Whitehat SEO – How to Get Powerful .EDU Backlinks

When it comes to Whitehat SEO, you might think “Like that exist huh?”. Well, believe it or not, I am going to change your mindset today.

I am going to uncover one of the most effective Whitehat SEO trick, which will get you tons of backlinks from high authority universities websites. I got 17 (Dofollow) .edu backlinks from DA 60+ websites within 2 weeks. How I will let you know real soon.

First of all, let me cover out the disclaimer. All of the credits of this guide goes to Chris Dreyer of AttorneyRankings. He is the original founder of this trick.

Whitehat SEO (.EDU Backlinks Source)

The .edu links are the oxygen for your site SERPs. They can boost your rankings, not within months, not within weeks but in days. As soon, as they start to get index in Google, you will see your site’s ranking goes up in the tracking tool.

But aren’t these original .edu links hard to get? Yes, it’s kinda impossible to get such backlinks from highly reputable universities. But no more.

Without further ado, let me jump to the method.

Trick to get tons of Highly Authoritative .edu Backlinks

Ever heard of Scholarships? I am sure you heard of it. Yes, you are going to provide a little scholarship to the students around and only for that reason, universities are going to place your link on their website! Bingooo..

Step 1: Create a scholarship Page

Alright, don’t hit the back button thinking it’s a hard thing to do. A piece of cake buddy!

Simply, go to your blog/website. Create a new page, name it “Scholarship” and write some content that you are providing a scholarship.

This is what exactly I did, you can find my scholarship page here: 10Beasts Scholarship Program

Step 2: Find the universities which might be interested in linking your scholarship

Alright, so you are done with the scholarship page? It’s time to outreach to the universities.

There are 2 ways from which you can find the universities which might be interested in placing your link on their scholarship page.

The first way is, of course, using the Big G! I mean Google 🙂

There are few Google Strings which you can use to find the universities which are placing external scholarships on their website. You can also create your own google strings, just use your brain.

  • inurl:.edu + intitle:”Scholarships”
  • inurl:.edu “scholarships”

Got it? Easy isn’t it?

Well, the other one will save you much more time than that!

The other way is my favorite. However, you will be required to have ahrefs.com membership if you are going to use this way.

What I do is simple.

First, I find a .edu website with external scholarship page using the first way (Google String). And then I pick a website similar to my niche from that page and crawl it’s backlinks using ahrefs backlinks finder tool. When I find all of the links going towards that page I email them and ask them to link to my page as well.

But in a nice way 😀

Simple as that.

Step 3: Email the universities and tell them about your Scholarship

Here comes the final step.

You created your scholarship page and now you have the list of universities that want to link to your website. It’s time to email them. Here is a nice Email Template which I use 🙂

Hi (Name),

I’m contacting you because of a new scholarship opportunity for the (University Name) students.

Our scholarship is called “(Scholarship Name)”, and it’s designed to help the students who are currently studying in the areas of (Areas of Studying, for example, Business, Computer Science, etc). We run this scholarship program every year.

Link to our Scholarship page: (Your Scholarship Page URL)
Award: $XXX
Deadline: (Deadline of Submission)

Here is the list of our requirements:
– (Requirement 1)
– (Requirement 2)

We would be honored if you’d be kind enough to add our award to your scholarship page (University External Scholarship Page URL).

Of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you, 
(Your Name)

Crazy! Isn’t it?

How to Use the link juice that you are getting from .edu websites?

Here comes the interesting part. Now you know that getting .edu backlinks is not that hard. But you are getting links on your scholarship page which aren’t that beneficial to the other pages? Right?

Nope, You are wrong! Absolutely wrong.

You can forward the link juice to other pages by internal linking. Simply put the link to the page you want to rank inside the first 100 words. Notice I did the same thing in my scholarship page?

Notice I did the same thing in my scholarship page? I am linking to my blog post called Best Wireless Router. And the anchor text I chose is the keyword on which I want to rank that page in google 🙂

Guess what? The competition on that keyword is extremely hard, my competitors are PCMag, Cnet, and such other monsters and yet I managed to reach the 4th page within few weeks.

Wrapping it up – Final Words

Alright, Enough for today. Well, .edu links are not less than the gold. If you can get some, get it and not tomorrow but today. You will see the results for sure.

A simple 3 step guide which will bring you .edu backlinks from high authoritative universities and will boost your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

If you didn’t get anything then comment below and I will be much happier to reply you back 🙂

Don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends, because I am sure you want to help them too 🙂 Cheers!

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