download Now button image and Insert download link on this image.

  • Muhammad Safeer

    As’salaam-o-alaikum! Dear Rais! please tell me how much time period we require to earn after getting training and joining in your institution? kia aap Google adsense account bhi package mn dengy ? 2nd learning process mn to earn nahi karskte but maximum kitna waqt lgjaega earning continuously start karne mein make me clear please then would like to take interest if its fast and effective way to earn online?

    • w salam,
      If you work as I will teach than hardly 1~2 months to start earning money and Adsense account is Free and you will create your self. We will provide all information.

  • Hammad Anwar

    Assalamo Alikum

    First of all I would like to thank you for providing a platform to all Pakistanis to earn in a smarter way, I am basically from Islamabad and have been trying different options to earn online but most of them are of no use. I am interested, infact eager to join your training ASAP!! Please if you can guide me about your online training as I can’t come to Lahore to get training as I am working in Islamabad.

    Thank you

    • W salam Hammad,
      You can join our training course Online via recorded video lectures, as many people join every month from different cities and its quite easy and step by step so you can learn. For joining please fill the form and contact us on the given number to Pay Fee and for joining

  • adeeba

    Assalaam u Alaikum Sir,

    I m 4m rwp n wanna join ur site as member. Plz guide me. Also share cash is not working at my end.

    Plz reply .


    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Dear adeeba,
      Membership fee is the Rs5000 and than a password will provide to you through which you can open the each tutorial(included share cash).

  • smarty_wicky07

    yaar aap ne jo introductory video send ki hai mere id pe us me video sai nhi chal rahy.. start hooti hai aur end hoojaty hai youtube pe..?

    • Please make sure your Proxy is setup correctly, as its blocked in Pakistan , I checked and its working fine at my end



    • Asma (Pakearning Team)

      Dear RUBAB,
      SCB call operator told me that they are not accepting payza now so.

  • Assalam-0-alaikum !

    Lahore mn kis jagah par apka training center hai???

    • Ameer block, sadar main baza cantt lahore

  • mirza usman

    should i trust you ?

    • I wonder, If you really need to ask me this

  • saeed

    sir apni sharecash ki link send kain main ny us per a/c bana hai

  • your training is not a free?
    bcose i have nosituation for pay

    • No, its paid training course

      • sir ma app key fee nai dhk wo sir as lay ka mara father nai ha

        • Sana,
          You can contact us , let’s see if we can help you out.

  • i wait to makewebsite from your training

  • Sir, offline course k liye ap ka institute kaha hay? or waha lecture ki kya timings hain?

    • For offline course our training center is in Lahore and timing is in the evening at 5pm

  • hammad

    ok thanks … i will start it INSHALLAH…!

  • hammad

    aur sir karachi me apka koi office he >> aur he to konse area me he ??

    • No Hammad, from krachi you can join online and you need to spend about 3 hours daily at least

  • hammad

    rais bhai me ek studen hon aur mjhe ye puchna hy mjhe earning k liey din me kitne hours kaam krna prega iske liey…???

  • Ajay kumar

    how u deliver a lecture?? via skype or anything else?? and is ur lecture recorded or live??

    • hello,
      Recorded Video Lectures sent via email and for questions we have help center

  • asad

    r u offering these courses in karachi

    • Yes, we offer our training course worldwide

  • saqib rafiq khan


    which time u have for online traning.

    • hello,
      For online training actually user decide time, trainings will be available for 24 hours

  • shahid khan

    Sir how can i contect you ? I need your help.

    • You can call at 0314-3172322, no text sms please

  • wts time of cous i am free 10 to 12 night

    • For online students, lectures available 24 hours a day, you can select time which is best for you

  • khalid

    rais bahi
    trustable site hai ya nahi

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