Training Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions for this course

Q: Why are you offering this course?
A: Because we are giving you the correct and effective information that is difficult to find now a days. People use the phrase “earn online” and you get fraud.

Q: What do you teach in this course?
A: You will learn about web master tools, Google adsense, SEO, earning with Facebook and YouTube in this course.

Q: Is this course covering the domain and web hosting?
A: Yes, it gives you the complete information about the domain registering and hosting and if you like you can buy from us Domain and hosting too.

Q: What is the duration of your course?
A: The duration of this course is one month only.

Q: Can it be downloaded?
A: No, as it is an offline and live course program so, it cannot be downloaded.

Q: Why it cannot be downloaded?
A: It is a live course program and you cannot download it because company has its copyrights and if anyone does, the company will take legal actions.

Q: Does it give the full idea of blogging or making blog?
A: Absolutely YES, it will give you the full idea of making blog.

Q: How can I deposit the fees for this course?
A: You can deposit the fees in bank or in our office. You can also send fee via EasyPasa, Alertpay, PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Moneybookers.

Q: How can I trust you?
A: This course will give you the practical examples of earning and learning. It will show you the earning methods by starting a new website with you.

Q: What is necessary for this course?
A: A computer, reliable internet connection and know how to English language.

Q: Will you offer a website with this course?
A: No, you will make it yourself, although it will teach about the website making.

Q: Do you give the Google Adsense account?
A: You will have your own Google Adsense Account; I just teach you the effective use of this account.

Q: How much I can earn with this course?
A: It’s not guaranteed that how much you earn from this, it’s all depended upon your hardworking and interest. It will demonstrate the earning from a website, then why don’t you earn from this?

Q: Is this course online or in a specific institution?
A: You are needed to go in Pakearning solution (An Institute). Soon it will be online.

Q: If anyone wants to ask a question?
A: Yes, he/she can ask simply by asking it to the instructor our support team or can write us an email.

Q: What is the Admission fee for this course?
A: The Admission fee for this course is PKR 5000/= only.

Q: Why your course is so much expensive?
A: Not really, Because it covers the huge amount of information and it is extracts of two year of hardworking. One thing should be kept in that it is not a spam.

Q: can I get concession on fees?
A: No, it is fixed however you are waived by PKR 500/= if you give a referral.

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