Newbie’s Guide: Ways to Make Money With Website or Blog

Of course, if you go to create your own website or blog so probably you want to earn money. So, for that you have to learn How to make money with websites or blogs. As such, when you go somewhere or out-of-country so you need to have a luggage to keep some of the important objects in it, which you think that will fulfill your requirements. So same like that you have to keep 3 promises before starting this journey.

Keep 3 promises: If you want to Make Money with Your Website or Blog

I won’t give up

Firstly, make sure your-self, that after starting work on your website, you won’t give up without getting positive result. In other words that you will never give up without making money with your website.

I will work hard

Secondly, you won’t be scared that only one content/article takes too much time. Listen, in present times, it’s your turn to pay some time and work hard after words it will worth you. As one of my example for your understanding, that first you need to sow a seed, then feed it as much it needs, after that keep waiting till it starts flowering and at last you will surely get fruits from it.

I will think positive

‘Positive thinking’ matters at all even it can be a key of your success.

Do promise, you will think positive ever and won’t be discouraged by thinking negatively that ‘I can’t do this’ n-n-no—I say, that you can do, cause I know that every person has some talent, just need to show it. You know what, actually it’s very easy to learn if you ever think difficult to it so only due to negative thinking. I must ask you to be patient, if you want to make money.

I’m hopeful that you can nicely travel this journey with these 3 promises. But if you lose some one of them so obviously will feel difficulty during the journey. Before going to learn ways to make money with blog or website, you must have to learn some very basic and important things Like Search Engine Optimization, How to drive traffic to your website and what is the Google Webmaster quality guideline that you need to follow. In point of fact, this post will serve as the general Table of Content so kindly, take a look on given references, that next what you have to learn.

Things you need to Understand, Before you think about making money with blog or Website.

This guide is for those who already crated blog or website and now they want to learn how to make money. If you don’t have one already than first learn How to make a website or blog first.

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

No idea about SEO ? Okay No worries, I just wrote some guides for you.

Very first step is to Learn SEO Basics 

After reading SEO basics, Now go in little more depth because If your SEO is not good you can’t make some good money with you blog and website. I just covered some topics in Details, follow step by step.

First step: learn about keyword research
Second step: learn about meta title
Third step: learn about meta description
Fourth step: learn about URL structure
Fifth step: learn about site navigation
Sixth step: learn about ALT text image
Seventh step: learn about Unique content writing

Great you are done now with Basics SEO guide, so now you will have some idea how to write Search engine optimized content, how to improve your website rankings in search engines, and all other stuff that I asked you to learn. well now I assume your website have some good quality content, and some good traffic before you get started with earning part. No traffic means No money.

Learn Top Ways To Earn Money With Blog and Website:

2nd Way: Make Money with Yahoo Ads & Media.Net (coming soon)
3rd Way: Earn Money with Blog using Infolinks (coming soon)
5th Way: Earn Money with ClickBank Marketing (coming soon)

About Maryum Fatyma

Hey, it's Maryum with pen name, from Hyderabad, in the Pakistan. I've been a huge fan of writing for years, and I love what Pakearning Inc., is doing to make freelancers to utilize talent. I'm passionate... even WE are passionate about helping others and look forward to providing a platform not only for Pakistanis but also for every single Human! (Insha Allah)
  • w salam,
    It means your adsense account is hosted or not fully approved.

  • hamid

    sir what is your opinion about greengeeks,web hosting site.i want to make a website with minimum payment.
    koi webhosting site hy jo monthly basis pe $ lete ho,
    ye blue host jo3.95$ show karta hy,,kya ye monthly basis hy ya yearly at once.
    mera matlb hy pehle hame kitna payment karna parega.

    • I do not recommend local hosting resellers. You can buy from different other companies at low price. Contact me via Email to get some more cheap deals.

  • Ahmed Sultan

    dear brother i have created blog named forumoms.blogspot dot com on blogspot. were able to get adds from AdSense but unfortunately due to invalid add clicks google disabled my AdSense account. lateron i got approved infolinks and bidvertisers accounts. now i want to start an other blog, my question here is that will i be able to get approved AdSense Accounts from google for my new blog. because google disallow the publishers for further participation whose AdSense accounts are disabled due to invalid ad clicks
    please help me in this regard

    • Hello,
      No you can not apply for adsense again, once account blocked, you don’t have any more chance.

  • hope uu ll be fie9 plllz tell me. how to put refferal banner of payoneer on my site…blogger blog

  • sir can u give me 500 biggest groups links of fb

  • Muhammad Fahad

    hello rais sir.
    I am very much thankful to ALLAH that today I got infolink approval. Belive me I daily read posts on Internet that it is not possible to get any ad network on free blogs or websites. Also I started about 10 blogs and deleted them.
    But every time I had a sense that I can get approval. And today with 18 well written posts and daily 150-300 visitors to my blog I have got infolinks approval.
    I read all your posts and implemented them o my blog moreover I also read many other things from Internet. And finally I have completed a big goal.
    I wish to get adsense also.
    But still I have to meet the minimum requirements for adsense as this is the top level publisher network.

    • W Salam, Its looks like your blog removed by Google or may be you have deleted it.

  • furqan haider

    Salam Sir Mera 1 Sawal Hay key aj kal post ke footer per download ka button hota hay ussay bhi earning hoti hay ap mjhy esi sites ki list bata dain takay may bhi un se earn kar sakoon Thank You

    • w salam,
      Basically that is advertisement and powered by different Publisher networks.

  • i just started my blog after watch tutorials and posts of your website and now getting good number of visitors for my blog. i am very thankful to you and your team for providing me guideance

  • Zarak

    Cant we use our own design template with wordpress for free???

    • Editorial Team


  • M wasim

    Sir,I have blog in blogger.i want to chang it my own site like
    Pleas writ an artificial on can i get my owe site name and domain.

    • Its easy, just buy a dot com domain and link it with your blog or start a new blog with wordpress. Let me know if you need more info ?

  • Sundas

    Maryam do u have ur own website? Can u give me your email address?

    • She is our team member and currently managing some other project, you can contact us via Email if you have any question

  • Adnan Awan

    i want to make a website and i know that i can

    • Learn WordPress to make your own website

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